Chasing The Skyline


A Year Of Snow

You don't have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step - Martin Luther King Jr.

The hotel was beautiful. It had been done up in a curtain of cream, silver and blue. There were flowers scattered across every surface, including the floor, leaving just enough room in between to mark where they were supposed to be walking to.

"Stop that!" Courtney slapped her hand against Duncan's as he pulled on his tie again. "You need to keep that on until the reception," Courtney explained to him again as she readjusted the noose around his neck.

Duncan threw his head back, crying out in misery. They had been standing outside the room together for the last twenty minutes, welcoming guests to the wedding. Duncan was getting bored of it.

He threw his arm around Courtney's shoulders, holding her closer to him. He leaned down for a kiss, but Courtney ducked her lips out of the way, not wanting to smear her make-up. He kissed her cheek instead.

"Ew," Daisy cried out, her tongue sticking between her lips in disgust as she looked up at the couple.

Courtney laughed, taking Daisy's hand and leading her into the smaller room. Duncan rolled his eyes, following behind them.

No one had been as excited as Daisy had been when the pair had announced they were back together. The rest of the family was happy, Danica shot her young brother some words of warning. Bridgette had carried on where Danica left off, telling Duncan the cost that would come if he ever broke Courtney's heart again. Geoff was more weary than thrilled. He encouraged Duncan to not be his usual dickhead of a self. Duncan made no promises.

Drake stood nervously at the end of the aisle, his best man patting him on the back in assurance. Duncan took great pride in knowing his eldest brother wasn't invincible after all.

Mrs Evans was already weeping in the corner, along with Delilah's mom. The ceremony hadn't even started yet.

Duncan took his seat beside Courtney, balancing Daisy on his lap. The now twelve year old did not appreciate being treated like a child, but she didn't complain, giving any excuse to cuddle up to her favorite brother.

Not long after, the doors behind them shut and the music started playing. Everyone got to their feet, watching the door.

Delilah emerged in a cloud of white, her dress designed after some Disney Princess that Duncan couldn't name. It cleverly hid the baby bump, was all he thought.

The wedding wasn't originally going to be for another year, but after the announcement that they were expecting, Delilah's dad had told them to bump it up to recent.

Duncan and Dominic found it hysterical that Drake would knock up his 'virgin' of a girlfriend before the wedding. They were living together, had for a few years, Duncan didn't understand why everyone was so shocked to find out. In fact, he was surprised it hadn't happened earlier.

The girls had done nothing but coo over Delilah. Danica and Daisy were excited about being aunts. Courtney had teased Duncan relentlessly about how much she loved babies. Duncan had got his own back but agreeing with her. The look on Courtney's face had been priceless after that.

Courtney was clutching his arm as they watched Delilah walk down the aisle. There were tears in her eyes when Duncan turned to look at his girlfriend. He passed her a tissue from his pocket; he had been prepared to know that all the females in his family would be in hysterics. Courtney gave him a watery smile and Duncan's heart jumped.

Courtney had graduated from Oxford last year. Duncan had been there in the audience, clapping the loudest for his girl, along with Bridgette and Geoff who hadn't missed the opportunity either. Her parents hadn't shown, and that had broke Courtney. They couldn't make it to their own daughters graduation. As soon as the couple got back to Muskoka, Courtney had packed everything she owned into boxes and moved out on her own, into a spacious apartment closer to the city center, closer to the local community college. Duncan moved in not long after.

Courtney had decided against going to Harvard, even though she had been accepted a second time around. That was her parents dream, and she realized she didn't want to live it any longer. She still wanted to become a lawyer, because it was something that still genuinely encouraged her, but also because she wanted to prove to her parents that they could have done it right. Career does not come before family.

After graduation, Courtney had still kept in touch with her friends. Scott was back home in Alabama, but had moved away from home and into the city. He was working his way up in the business world. Zoey and Mike were living together, still in Oxford, as they were both doing extended degrees. Heather was out in Spain with her boy toy, still refusing to acknowledge their relationship, but Alejandro was happy enough to have her all to himself as Heather knew no one else out there.

Being closer to the community college also meant being closer to Bridgette and Gwen. Bridgette was about to enter her final year of nursing school, after deciding to train to become a midwife. She already had a place at Muskoka hospital waiting for her. Gwen had just finished her first year of college, working towards an Art degree. She had big plans to animate adult horror cartoons once she graduated. Her and Trent were working things out.

Geoff and Bridgette had made one more move forward when Geoff finally proposed last year in London, after Courtney's graduation. There had been much to celebrate that night.

"She's so beautiful," Courtney choked.

Duncan grinned, wrapping his arm back around Courtney's shoulders. "Yeah, she is. But so are you." Courtney leaned her head on her boyfriends shoulder, accepting the compliment as it came. Duncan had made a way to compliment her everyday on something or other. Courtney never complained about it.

The couple were far from organizing their own wedding. It had now been a solid eighteen months since the early morning that found Courtney telling Duncan she wanted to try again if he did. There had been fights, there had been times where they had both walked away, doors slamming in their wake. But they always came back to each other in the end. They loved each other more than ever, they would never give that up again.

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Courtney never thought the feeling of watching the ball drop on New Years Eve live from Times Square could ever lose it's feeling. But it had.

She stood and she watched and counted down with everyone else around her, but, for some unknown reason, she just wasn't in the spirit. There was something that Courtney couldn't put her finger on, something felt off. When she turned to greet her best friend in the New York, she realized what it was.

Bridgette was locked in lips with her boyfriend Geoff- her midnight kiss. Courtney didn't know when the last time she had a kiss on midnight was. At the grand old age of twenty-three, Courtney was starting to feel unsettled every time she saw a happy couple. It wasn't that she'd be single for long, but her last break-up had left her feeling a little empty on the inside, like some hole that needed to be filled before it grew too big.

Of course, Courtney wasn't saying any of this out loud on the off chance the paparazzi overheard. Or worse, Bridgette overheard. Courtney's best friend had been trying to set her up on dates in between every relationship she's had to-date. It wasn't that Courtney didn't enjoy Bridgette's taste in men for her, but she found it was easier to find her own men in life. It was just keeping those men in her life Courtney found to be difficult.

"Happy New Year, Court!" Bridgette called to best friend as the duo ascended the staircase to the main stage. The cheering crowd was a sting in the heart, but Courtney plastered on a smile as she followed her best friend.

The music started playing around the pair and they kicked into Auld Lang Syne as the fireworks continued to spark around them.

The second project is called FWB. It's based on Duncan and Courtney having a Friends With Benefits relationship and all the fun that comes with that :D

"I have an FWB," Courtney replied, keeping her head down and taking another spoonful of her ice cream.

"FWB?" Gwen asked, raising one eyebrow. Courtney slowly nodded her head. "Okay, what the hell is an FWB and is it contagious?"

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My cousin used to tell me that when you die, the white light you see is the hospital room as you get pushed out a vagina into your new life. That's why babies are always screaming, he'd tell me, the pain of their last death is still fresh. As we grow up, we forget, and then we go through it all again. Over and over until the end of time itself.

I believe in the white light at the end of the tunnel, but the rest of it sounded like bullshit to me.

Reincarnation sounded like a fairy tale; something you'd tell those who were scared of death even though it has always been part of life.

I don't know what I believed in before it happened. The white light was all I got to before I'd stop trying to think about it. I wasn't scared or worried, my mindset was more 'it's not going to happen to me anytime soon' so I didn't really care. But then it did happen.

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