My! How they've Groan!

Hermione and Padma Potter were cuddled together and sitting up in bed reading the latest "Potions Quarterly" when their husband, Harry, walked in and, had they noticed, clearly in rapt attention reading from one of his self-updating books.

So engrossed in their periodical, they didn't notice his arrival even when he sat down on the edge of the bed and scooted under the quilt.

Harry finished the story he had been reading and looked up to see two of his wives entwined together.

"Hello Loves. Let me know when you get to a stopping point," Harry said cheerfully. He always felt a flutter in his chest and a tightness in his groin when he saw two or more of the girls cuddled together. Neither of the girls looked up but Hermione's arm snaked possessively around Padma's waist. He discovered in their last year of Hogwarts that it was nigh impossible to pull any of the more studious girls away from the middle of some article or other.

"Good evening, Harry," they said simultaneously, "we will."

After a few more minutes, both girls looked up from the quarterly and smiled at Harry. "How was your day?" they asked, again as a duet in perfect synchronization.

Harry had spent those minutes watching the two of them read together. He watched as their eyes whisked across the pages, back and forth. He watched as Hermione quickly mouthed each word silently. It was the only way anyone else could read at the same speed as the brilliant witch with the eidetic memory. Padma, however, was the only one of his wives who could still keep up with her, even with such a, in Hermione's perspective, limiting handicap.

"Well, I began reading some truly engaging stories. The first one I read this morning was about a rotary oscillator that was destined to save the world…" he began, but trailed off as he saw a frown grow on Hermione's face and Padma's eyes begin to glaze over.

"Um…well the next story I read was about a folded piece of rice paper, support by bamboo, that save a little boy from a well…" Again, he trailed off as the frown on Hermione's face seemed to intensify and Padma yawned rather theatrically.

"Okay…finally, I just finished a story about a ventilator that…" Harry was abruptly cut off by a voice from the doorway.

"Harry James!" Luna exclaimed., her hands on her hips in a stance frighteningly reminiscent of Molly Weasley. "You should know by now that neither Padma nor Hermione at all like fan fiction."