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Chapter 8

Xander and Elizabeth were stunned by the sudden reappearance of Sonja. She sank to her knees tail drooping and head hung at the sudden realization that Laina was gone.

"Mom?" Xander asked daring to step forward.

Elizabeth put out a hand to stop him. "Wait... How do we know it's really her?" She looked up Xander.

"Liz its-." Xander started.

"No she's right to not trust me Xander." Sonja stated rising to her feet. "But I can assure you that I am me." She turned to face her son.

"Prove it." Elizabeth snapped.

Sonja stepped forward and directed her attention at Elizabeth. "The first night after your parents were taken I gave you hot chocolate and told you about your mother and father."

Elizabeth relaxed slightly knowing that only she and Sonja were in the kitchen that night. "It's her." She lowered her arm and Xander flew at his mother nearly knocking her over.

He buried his face in her hair. "Don't ever do that again." He snapped referring to her faked death.

"I don't plan on it." She replied pulling out of his embrace. "But at the moment we have to save Tucker." Elizabeth darted past them and toward Laina's abandoned horse where she dug through the saddlebag for the bark. But her heart sank when she saw that it had shriveled and died on Laina's journey back.

"No." She muttered under her breath.

"Elizabeth what's wrong?" Xander asked.

"The bark... It's dead. We can't use this, and there isn't enough time to go get more." She answered turning around to look at Xander and Sonja. "I'm sorry."

"There has to be something you can do!" Sonja begged peering down at the substance in Elizabeth's hands.

"There isn't time." Elizabeth repeated. Sonja took a step back and stumbled into Xander. "I'm sorry." Her head hung as she looked at the decaying bark, there really was no other option and Elizabeth knew everything that was happening was her fault. Sonja gently shoved Xander away and ran off into the house. He watched his mother but didn't go after her.

"This is all my fault." Elizabeth turned away from Xander, eyes trained on the temple.

"Yes. It is." He agreed. "If you hadn't separated from Laina maybe things wouldn't have turned out this way."

She spun around. "I thought she could handle herself. She's just as much to blame for this as I am."

Xander scoffed. "Please. If you had stayed with Laina like we decided then she would still be here and my father wouldn't be dying!" His voice rose with each word.

"I'm sorry, if I could do something to stop this... I would." Elizabeth brushed past Xander, wiping away tears that threatened to fall from her eyes as she entered his house. Xander stared at the temple, silently praying that something could be done to save his father and bring back those who had been taken. His prayer went unanswered, and he stared at the temple hoping for a miracle from Mianite.

Redbeard was not proud of what he had accomplished. He had successfully taken care of Laina and in the process had brought about Tucker's demise as well. But the pirate never wanted to do this much damage. All he had wanted was to bring back his sister which Ianite promised she could do, for real this time. She had more power than she did before and with her powers combined with that of Dianite she would be able to bring the dead back to life well according to what the goddess has told him. Redbeard had watched the scene unfold knowing it was partially his fault. Although he had never intended for all of this to happen it only furthered his chances for his sister to be brought back but he was starting to doubt Ianite. He feared what she was going to do to these people, but mostly he feared that Ianite was only using his loyalty. The pirate brushed off the negative thoughts and retreated back into the shadows hopping through a portal to Aethoria not wanting to be a part of what was to come.

Tom was a wreck and Rayna knew it was partially her fault. But he had slapped her clean across the face and that wasn't something that went without consequence. Rayna had tried speaking to Tom, but he just sat there, staring into space. She didn't know how to handle a situation like this, but Tom was too quiet. He was always a fun care free person and now he was quiet the only noise coming from him was his shallow breathing. She hadn't been able to speak with him about the mirror call he had made and she wondered if it was possible to do it again; Elizabeth and the others had to be warned of Redbeard's treachery. The creaking of the iron door caused Rayna to jerk her head listening for a voice.

"What a sight this is..." The voice trailed off, "Redbeard." She sneered recognizing the thick Scottish accent he used when not speaking like a pirate.

"How are ya lass? Enjoying the darkness?" The pirate chuckled.

"Not really." Rayna retorted angrily. She could hear rustling in the background but chose to ignore it.

"I thought you'd like to know what's happened." He said.

"We already know about Sonja," Tom spoke; it was the first time she had heard his voice in a while and it sounded rough and throaty.

