"Who is the blonde with the pink fluff all over her?"

"What, are you lusting after some whore already?" Clove spat, rolling her eyes. Clove, the small time I've spent with her only made me wonder if she had ever loved anyone - even her parents. Did she even have any friends back in District 2, let alone allies or teammates? She was an academy girl, but I can't figure anyone liking her. She even creeped me out a bit.

"No, do you know her name?" I asked, getting annoyed with her stupid retorts.

"How the hell should I know?"

"Whatever." I said, giving up on Clove. She won't be a help to me until the games anyway. I should ignore her until then.

"Focus, you're out next." Brutus said behind us, our carriage beginning to move forward.

"Well, that wasn't too difficult." the blonde girl remarked to the District 1 boy. He nudged her by the shoulder, chuckling. He began taking off his ridiculous Capitol-made outfit and revealed himself to be wearing a grey dress shirt tucked in with black dress pants. The District 1 girl ripped off her head thing and shook her hair, rather quite sexily. If I had the chance back at home to just put my hands all over her, I knew I wouldn't have the strength to restrain. I don't know what it was with this girl, but she intrigued me like crazy. I want to know her...her name, her mind, her body, everything. Then again, maybe the games are already making me crazy.

Clove saw me staring at the District 1 girl, grabbed my arm, and said "Perverted dumbass, come on we have to get ready for our stupid dinner thing."

"Dinner? I don't remember us dating." At that, she punched my arm. I'm not going to lie, it hurt just the slightest bit. If it is her and me left in the arena, it won't be pleasant. I'll definitely win, but it won't be a fun fight. I could already imagine the sharp sting of one of her knives gracing my face, making me put a hand to my cheek subconsciously. "Seriously, what dinner though?" I snapped back to reality.

"The tribute dinner. You really don't pay attention to anything." she scoffed.

"Alright." Great, a dinner with all my friends. Oh the fun.

"Well they seem to get ready real soon." I moved my eyes to the direction Clove's eyes were focusing on, the District 1 boy fixing his outfit. Glimmer handed the head crown thing to her escort and began taking off the feathery pink outfit. It would have made me a bit 'excited' if it weren't for her having clothing under it. Who am I kidding, I was holding back right now. The way she sexily took off that gown, it was almost like a tease show.

Of course not being naked underneath the pink mess, she was wearing a strapless sparkling light bluish green dress that matched her eyes. The hem went to the floor, so her shoes couldn't be seen. Both her eyes and dress glistened with the light. She pulled her hair to the side to get it our of her face and then District 1 boy offered out his arm for her to hold. As they walked away with their mentors and escort, the girl kept giggling at how chivalrous the boy was being, it made my body ache for a second. How did some idiot like him have the right to touch, let alone be near, her? He wasn't even half of what she was.

"Cato, come on. Stop being a jealous baby. We gotta get changed and change make-up." Clove started pulling my arm, dragging me with her to our District's apartment where Enobaria, Brutus, our escort, and the stylists were probably waiting. I'd rather be training than wasting my time with this crap. However, seeing the District 1 Girl might be fun.

Though, as I turned around I saw the District 12 tributes. I glared at the girl. She was going to be a bitch to fight, I could feel it with every instinct I had. However, it might be fun having her as a kill. She definitely won't beat me. I wonder what her angle is going to be? Trying to ally with us - which of course I wouldn't allow - or being a weakling or perhaps hiding? I decided to put the thought of that odd girl away and focus on the dinner coming up and seeing the District 1 girl. I'll have more time strategize when the countdown begins.


Everything was white. The room's walls were white, the floor tiles were white, the table cloth was white, everything was white. The only different colors in the room were the other tributes and their apparel, the food offered, and the deep cherry red chairs. Marvel and I were the last to arrive, as my makeup artists made sure everything was precise, symmetrical, and perfect. I honestly likes how I looked. My hair was to the side, wavy and curly, and everything matched or was similar to the color of my eyes.

Everyone was sitting down and talking with each other. It wasn't hard for Marvel and I to find our seats, as they were not the only empty ones but also had nameplates on each one. Everyone was seated next to their district partner. Across the table from me was...Cato. Dammit, just his mere presence chilled my spine. His appearance was so overpowering and intimidating, like a merciless warrior. Yet, something about him, whether it be his ocean colored eyes or seducing smirk, kept drawing me closer to him. He was talking to Clove, but once I sat down, I saw him glance at me and wink. It made my heart flutter, but I wouldn't let some playboy like him see it. I glared at him before rolling my eyes. He chuckled and continued talking to Clove and some other tribute about whatever.

