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Rolling over in her sleep, she became faintly aware of the light coming through her window. Today she was flying with the rest of the cast and crew to Ireland to start filming. Yawning a bit she wondered in her sleepy state, why it was so bright out this early? It was supposed to be a bit overcast this morning. Perhaps the weather man had been wrong. Her flight was at ten o'clock so the fog would have time to lift. What time was it exactly? Opening her eyes, she glanced at her clock. She sat up confusedly when the red numbers blinked back at her eleven-seventeen. Dammit, the power must have went out sometime in the night! Shit, what time was it even? Had she already missed her flight? It was way later then she thought it was. Grabbing for her phone, her heart dropped when she saw nine seventeen flash before her eyes. Even if she left right now, she wouldn't be able to make the airport and get through customs in time. Now she would have to get a flight for later in the day. Of all the days for this to happen why did it have to be today?

Shrugging into her robe and haphazardly stepping into her house shoes, she prayed silently there was another flight that wouldn't put her in a bind with her shooting schedule. Looking through her called numbers she hit send when she found the number for the airport. Thankfully they informed her there was a nonstop flight that left at two o'clock. Booking it without another thought as she simultaneously brewed her tea, she hoped she could get ahold of Fred Gerber or Laurie McCarthy. Going through her phone's contacts, she was disappointed on both counts as both went straight to voicemail. Leaving a message for them both, she went through almost every crew number she had all to no avail. She felt so exasperated at herself. Why had she not set her phone last night as well? Of course she had no way of knowing the damn electricity would have gone out, but she should have been more careful. Now she couldn't even get a hold of anyone on the crew to inform them she would be taking a later flight, unless … she called HIM. She hadn't really thought she would ever use his number. She had, in fact thought of deleting it a few times, yet … something had always stopped her. Why she didn't really know and she REALLY didn't want to explore the reasons at this point. Gathering her courage, she hit the call button.

Alan stared down at his phone vibrating in his hand. He had just arrived at the airport and hadn't even gotten through customs yet, or he wouldn't have even had it on. Looking down he didn't even recognize the number. Who would be calling him now? His family already knew he was at the airport and he had checked on Logan earlier that morning.

Hitting accept he answered a bit cautiously.


Quite nervous for reasons she couldn't quite understand as of yet, Megan asked a bit tentatively.

"Yes, Alan?"

He was seriously perplexed. The voice was female and sounded familiar to him but he just couldn't place her.


He couldn't remember giving any female his number recently, unless...

"Are you at the airport?" Tension played in her voice. He sounded unhappy to hear her. Maybe she shouldn't have used his number after all?

"Yes." Whoever this strange female was she somehow knew of his location. This conversation was getting stranger all the time. Who was she? "Who is this exactly?"

She felt so ridiculous in this moment. God, she hadn't even introduced herself properly in her haste. This really wasn't like her.

"This is Megan … Megan Follows." She was a bit nervous now, but she did her best to surge ahead with confidence. There wasn't any reason in letting him know she was blushing from her mistake, or was it the tone of his voice? Shaking her head of her thoughts and chastising herself for letting her mind wander, she barely heard his reply.

"Oh, I apologize. Since I didn't have your number I didn't know it was you." He smiled as he pondered of why she had even called him. Shouldn't she be here already? And if she was why was she calling him? His whole demeanor lightened up once he knew just who he was speaking with. This was a pleasant surprise.

"Shouldn't you be somewhere right about now? If I remember correctly I thought the cast were all flying together today? Unless…"

Dare he tease her? Especially so soon. He didn't want to make her uncomfortable, but she had seemed alright with his brand of humor the first time they had met.

"…this is a more personal matter? Research purposes, perhaps? Did you happen to need some insight into the character of your husband so soon?"

Slightly taken aback and flattered, she cleared her throat before answering.

"I do believe I have analyzed Henry quite well already. I was actually calling because I couldn't reach anyone staff wise. I had to reschedule my flight for later today. It won't affect my shooting schedule, but I wanted to make sure that someone knew. Perhaps you could let them know since you are already there? I would owe you a favor."

"So…Megan Follows would be indebted to me?" He had to admit he loved the idea of that. "What time does your flight leave?"