"Oh, well then that's one less thing I need to tell you." He grinned. The pirate wasn't to be trusted, and Tom knew that more than anyone. Ianite's little scene in the hallway had proven that. Being on the opposite side of the room as Rayna made him nervous not only for his safety but hers as well especially considering she was blind. Slowly he began inching across the room, eventually Redbeard would notice but he would worry about that when the time came.

"And what else would you like to tell us Redbeard?" Rayna snapped her blind eyes narrowing at the pirate.

"Well firstly, I'll give you a list of all the people the lady Ianite now has in her possession." The pirate paused and pulled out a small slip of paper from his breast pocket. "Jordan, Laina, Tucker and Sonja."

"But Sonja's dead." She pointed out.

"That my dear friends was something not even Ianite saw coming. She was so close to taking your daughter and ending all of this but the stupid fox had to intervene." He sneered.

"So what you're saying is that Sonja's alive?" Rayna said, hope sparkling in her eyes.

Tom glanced between Rayna and Redbeard and noticed how pale she had when her brother's name spilled from the traitor's mouth. The pirate ignored her question, instead choosing to continue his story. "But how did she manage to capture everyone?" He asked the pirate.

"Ah, that is where the fun begins." Redbeard chuckled. "Poor Jordan so distraught from learning of his dear sister's blindness through the call from Tom ran off and was effectively taken by Ianite herself. I had no hand in his taking. But in the process she accidentally poisoned Tucker with Enderdust." Redbeard was spinning a web of exaggeration.

"No." Rayna whispered while Tom stared on in confusion.

"What's Enderdust?" The former God asked.

"It's a poison that affects the mind, more or less causes you to go crazy unless you can find the ingredients for the antidote within a certain time frame. It deteriorates the mind and eventually it will draw in hoards of Endermen, effectively leading to the death of whoever was poisoned." Rayna explained as she burrowed her face in her arms. Tom watched Rayna as she looked like she was going to either pass out or throw up.

"Poor Tucker. But alas it was Elizabeth to the rescue once again. She set off with Laina and Xander to gather the objects needed to make the antidote. But Elizabeth failed to listen to Xander's instructions and caused poor little Laina's downfall. She was taken by Endermen and brought here, neither myself nor the lady intended on capturing any of the children but she was becoming a pain."

"What happened to the others then?" Rayna asked peering up, some of the color returning to her skin. "How did she manage to grab Tucker and Sonja, and how is Sonja still alive? I thought Ianite had killed her?"

"So did Ianite apparently." Tom snorted.

"Watch your tone when speaking of her highness!" Redbeard spat at the other man.

Tom just looked at him and blew off the icy glare of the pirate. "What is she a queen now?" He was going to everything he possibly could to piss off the pirate.

"She will always be a queen and you should treat her as such!" His voice was laced with venom. "Anyway, before I was so rudely interrupted." Redbeard glanced sideways at Tom who just smirked in response. "I don't know how the fox lives; I didn't stick around long enough to find out. But as for Tucker, the young ones weren't able to gather the materials in time. Luckily the Endermen were faster thanks to Ianite's command; she asked that they take him away to the prison here. Sonja, the poor dear wouldn't go down without a fight. She fought off hoards of Endermen until her energy was so drained that not even she could hold off the mass forces of Ianite's army." Neither Rayna nor Tom could tell that the pirate was lying as neither of them had been there to witness all the events unfold.

"Is Tucker alright then?" Rayna asked her hand curling and uncurling into a fist.

"Unfortunately yes." She let out a sigh of relief at the news. "But they are still trapped here same as you. Now all that is left is Elizabeth and Xander and myself of course."

Rayna rose to her feet. "You stay away from them!" She snarled.

Redbeard flung her to the side with a backhand to the face and she went sprawling to the ground. Tom looked on in horror the image of Rayna falling to the ground all too familiar and he clutched his head in agony as he saw the scene unfold again through Redbeard's eyes.

"Pitiful." Redbeard shook his head. "And to think you were once a god." The pirate then took his leave.

Rayna had curled into herself, the fear of being struck by Dianite flashing in her brain. She had already had images of him but being able to see only him when her vision flashed made seeing again worse.

"Rayna." Tom said. She didn't dare look up with open eyes for fear of seeing him again. "Rayna please. It's alright he's gone." She felt his hand on her shoulder and looked up seeing nothing but darkness once again.

"Tom I saw him again." She whispered while she was struggling into a sitting position.

"Saw who again?" He asked. Rayna felt him settle in beside her against the wall.


"Rayna what are you talking about? I am Dianite." Tom replied.