I looked over at Marvel who was busy looking at all of the food offered. It was all fruits, meat, and deserts. How odd. I figured a feast of some sort of specific meal, not a crazy mix of foods.

"Welcome all tributes to the special dining hall." My thoughts were silenced as Seneca Crane, the Head Gamemaker himself, walked into the room, of course with two peacekeepers by his side. What, was he scared of an uprising? I looked at the other tributes, who looked either confident or scared being in front of him. Well, all but one...that District 12 girl. She grimaced at him. If looks could kill, he'd be dead in less than half a second. Something told me not to underestimate her. The girl on fire, I'll make sure she will be the one burning to death from it. She won't be the death of me, not someone like her.

"This year, we figured the tributes should get to know each other a little bit better before going into the games." Seneca continued "Alliances, enemies, make whatever you want. Just remember the Peacekeepers are on each corner of the room, outside. They'll be listening in to make sure you don't cause havoc. Please, do enjoy yourselves and the food." I noticed Seneca take his last glimpse at me and gave me a wink and a smirk, making me want to vomit in my mouth. He was the god damn head Gamemaker. How did he not have any restraint!?

"You okay?" I looked across the table, a seemingly concerned Cato staring right at me. It took me a few seconds to realize it was me whom he was speaking to in a non-threatening way.

"I guess, why? Your wink wasn't that revolting earlier." I giggled.

"No, the Crane guy. You looked rather...uncomfortable." he said. Why the hell would he care? He doesn't know me and either one of us, if not both, will be dead in only a small matter of time.

"Thanks for caring, but I'm fine." The way I said it, not even a young, naive child would have believed me.

"Alright then." he sighed, deciding to give up. "What's your name?"

"Glimmer. Glimmer Dahlia. You?"

"Cato Everhardt. Nice name."

"Thank you.", I said with a faint blush and a subconsciously decided grin.

"Why are you here? You're from District 1, so let me guess - volunteer?" he said as he grabbed a vine of grapes and placed it on his plate, beginning to eat each one-by-one.

"Surprisingly not. For the past few years, my district hasn't volunteered quite often. I was simply drawn from the glass bowl. Nobody thought they were quite ready yet, including myself. However, it doesn't mean I'll be proven a weakling out there." He chuckled at my last statement, a charming smirk appearing on his face, "What about you?"

"Volunteered of course. I knew nothing could beat me, so why not have some fun?" His smirk was both drawing me in yet frightening at the same time.

"What if you die?" I asked seriously, seeing Marvel look at me on the corner of his eye. Apparently he has heard a bit of our conversation.

"What if I don't?" Cato responded, putting both of his elbows on the table and resting his head in his hands. I saw Marvel look down at his plate and chuckle. The arrogance and confidence Cato has...I can't tell if it is his downfall or a result of actually knowing he will win this game. It could be seen as revolting, but it only made me question more what was going on in his head. Who is Cato, really? Is he this bloodthirsty monster I see before me without a care or worry in the world? It was too much to be an act, yet I couldn't believe everything he said. There is always something to lose in the games, whether you win or not. Even I knew that.

Silence crept into our conversation, making us both feel an uncomfortable feeling due to a mix of the reality of what was actually going on and what has been said. This also had reminded me, only one of us will get to go home. Crushing on this boy won't do me any good. Hell, for all I know he is playing me.

"Cato, give me your knife." Clove's question took us out of our unease with some more unease. A knife? What does she want with one now?

"Excuse me?" Cato asked, a bit startled. I looked at Clove who was smirking at him. It horrified me a little. She was the ultimate killer in this games...a sociopath that would win at no cost. A monster is a monster, but she was far beyond that point in my opinion.

"Give me your knife. The girl from 4 doesn't believe I can aim it straight in the corner of the room. She keeps bragging about her knife throwing ability. Well, she hasn't seen me yet."

"No, wait till the games. If you want to be an idiot and get in trouble, use your own damn knife. Stop causing more problems."

Clove rolled her eyes, not taking in a word her district partner had to say, and said "Whatever, I'll take someone else's. What about you, blondy?"

I couldn't help but have my eyes widen for a moment. I was so busy observing, the idea of me being in the room was forgotten.

"Sure, knock yourself out." I handed it over, finding it better to keep things calm as our two districts were most likely to be allies. Having her wanting my death immediately wasn't the best strategy, so keeping this devil fed for a bit would help me out.

"How smart of you." I rolled my eyes. She is a cocky little bitch. I make a note to stay as far away from the sociopath.

