Upon looking at Marcos Joster's room, you would notice a few things. Books scattered on the ground, swords in an unorganized pile, dragon posters everywhere. A Macbook Pro on a wooden desk. Speakers set up around the room. It may not seem like it, but a lot can be determined about Marcos from these few items. If you would look a little closer, you could see names of couples on the books. They seem to read 'Jopeta', 'Karose', 'Davros', and 'Jadux'. I'm sure if you were honestly interested, you could decipher these names. But the important point is that Marcos is a master Fanfictionalist. Now, you must wonder, was with the swords? They are obviously katanas. That's not all. Mounted on the wall is a full-on samurai suit. Red and gold with all the bells and whistles. It looks way too big for him to wear though, so it is probably memorabilia. The dragon posters obviously dictate that Marcos is in fact interested in flying, fire-breathing reptiles. The Macbook Pro is Marcos' computer of choice because we all know that Windows is for chumps. If you were to check Marcos' browser history, you would find the following videos: watch?v=BmPW4hwNurQ , and watch?v=4Y5iumzN4v4 . As you can tell, Marcos enjoys crappy music remixes and has therefore installed speakers to 'enhance the feeling'.

Now, we could go on explaining this fascinating creature for a while, but this story isn't like Tom Sawyer. Stuff actually happens. Now, Marcos will conveniently wake up in 3 sentences. This day is a special day. Is it Marcos' birthday? No, that would be too cliche. Marcos then woke up, right on time, and noticed the circle on his calendar on December 25. Yes, it's Christmas! Marcos thought to himself, scurrying down the stairs into his front room. He stumbled, almost faceplanting. Luckily, Marcos made it to the bottom of the stairs unharmed. After breathing a sigh of relief, he walked into the kitchen. He took a pot and filled it with milk. Once it successfully heated, he drizzled some Hershey's Chocolate Syrup in and mixed it furiously with a spoon. Then, Marcos put some Peppermint syrup in and mixed it again. He took four mugs out of a cabinet and filled them with the liquid concoction.

Marcos then went down to the Living Room couch and sat down. The only thing he could do without waking anyone up was watch silent TV with closed captioning. Let's see, what's on this morning... Not much I guess. After literally searching every channel they had, he decided to settle with Teen Titans on Cartoon Network. It was 6:32, so Marcos had enough time to catch the beginning of the episode. Raven, the weird hooded demonic girl, had just split into 5 personalities. Everyone was thinking about how to switch her back while Beast Boy was enjoying himself with the part of Raven that swooned over him. Just then, Marcos heard footsteps. Out came his younger brother, Matthew. He was two years younger than the 13-year-old Marcos. Although, unlike most siblings, Marcos and Matthew got along. The two silent greeted each other and sat down on the couch together. Matthew was extremely excited for Christmas, because he didn't know the truth about Santa. He'll see soon enough...

Once his parents had gotten up, around 7:15, they all started to drink the Peppermint Hot Cocoa and opened presents. Marcos had gotten an IPhone 7C, a charger for his Computer along with a portable battery pack, the new Smash Bros 8 for the PC, and a waffle-iron. His brother got a Sword Art Online poster, a fake magical staff, a Macbook Air, and a 20$ Riot Points card. Both of the two had also received an assortment of chocolates, gift cards, and the related stocking stuffers.

Marcos climbed back up to his room to place his new belongings around the area. After setting his stuff down, he was about to go play the new Smash Bros when he noticed a package on his bed. It was in green tissue paper and surrounded with red ribbon. Marcos cautiously pulled the ribbon off and opened the package.

Hello future ancestor,

I don't know what you are named or who you are, but all I can hope it that this package has arrived safely. My colleagues and I have been captured and desperately need to be saved. It will be a dangerous journey filled with adventure and many rewards, but I will warn you that it is very possible that you may die. Of course, I cannot force you into this, and it is your decision to choose whether you go or not, but I will tell you that once you enter the disk and run it, you will not be able to go back. I wish I had more time to explain, but I am barely able to write this and probably don't have much more time before they find out and torture me. There are multiple copies if you wish for your friends to join you, you need at least one other person to join. This game bends reality and makes things possible when they are not. When you join, there will be a floating thing that blinks blue, throw cool stuff into it and it will turn into your guide for the rest of the game.

Your great, great, great grandfather,
John Egbert

Marcos stood, staring at the letter, feelings of confusion, anxiety, and excitement all at the same time. Half of him thought, Are you kidding me? Of course I'll help out someone! I can't just let them die! The other half, however, had doubts about whether this was a genuine letter or not. It could very well be a trap. He weighed the options, but decided it would be much more benevolent to help out someone, rather than ignore the message because of his suspicions. Call me naive, but I'm going to believe him. Quickly, Marcos launched himself onto his office chair and sent a message to his group of friends.

Well guys, this is going to sound crazy, but my greatx3 grandfather sent me a letter and wants me to play this game that will bend the laws of reality in order to save him from a prison in the past. I took a picture of it. Here:

MarcosJ wants to send Image, taken at 2120-5-22 at 10.16.22 AM.

Sounds pretty bogus but I'm going to believe him. Probably my kindness getting the best of me, but whatever. Your choice if you want to play it with me or not. It's probably going to be dangerous, so keep note of that. Anyway, see ya.