"It wasn't you. It was him." Her voice fell to a whisper. "It was him that I saw that day when she blinded me. I saw his face, but it wasn't him that I was afraid of. It was what I was afraid he was going to do to me. It was..." She hesitated fearing what Tom would say when she revealed the truth. "It was what I afraid you were going to do to me."

Tom was silent and that only made it worse. Rayna felt the single tear roll down her face and then she felt two strong hands cup her face and turn it to the side. Then she felt the pressure of his lips against hers and she melted into his kiss.

"Why are you afraid of me?" He asked breaking the kiss.

"I didn't know what power was going to do to you. I know you joked around in the past but I was afraid that his power would taint you and then turn you into him. And that his power would go to your head." She replied and leaned her forehead against his. "I was afraid that you would become a monster."

"Rayna I would never hurt you. I love you too much to hurt you." Tom gently ran his thumb across her cheek and she held onto the outstretched arm with her hand to keep him there.

"I know you wouldn't." Her voice cracked and she looked straight at him with cloudy blue eyes. "That's why I didn't understand when you hit me."

"I don't know what happened that day. One minute I was in control of mind and the next I was being plagued with thoughts that weren't my own." He explained carefully choosing not to reveal the conversation he had had with Ianite. Rayna shook his hand off and curled into his side seeking the warmth and comfort she had been without for so many days. Tom wrapped his arm around her and lightly kissed the top of her head. "I love you."

"I love you too." She whispered back before falling asleep at his side.

Tom had missed having Rayna at his side and now with the news of Jordan and the others being captives of the evil goddess they would need each other. He fell asleep with his mind a jumbled mess.

24 Hours Earlier

Xander heard the whooshing of a portal and spun around searching for the source of the noise. There was nothing in a 360 degree radius of him and brushed it off, heading inside to be with his father.

Elizabeth was seated at the kitchen counter with Waglington at her side. She looked upset and it seemed to Xander that the wizard was trying to comfort her. He glanced at her once more before jogging to the second floor of the house to his parent's room. When he reached the door, he found it to be open slightly and he heard crying.

"I'm sorry. I never thought it would be like this." His mother's voice drifted to his ears. "I never intended to-." She cut herself off and Xander visibly winced when he heard the muffled sobbing. He had never seen either of his parents cry, not even when his mother had "died" and even if his father had cried he was too proud to do so in front of others. Xander couldn't take it anymore, he pushed open the door and Sonja looked over her shoulder from her seat on the ground, wiping away her tears. She opened her mouth to try and say something but instead hung her head, ears drooping and tail limp behind her. Xander shut the door behind him and sat down beside his mother enveloping her into an embrace. She lost it completely and he felt her shaking in his arms. This was the first time he had seen his mother like this. Usually she was so strong and brave, but this time it was different; she had already lost her daughter and now it was only a matter of time before her husband would be taken as well. Xander held his mother and silently vowed that he would get revenge for his father and his sister as well as the other lives that Ianite had stolen. Eventually Sonja sobbed herself to sleep and Xander refused to let her go keeping her secure in his lap; she was the only family he really had left at this point. And out of pure grief and rage he wept. He wept for those that Ianite had taken as her prisoners and he wept for those that she had flat out killed. He wept for those whose lives she had ruined. Xander balled his hand into a fist and slammed it into the floor and hung his head knowing there was little use in crying at a time like this. He felt his eyelids start to droop and let himself be washed into a land where his troubles couldn't haunt his every move.

Xander woke up to pure darkness, his neck aching from sleeping sitting up. His mother was gone and in a panic he stood up and scanned the room for her. Sonja stood on the balcony of the bedroom the full moon illuminating her silhouette.

"They're coming for him." She stated not even bothering to turn around. "Ianite's forces." She clarified. Xander joined his mother at the railing staring into the fields that were being slowly being swarmed with Endermen.

"We won't let them get to him." Xander said. "Ianite won't win. We will stop her. And we will take back what is ours."

Sonja looked up her son. "It is time we reclaim what has been stolen from us." Xander nodded and glanced back at the forces gathering below them. They headed downstairs shutting and blocking off the windows and doors of Tucker's room only to find them doing the same downstairs.

"I see you've noticed the army gathering outside?" Declan stated polishing the newly crafted diamond armor.

"How are we gonna take on this many Endermen?" Elizabeth asked.

No one really had an answer to the question. The shear amount of the creatures gathered outside was surely sent so that no one would survive. With that many Endermen around it was almost guaranteed that at least one would be looking at you the whole time.