"Clove..." Cato reprimanded Clove. She just glared at him and went back to talking to that District 4 girl. He laid back in his seat and sighed with a smile, putting his hands behind his head. "Tell me more about yourself."

"Like what? My skills?"

"No, you as a person?"

"Why would you care? You're probably going to be the death of me." I snapped a little at him, my thoughts getting the best of me.

"Maybe I will, maybe I won't. What, will my handsome looks kill you before the games?" I couldn't help but chuckle at his silly remark. He definitely knew how to lighten the mood.

All of a sudden, I saw a knife go flying towards Marvel.

"Marvel!" I panicked. Being protective of my district partner and childhood friend, my body instantly lunged in front of his body. I closed my eyes tight, scared of where it may land on me. It took me a moment to feel the pain, realizing that I'd been hit when I felt the burning sting of the steak knife's blade sticking and then gliding down my arm until it hit the table and then bounced to the floor. I opened my eyes and looked over. My arm had been only inches in front of Marvel's face.

"You idiot!" Marvel yelled at me. He gently pushed me back to my seat and pulled out my arm, wanting to examine it. The room was silent. A piece of dust hitting the floor could have been heard. He looked down at my arm, worrisome of my cut. Once he analyzed it, a moment later he glared at the girl who threw it. It was the girl from District 4. I looked up at her, seeing her look scared but remembering who she messed with, she looked down back at the table and feigned confidence, as if nothing happened. Perhaps she'll be the first I'll kill. I chuckled in my head at that thought, as dark as it was.

"Clove, what the hell!? Look what you did!?"

"It wasn't my fault! This dumb bitch -" Clove pointed at the District 4 girl "- said she could put it past those two's heads."

"You kept enticing her, you god damn idiot." Clove's eyes widened as Cato glared at her, instantly looking down at the table like a little girl getting chastised. I would have turned into a puddle if Cato had gotten that angry with me, but I am surprised how Clove did practically the same thing. Apparently, only he could control the insane knife girl.

"We better go clean this." Marvel said, standing up as I followed suit.

Cato then got up and said "Let me do it. It is all my idiot partner's fault. Let me make this equal." Marvel eyed him for a moment, trying to see if he had any ulterior motive, but he eventually groaned and let go of my arm. Cato grabbed me by my left arm - my good arm - and dragged me out of the room. The last thing I saw before the door automatically closed was the Peacemakers going to both the knife girls. Cato walked in front of me, practically dragging me to the closest medical bay. I started at the ground, feeling like a child. He towered over me tremendously and I feel like one of those kids that are in trouble. I feel so weak.

Once we got there, the colorful medic clowns circled around us.

"Oh dear, what happened?" They asked. Their voices were full of worry, as if I had gotten shot four times. So dramatic, it made me feel like I was in another dimenstion being in the Capitol. I would have rolled my eyes but the burning from the cut distracted me from doing so. Luckily, Cato chimed in for me, as I was no where ready to say a word as much as this stung.

"Someone punched the dinner table and the knife in her hand slipped and well...this happened. Can you fix her up?"

The head clown walked closer to me and took my arm, pulling it out and causing me to wince.

"It's deep, but we can easily fix this luckily. No scars either, so you came to us just in time. It'll only be a few minutes you'll have to stay, ."

"Alright, thank you." Cato said, smiling and beginning to turn around. On the corner of my eyes, I could see two female medics giggling for some reason. As he walked away, an odd thought had occurred to me. He wasn't going to leave me here, was he!? I couldn't be alone, especially with these scary, ignorant Capitol clowns. I know there is nothing to worry about, but there was no way I could be alone right now.

"Cato!" I yelled, scared. He turned around, an eyebrow raised and a look on his face that questioned my sanity. "Please, don't go." Surprise could be seen radiating from his body. He closed his eyes, raising both of his eyebrows for a moment, until opening his eyes again and walking over to me. I couldn't help but smile, knowing I wasn't alone. The two medic girls giggled again. I get it now, they think we are lovers. Rather than causing a scene, and wanting my pain to go away first, I decided to do nothing and ignore them.

My weaknesses, they seem to be revealing themselves frequently since I've been a tribute. My statistics of surviving...I feel them dropping to one of the lowest percentiles ever. That girl from eleven might even live longer than me.

"Sure." He said once he got to me, following me as the medics moved me to a chair. My grin spread. He stood by me, watching the head medic work with my arm.

