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Megan took a long look at her reflection in the full-length mirror in the bedroom. She hadn't brought anything particularly date worthy with her so had settled on a black top that she thought showed a nice amount of her chest without being too slutty. Small diamond-like sparkles decorated the neckline, drawing even more attention to her assets. It held at the top by a strap around her neck which left her shoulders and upper back exposed. She had chosen some nice dark wash jeans that were faded around her cheeks, and wore her hair down in the back with just enough scooped onto the top of her head so that her diamond earrings could be seen. After applying her perfume, a drop behind her ear, one between her breasts, and just a daub on her wrists she grabbed her purse from the bed. She had yet to pull her jacket from the closet when she heard the knock on the outer door, but managed to scurry into her heels before answering. She almost stumbled over them in her haste and had to remember to breathe. When she opened the door, she was greeted by a huge smile on the handsome face before her. She tried not to blush when his eyes lingered on her body, examining every inch of her.

"Come in. I just have to grab my jacket. Would you like a drink or something?"

Before she could move he was pushing her back against the door and kissing along her jawline. Small kisses trailed along the sides of her lips until she was all but begging him to stop teasing her. She was surprised when instead of his lips touching hers she felt his forehead lean against her own. His thumb was tracing her lips as their breaths mixed together. His arm wrapped tightly around her waist and her name sounded like a whispered prayer in her ears when he spoke, drawing her eyes to his. A nod of agreement was all he needed from her before his lips replaced his thumb. The kiss was sweet, and long. Neither rushed the other as they just basked in the feeling of being together.

Her hands went around his neck as she felt his hand brushing the bare skin of her back. His teeth gave her lip a soft bite, asking to be let in. Her lips parted for him, and his tongue brushed against hers tenderly. The groan from his throat caused a sudden hunger for him in her soul. Too soon their lips parted, leaving Megan perplexed as to why he was stopping. Her eyes held their question up to him, but her voice was light when she spoke.

"I thought the kissing was supposed to start after the dancing and drinking."

His kisses had ventured over to her ear, and Alan couldn't stop himself from humming.

"I couldn't help myself. I've wanted to do that since yesterday."

The combination of his words and the sweet kisses around her ear only caused the hunger to grow. She couldn't think about anything except the way he felt pressed into her, his arousal so clearly evident.

Oh my, that is…different. What would he think if I…

Alan was pleasantly surprised when he felt Megan's hand slipping between their bodies, but knew if he let her continue they would never leave the room.

Don't let her do that! You know where it will lead, and she isn't just any random woman.

Catching her hand before she could reach her destination, Alan started sucking down her neck. He smiled when she easily complied.

"We need to get going."

He wants to leave. He doesn't want you as much as you want him. He's a male, a very…VERY virile male from the feel of things. You'll become his greatest conquest. Remember who you are before you have nothing to show but cold sheets and a bad reputation.

Even though her mind was screaming at her to rein in the feelings and push him away, her body was acting against her. She offered him more of her neck in the hope he would find that special spot that drove her crazy.


The sound of her question, low and breathy, made Alan slide his hands down to grip her hips.

God, if I could just have those wrapped around me every night I'd…

He groaned when her hand slid up his arms with her nails grazing him. She threw her head back and closed her eyes, her mouth wide as she moaned and shivered.

My, my, Miss Follows, I know you're secret.

Knowing he needed to stop torturing them both, Alan pulled back after giving her a quick bite. He licked across the already fading mark before he could find the will to answer her.

"Because I'm protecting you, remember?"

Megan's eyes opened to see his dark, lust filled orbs starring back at her.

Are you really? You can't already care that much, can you?

Her eyes tried to find some sort of deceit in his, but aside from the lust all she could see was honesty.

"Who do I need protection from?"

Alan gave her cheek a kiss as he let go of her to step away. He could see doubt in her eyes, but why? Did she distrust all men?

Who hurt you so badly, Megan?

He wanted to ask, but he wasn't sure if he wanted to know the answer.


Hiding a sigh at the loss of his hands, Megan spoke as she walked trying to cover up her disappointment and conflicted feelings.

Maybe he is different? Wouldn't that be refreshing?

"Are you really that dangerous?"

When she had grabbed her leather jacket from the closet, and straightened herself out a tad, she turned and asked his opinion with a wave of her hand across the outfit. The tingle in her belly resurfaced when he looked her up and down and licked his lips.

What a man!

When Alan's face finally came back to Megan's, he realized his gawking, but couldn't find it in himself to be ashamed.

"Right now I am."

Her smile and blush was totally worth the way his jeans now uncomfortably hugged him. Before he changed his mind he stepped out of her room and waited for her. When she was sure she had her key and everything she would need for the night, Megan closed her door behind her. Alan's hand took hers, and they walked to the cab he'd called.

Megan slid in first with Alan settling in next to her. The little old man in the front seat mumbled something that they both guessed was supposed to be a greeting, but neither could make out the words. When Megan said "hello" he just pointed to his ears and started driving. Settling back on the seat, she was pleased when Alan put an arm around her shoulders and drew her closer. The arm around her took her hand in his while the other rested on her knee.