"Well we can't just sit here and let them take Tucker." Sonja stated coldly. "I've already lost my daughter to that bitch; I don't plan on losing my husband."

"I stand with my mother." Xander nodded. "I will fight to protect my home and my family."

"I stand with you." Elizabeth stepped forward. "Ianite is not going to ruin anyone else's lives. I will destroy her."

Waglington stood. "I have finally found my place in this world. And here I am accepted for what I am." His golden eyes flashed beneath the hood of his cloak. "I've already lost what family I had when Ianite took the other wizards. I want to save your family Sonja. And yours as well." He looked to Elizabeth. "I will stand with you and do whatever I must to see you out of this." The wizard pulled back his hood revealing the face of a young man with shaggy dark brown hair and glowing golden eyes. But what really caught everyone off guard were the scars; five scars ran diagonally across his face. It looked as though he had been mauled by something with sharp claws a long while ago.

"And I will stand by your side." Declan butted in. Their attention was drawn to the priest instead of the wizard. "Unfortunately I don't have a big motivational speech." He joked. Sonja actually smiled while Xander shook his head.

"And what of you pirate?" Sonja jerked her head in Redbeard's direction.

"I fight for justice. And I will stand beside you." He answered crossing his hat over his chest.

"I've had word from Mianite." Declan stated.

"Will he join us?" Sonja asked eagerly her ears perking up.

The priest shook his head. "No. He fears playing his hand like this will only get him captured." Sonja's tail stopped wagging and her ears flattened again. "But he has given us items that will give us a fighting chance." He waved his hand and double wide chests with each of their names on them appeared. "You may take whatever you need from your own chest. A gift from Mianite himself." Each of them dove for the chest, finding that they had all been given the best armor that had been enchanted with costly enchants. Diamond swords and bows all glowed purple each featuring a different power. Food had also been provided as well as a good stack of Notch Apples. Ender pearls resided in the corner of the chest and it would give them a fighting chance against the teleporting creatures. Potions of all kinds were scattered throughout the chests and each person was given nearly half a stack of a specific potion. Elizabeth was looking through her chest she discovered a book that had a note written on it: read in private. She easily pretended like she hadn't seen the book and buried it beneath the armor.

Once done rummaging through the chests they exchanged potions making sure everyone had at least two of every kind of potion they were given. The group moved into the kitchen to formulate a plan.

Sonja was going to stay behind in the tower to protect Tucker with Redbeard stationed on the lower level of the house as a first line of defense. Waglington would be sent with back up from Declan into the middle of the fray to draw the Endermen away from their prize. Xander and Elizabeth were to be stationed on opposite sides of the house to try and prevent any of the Endermen from entering and getting near the house.

Before anyone headed out, Xander pulled Elizabeth aside out of sight of prying eyes. He opened his mouth but Elizabeth cut him off.

"Look before you say anything, I want to apologize for not listening to you, and for Laina being taken." She told him.

"It's not all your fault." Xander said receiving a smack from his girlfriend. "But I don't blame you for splitting off from my sister. You were right about time being an issue and if she hadn't been held up we might've been able to save my father."

Elizabeth looked at the ground and then back over her shoulder to make sure no one would interrupt them. "I'm sorry about your father Xander. But only time will tell what Ianite plans for him." He looked at her confused. "She wouldn't let him die; he's too valuable as an asset."

"My father isn't an asset, he's a human being." Xander snarled in response.

"Not in her eyes. He's another bargaining tool she can use to get to me. It's why she took my parents and my uncle." Her eyes met his. "And if I'm not mistaken we're going to lose someone else tonight." A loud hissing sounded from nearby and something boomed in the distance. Xander pulled Elizabeth to him and kissed her with every ounce of passion in his body knowing that either of them had the chance of not making it out alive.

"I love you." He whispered pressing his forehead to hers.

"I know." Elizabeth said, smiling sadly. "And I love you even more. Make sure you come back to me."

The two split apart and hand in hand returned to the main room where Sonja and Redbeard were assembling their gear. Xander broke away from Elizabeth and pulled his mother in for a hug muttering something in her ear that the younger woman didn't hear. She moved to her chest and began to dress in the protective diamond armor. Elizabeth pulled two glowing swords from within the chest and twirled them around in her hands, and then sheathing them at hers. She pulled the bow from the chest and the one arrow knowing the bow had been gifted with infinite arrows, storing it in one of the sheaths at her waist. Xander appeared by her side and finished securing her armor then moved to his own set. The young man looked up from his chest when he heard the sounds of angry Endermen and noticed that Waglington and Declan had gone. Elizabeth looked down at him and then moved to stand near the window watching spells fly in the distance.