"Thank you." I said, instantly wincing as the head medic put some alcohol gel of some sort on my cut, feeling four more knives at once dag all over my arm. I scrunched my eyes closed, clenching my teeth shut to keep from saying the most foul words I could find in the back of my head.

"No problem, Glim." He commented. Glim...I like that nickname. Him saying my name - even a small part of it - was like a drug. It relaxed you and relieved you of any senses.

Once one of female medics put another gel on my arm and finally finished cleaning my wound, the head medic came back and put some cooling gel on top of it, sprayed some random stuff on top of that, and to wrap it all of up he wrapped a light blue cloth around my arm.

"It should be fully healed by the day after tomorrow. Don't take anything off until at least midnight tonight though, you wouldn't want to risk anything." The head medic told me, grinning as if he cured every starving person in the world. These Capitol people...are they always this happy and insane!? I want to go back home and live in peace, that is all I want at this point in time. Like a little girl, I want to run home with the monsters far away at bay.

"Thank you." I said, as the medic clowns all disassembled and left the area to just me and Cato. "Should we get back to the dinner?"

"Nah, it will be over soon and what's the point? Let's go back to our dorms before we get in trouble. Don't worry, I'll walk you there." It's as if he saw right through me. Being alone wasn't an option I preferred right now. I don't know why, but I feel myself becoming weaker and weaker.

"You don't have to." I said, not liking him speaking about me as such a weak girl, even though I believe it to be true.

"I want to." he responded, my heart willing-fully skipping a beat.

As we got up and walked down the many hallways and up a glass elevator, an awkward silence consuming the air around us, we finally made it to my dorm's level. I opened the door and rather than saying goodbye, Cato let himself in. Instantly, I panicked.

"You can't do that! What if Cashmere or Gloss sees!? Or that weird escort Capitol woman!?"

"They're at their own dinner for the next half hour. I got time till I have to escape." He walked up closer to me, making me more nervous and freezing in place. He quietly shut the door behind him and began looking around. "It pretty much looks like my dorm, only a tiny bit more luxurious. I am a bit jealous. Show me to your room."

Without asking a question, I led him to my room.

"Ahhh, so this is Glim's room. Same as mine, only you have the walls and windows set at some snowy mountain. Why?"

"Snow is beautiful and the cold is numbing, something I wish I could feel these past few days and all through next week." I answered honestly, walking closer to the wall and putting my right hand on it. It was still a warm wall, a reminder of the reality I was in and the only opportunity of feeling nothing only possible in the worst way - death, a numbness I didn't want to experience for a long time.

"Well, why feel nothing? You should want to feel reality around you until your last final moments, whether it end here or in the arena. Wouldn't you regret that at death?"

"At this point, I'm not sure. In my mind, I've been dead since before my name was called. I somehow knew this day would come, and of course it did so soon. I am still a career, one of the toughest out their, but I still feel I'm not ready."

"Is anyone ever really?" His response surprised me, but before I could question it he continued on "Though, by knowing that this day would come...you must mean that you'd be with such an awesome guy like myself?" I turned around giggled. Again, he was lightening the mood. When you first meet the intimidating young man named Cato, anything kind or endearing doesn't come from his aura, rather quite the opposite; death, killer, merciless, cold, hateful, spiteful, etc. Happiness leaves the room and panic arises Yet, here he was...making me laugh.

"Aren't you a narcissist?" I said.

"In all the best ways, yep." he responded, laying down on my bed. He motioned me with his hand to come closer, and so I did. I couldn't help but feel a weird comfort with him. As I laid down on my bed, I couldn't help but look over at him. He was so enormous compared to my tiny body. My hand was like a hundred times smaller than his. I feel as if he were to simply pinch my skin, I'd die. He was the ultimate fighter I've ever seen, yet why did none of this scare me as much as it used to?

"Glimmer, we're allies. Just know you can trust me. Believe it or not, I won't be the death of you. You just may be the death of me." I tilted my head, confused.

You just may be the death of me.

It made me feel secure, confused, sad, and guilty all at the same time. What does he mean by that exactly? Why does he have to be the one to die, let alone because of me? Hell, why do either one of us have to die? We locked eyes, no words being said, my left hand moving over to his right hand and without question both became intertwined.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Yep, awkward start. It wasn't the best written chapter by any means, nor was it a great beginning. I had to pick up the pace a bit quicker because the real story starts in the games. I am not going to jump into it immediately, but pretty soon. From now on, I will try to not rush this. Please review and critique, I would love to hear what you have to say. However, if you are a rude Clato fan...I'm sorry this is Glato.