Here you are in a taxi with a man you barely know, and you actually want to be back in your motel room while he shows you his skills in certain areas. That mouth of his…what else could he do with it? What else do you want him to do with it?

Alan was lost in similar thoughts as his hand started to absentmindedly make circles on the inside of her knee. Images of bending her over that couch in her room flooded his mind.

What would she have tasted like? Would she have even let me do that to her? I'd sure as hell have tried my best to get her to let me. I wonder how wet she gets when she…?

The shudder of Megan's body brought him back to reality and the dark cab's backseat. He could feel the heat radiating off of her body, and he wondered how such a simple action could cause such an intense reaction. Her breath was short, and he could feel her trying to remain still in the seat. His hand inched higher up her leg along the inside of her thigh as he turned his head to kiss behind her ear before whispering only loud enough for her to hear.

"Is everything alright, Miss Follows?"

Megan could hear the grin in his voice and knew this was a game to him, a dangerous pleasure-filled game. She glanced up at the cab driver, worried that he could be watching them through the rear view mirror, but he seemed more focused on the loud song blaring on the radio. Maybe he did have hearing problems? Even if he didn't, the music was loud enough to be distracting to him, so she decided the coast was clear for a little retribution from his teasing. Sliding her hand onto Alan's knee, she gave him a squeeze before caressing up the inside of his thigh. This time she wasn't stopped as she rested her hand over the clear bulge in his jeans. When she squeezed him, he groaned against her neck.


His voice was full of a warning, but she didn't care. She could tease as well as he could.

"Are you uncomfortable, Mr. Van Sprang?"

Megan, you really don't want to play this with me right now. I'll win every time.

"Other than being very thirsty, Megan, I'm fine. Can you quench my thirst?"

"I don't think that's-"

Megan's reply was cut off in her throat as his hand started pressing into the crotch of her jeans right over her clit. Her hips began arching forward as she tried to press him to move, and his voice, strained and harsh against her neck made her want him even more.

"You're wet already? Mmm, who's uncomfortable now?"

"Alan, please…"

She wasn't even sure what she was asking him for in that moment. This was dangerous. They needed to stop. They were in a cab. Even still, she wanted him desperately. When she felt his hand crawling up to the button on her jeans she could have screamed in frustration.

What is he even going to be able to do now?

Feeling her tense, he kissed he neck tenderly as he reassured her while unzipping her jeans.

"Let me take care of this for you. I promise it'll be worth your time."

His thumb was running from her belly button under her shirt to where her jeans were now unbuttoned as he waited for her answer. As much as he wanted to do this he also didn't want to scare her away. The look in her eyes along with her lips on his gave him the answer he wanted. As her tongue explored his mouth he squeezed his hand down the front of her jeans. Her hand on his bulging manhood cupped tighter as her hips thrust forward. He felt her moan against his tongue as his fingers brushed across her clit. Her free hand was around his neck as she held him to her, trying to remember they weren't alone.

Alan chuckled when he brushed two fingers over her wet opening and she bit him. Although his range of motion inside her jeans was very tight, he was able to easily slide first one then two fingers inside of her. His hand around her waist kept her against his side. Her eyes were closed, and he loved how her brow was crinkled in concentration. He glanced up at the cabbie, but the man remained seemingly unaware of the acts taking place right behind him. Alan started sliding his fingers in and out of her slowly at first as he watched her face change from one of concentration to one of pure need. When her hips started swaying with his movements, he bit down onto her bottom lip. The bite elicited a groan from her and her eyes opened. Those hazel eyes were filled to the brim with her need, and he whispered for her to let him take her there. His hand was faster now as he met her movements. She was so slick and his mouth watered at the thought of tasting her. He could see her trying to hold back her sounds and he couldn't have that. They would be at the pub soon, and she needed to let go. Now!

"Let me feel you cum, Megan."

His lips crushed against hers as his thrusting fingers became erratic. His hand on her hip was so tight she was almost unable to move as her body tensed around him. Megan could feel that she was close, and her hands were now gripping his shirt for dear life. She was mumbling noises into his mouth as her legs tightened around his hand.

Oh God! Holy fuck, when was it ever like this with just a hand?

When she thought she couldn't take anymore pleasure she felt his thumb against her clit. When he pinched her as his fingers continued to fuck her, her body finally reached its breaking point. Alan was certain if he hadn't had his mouth tightly on hers, the poor cabbie would have wrecked from fear. Even as he swallowed the vibrations from her throat, he continued working her through her orgasm, and only when he was sure her spasms had subsided did he pull his fingers from her. Megan watched him through hazy eyes and blushing cheeks as he licked his them clean with a wink and a groan before pulling her back into his side.

"Thanks for letting me quench my thirst, babe."

Megan's senses were still too dulled to question the endearment. Right before they pulled up to the pub she was reminded by Alan with a proud grin that her jeans were still undone and she quickly pulled herself back together. After Alan paid the man, he put a hand on the small of her back and guided her inside.