"It's time." Sonja stated. She glanced between Elizabeth and her son. "Take care of each other." Xander rose from his position on the floor and took Elizabeth's hand nodding to his mother's wish. The two then departed the safety of the house and took their respective places to defend the already almost overrun territory.

Sonja twirled the sword in her hand. "I trust you, you know." Redbeard looked up from whatever he was doing. "I heard most of the conversations they had but I don't believe that you would betray us for someone like Ianite."

"I may have believed in Ianite once but now she is nothing more than a corrupted lost soul." He responded. What he said wasn't a lie, he had once believed in the goddess of peace and balance, but even had a limit of how far he would go for her. He would never agree to kill anyone that went beyond his moral code, but blinding Rayna was borderline immoral and it took everything he had to not think about how she would react to his betrayal. And now that Sonja had confessed that she trusted him, Redbeard didn't know how much more of Ianite's torment he could take.

"Good luck, fire fox." He told her.

"I kinda like that." She grinned.


"Fire fox." Sonja jogged up the stairs just in time to ward off an Endermen who had tried to get through. With the creature defeated, now all there was left to do was wait for her to come.

Endermen were one of the more difficult to fight of the hostile mobs that spawned at night. They were coming in swarms faster than it was physically possible for them to be defeated; but it was a combination of the Enderdust and an army sent by Ianite that had caused so many to spawn. Elizabeth fended off anywhere from six to ten Endermen at any given time because hitting one caused them to teleport, or she would accidentally make eye contact with one trying to avoid making contact with another. But the enchants on the sword made them easier to defeat and she could take the creature out with one or two taps with the sword. The other sword was still sheathed at her waist incase her primary one dulled or broke. And Endermen swung at her with its long spindly black arm and she was forced to duck to avoid the hit and instead was kicked by another one whom she'd accidentally provoked with eye contact. Elizabeth took the hit in stride and only pushed back the hordes taking out any that got too close to the house. But her strategy didn't fare well for very long and soon they started migrating and pushing her back, the attacks becoming heavier and harder to withstand. She knew that if they got close to the house it would only end in disaster and did the one thing that Xander had more or less warned against: leaping to her death. With reckless abandon she leapt into the crowd of gathering Endermen and began to furiously wave her sword hitting everything her path. The creatures were downright confused by her actions but they fought back knowing that Ianite was looking down upon them to destroy the mortal beings. Elizabeth heard the angry hiss and threw up her sword to block an attack swung her sword hitting something made of metal. She peered up to find herself face to face with a large Endermen decked out in heavy duty iron armor. The girl backed up sword at the ready.

It swung at her and she threw up her arm in defense of the hit. A blast flung the Endermen back with a loud screeching noise. Elizabeth looked up and saw that her hands glowed with white and black mist. She had completely forgotten about her powers with everything that had been going on it had slipped her mind. The Endermen that had surrounded her were backing away fearful of what she could do. The girl looked at her smoking hands and then back up at the creatures a smirk crossing her features. She muttered something under her breath and suddenly her body was illuminated in the glow of twilight, of light and dark, of good and evil. She was evolving into a god. It was this that Ianite feared the most. Elizabeth possessed a power known as Imbued Godhood; it gave the strength and power greater than any God in their realm. Even Mianite had feared such a powerful being giving him reason to side with Ianite to take away her power. She had been born to a god in a god's realm. With Dianite as her father and an Ianite follower as her mother she was a powerful being who had inherited the powers of light and dark.

Her powers kept the Endermen at bay long enough that Waglington had noticed from at least 100 feet away but chose to stay by the priest's side to make sure he didn't get killed. But the wizard was unsure of what was causing the flashes of light. But he pushed onward trying to stop the hordes of Endermen that spawned.

Elizabeth was blasting through the Endermen, her limitless power giving her edge she would need to win this fight. She was also able to fly and was floating over the Endermen taking them out from above. The creatures had begun to retreat in fear and the battle was beginning to sway in their favor. But it wasn't to be. While Elizabeth had limitless power it drained her to use it so vivaciously and she was slowly sinking to the ground. She could feel herself get more and more lightheaded as the battle continued. But Elizabeth ignored the warning signs and eventually she collapsed to the ground, and the last thing she saw was the face of Redbeard.