An idea had formed in his mind. Megan Follows was the queen of Canadian actresses and he had always had the hugest crush on her since her role as Anne not to mention she was a beautiful woman.

"Two o'clock." She had decided to ignore his earlier statement of being indebted to him and powered through, deciding to ignore the flutters in her stomach at his statement. He was probably just being friendly. She wondered if he flirted with every woman as he did her.

"Two o'clock it is then. I'll meet you at the gate." He smirked as he stepped out of line and headed to the ticket desk. The exchange of the ticket would most definitely be worth it.

"Wait, what?" Her voice was a mixture of shock and surprise. He didn't really mean that he would accompany her to Ireland, did he?

"Well, I suppose I could meet you at the front entrance. Or do you need a ride to the airport? I suppose that would be doable with the time constraints, depending on how fast I can get through this line."

He was truthfully trying to be helpful with his suggestion of a ride. Perhaps car problems had kept her from her earlier flight? Whatever it was, he wouldn't let her fend for himself. If there was one thing that he was, it was helpful, especially if the person who he could help was going to be Megan Follows.

Megan, for the first time in years was truly and utterly speechless. Here was a man, a costar who she had only met once, that was acting as if it was the most natural thing in the world to change his flight and had just extended the offer of a ride. She wouldn't accept of course, but it was nice to be valued even if she was unsure of his motives.

"I…As nice as that sounds I'll have to decline that offer. The ride…and as for the changing of your flight that really isn't necessary. I always fly alone."

"Well I make it my business to make sure beautiful women with the name Megan never fly alone. Since you won't need a ride I'll meet you at the gate, Megan, in, oh," Glancing at his watch he estimated. "Around three hours. Don't be late. Traffic was hell to drive in."

Wanting to object again, but a bit off kilter from his starkness and his compliment, she let it ride. He was an adult anyways. He could take any flight he wanted to get to Ireland. She told herself that just because he was being kind to her wasn't any indication of anything else. He was a coworker, after all. They would be working together for months, even years possibly, depending on how the success of the show was. One could never tell with such things.

"I'll see you there then, Alan." After rolling his name off her tongue, she hit the end button before she could come up with anything else to say. There really wasn't anything else to say. She was flying across an ocean with "Mr. Eye Candy", and "Mr. Eye Candy" had just called her beautiful. She was quite giddy at the thought of seeing him again, but she was cautious as well. She would never hear the end of this from Linda if she ever found out, which would most likely happen. It's not like it was some secret, but she could imagine the teasing she would have to endure. Gossip spread like wildfire and she wasn't sure if she was ready for all that. Pushing it out of her mind, she busied herself with her list of things she had to do before leaving for the airport, reminding herself to leave a bit early. She couldn't miss another flight for sure.

After finally getting a hold of Fred about he and Megan's change of flight plans and exchanging his ticket, Alan had busied himself in the coffee shop of the airport before trudging through all the necessary protocols for flights overseas. He now sat waiting for her arrival and what an arrival she did make. Her hair was back away from her face, showing off her beautiful bone structure and the rest of her was…well, she was well presented. Stopping his thoughts, but not his eyes as he walked towards her, he reminded himself she was a coworker AND Megan Follows. He hadn't a chance in the world. Besides, she was probably dating someone. A woman like her couldn't be single for long. He bet the men swarmed to her like bees to honey.

Seeing Alan coming toward her she couldn't help the smile that touched her lips. He was a very handsome man and it had been very nice of him to take the trouble for her. She liked being doted on. It had been a long time since she hadn't been in the company of a male that made her gag at the sight of them.

"Hello, Megan. I see you made in time. I trust the traffic tip was useful." He smiled warmly as he extended his hand to shake hers in greeting.

Shaking his hand confidently, trying not to let the clear attraction that she had for him affect her outwardly, she answered honestly. "It was very helpful, thank you. I left earlier and it was a good thing, too. The roads were terribly jammed. They reminded me of my first time driving in L.A. with my first car."

Before having a chance to answer her back, their flight was called for boarding. This was going to be a long flight with plenty of time to get to know each other. Following Megan on board, they both settled into their seats, hers by the window and his by the aisle, as they waited for takeoff.

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