Meanwhile, Sonja was sealed in the tower with Tucker. Waglington had placed a deal on it with his powers that would hold against the encroaching army. Sonja knew it wasn't going to last much longer because she heard the cracking and winced every time the shield shook.

Sonja knew that Ianite would come for them; it was only a matter of time. The Kitsune was sitting on the ground, her back leaning against the bed. Ianite hadn't planned on infecting Tucker, but it only gave her another opportunity to get to Elizabeth. The goddess wasn't as stupid as Sonja had previously thought; she was strategically taking away people until Elizabeth was left with no one giving Ianite the perfect chance to gain whatever power she possessed. That was the other problem, if Elizabeth was really as powerful as the goddess claimed then why didn't she show them what she could do? Sonja brushed it away knowing that Elizabeth was in a similar situation as she had been in. Showing herself too early would jeopardize her ability to take care of herself in the future and Sonja understood that. The room shook again and the fox curled into herself fearing the shield would break. It shook again the cracking was louder; the shield would break it was hit a few more times and it seemed the Endermen were learning that as well. Sonja scrambled to her knees and reached for Tucker's hand. She leaned over him and tears began to fall.

"I'm sorry I couldn't save you. I'm sorry that all of this happened. I never should've left you... this is all my fault. But know that I will always love you and I will never forget the time we spent together." She said, hiccupping. Then she felt pressure on her hand and realized that it was Tucker. At that point Sonja couldn't afford to lose it, as the shield broke it seemingly shattered into a million pieces that turned to dust when they hit the ground. She rose from the bed her hair whipping from the now open windows. Endermen poured through the openings and Sonja put up a decent fight before they suddenly all froze mid fight and got down on one knee, heads bowed. Her heart skipped a beat and she knew that Ianite was coming.

The goddess landed on the balcony and the Endermen in the way cleared a path to Sonja. She stood stoically in front of Tucker, sword in one hand and the other hand sparking with fire.

"Now now, dear don't be so hostile. I've only come to chat." The goddess stated clearing the room of Endermen with a flick of her hand.

"Like I'm gonna believe that." Sonja snapped her tail lashing.

"Please." Ianite rolled her eyes and say down gracefully in a nearby chair. "Now you and I both know why I'm here." Sonja growled. The goddess was dressed in a black chiffon gown, a golden circlet sat atop her purple head and dragonscale gauntlets were wrapped around her forearms. Her gold eyes sparkled with mischief.

"If you so much as lay on hand on my husband, I'll shred you into pieces." Sonja snarled.

The goddess settled back into the chair looking way too comfortable for her own good and that only made Sonja tense up more.

"Now that's no way to treat the only person who can cure your husband." The goddess held out her hand which now contained a small black bag.

"What do you mean?" Sonja asked, ears flicking up in curiosity.

Ianite smirked. "I have the capability to heal him to make sure he doesn't die. After all it was I who created this curse."

Sonja looked back at Tucker and then her gaze shifted back to the deadly goddess in front of her. "So what are you asking in return?" The fox knew there would be a catch, whenever it came to dealing with the gods there was almost always a catch.

Ianite rose from her seat and teleported to the other side of the bed her figure becoming a purple mist as she did so. "You're smarter than you look foxy." She glanced down at Tucker. "The only way I will heal him is if you give yourselves up to me." Sonja just looked at her. "Did you hear me?"

The Kitsune's eyes narrowed. "I heard you." She snapped. "I can't do that. I love my husband more than anything in this world but I think he would rather die than be saved and put into a prison by you."

Ianite sighed. "What a shame." She shook her head. "You could've put an end to this meaningless violence." The goddess smiled sadly. Her smile turned into a deadpan expression. "But now you've sealed your fate. Guards!" Dozens of Endermen teleported into the room and surrounded Tucker and Ianite.

"Leave him alone!" Sonja yelled charging the creatures.

"Foolish mortal!" Ianite hissed casting a spell that sent Sonja flying into the wall. Her head smacked against the wall and she landed with a loud grunt, her vision blurry.

"You forget that I'm not human." Sonja spat clambering to her feet. She charged the goddess stumbling and eventually sent herself sprawling to the ground in front of the goddess.

Ianite whacked Sonja over the back of the head and the Kitsune collapsed. "But you have forgotten that I am a God." She shook her head at the poor woman who could've been her greatest asset but instead she had chosen to follower her heart rather than her mind. "Take them and go." Ianite told the nearest Endermen and with a loud hiss the creatures vanished with Sonja and Tucker.

Now all that was left to do was destroy this world.

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