It was a quiet night, and despite the fact this was a town not that far away from Tokyo that was not unexpected. This district usually did had quiet nights on a regular basis, the loudest noises coming from the many stray cats roaming around.

"I'm glad things are back to normal." A teen boy said while sitting on his personal balcony, leaning against the walls and looking up at the stars, knowing he and the rest of the world could never look at them the same way again.

There had been many theories and stories about life on other planets in the past, virtually none of which really made a difference in everyday life beyond giving someone something to think about. And just two weeks ago, genuine extraterrestrials had made themselves known to the whole of earth. It was no hoax, no conspiracy theory, no mass delusion, it was real.

And their purpose for coming and telling the entire world about it?

They came to conquer.

And he, Ataru Moroboshi, was selected as the one and only human being who could have stopped them.

For ten days Ataru was tested, with the fate of his culture, species, and planet hinging on his success. And it was only thru sheer luck and some dirty tactics that he managed to succeed just in time. After that, the aliens just left. Good sports if nothing else they were, apparently.

Despite the normality, Ataru could not relax. That was understandable, he had been forced into a situation where absurd barely scratched the surface to him, and despite his victory he was overly ignored. Some people cheered and partied, but the next morning it was like everyone had forgotten his role.

"When people say you get fifteen minutes of fame, I didn't think it was so literal."

In his eyes he had a right to be upset. No one else had done anything, the whole of earth had let him take the burden of their survival without anyone else even entertaining the idea of taking his place or assisting him. Hell, the closest he got to help was his good friend Shinobu Mayake promising to do something for him if he won. And once he won, she took it back, using loopholes, technicalities, pretty much trying to void her own deal. Which basically told the teen boy she probably never intended to keep her word anyway.

Thinking about that left a bad taste in his mouth, so Ataru tried to think of something else. "What was the deal with this whole invasion anyway? Aliens show up to conquer earth but they give us a chance to defend ourselves? By challenging us to a game of tag? And they choose me out of everyone on earth to play the game? And they neither bother telling me ahead of time that their player can fly? And this isn't considered an unfair advantage? And when I actually win, the aliens just leave? Just like that? They came all this way with warships just to leave once a teen boy touched the horns of a girl? And why didn't earth try fighting them during the ten days I played the stupid game? In fact, why did the governments of the world agree to the game in the first place?"

This apparently didn't make him feel any better than thinking about Shinobu's deception had. Probably the one thing making him feel better was the fact that annoying but hot alien girl Lum whom he had been forced to chase down in the game was gone. As if her cheating ability to fly wasn't bad enough, she apparently could use lightning too, as evidenced when she hugged him. Evidently using lightning in the game was an unfair advantage but flying was fair game.

The sound of his doorbell was heard, snapping Ataru out of his thoughts. "Who'd come here?" He asked, getting up. "Maybe it's Ken, I could use some decent company. Or better yet, Shinobu ready to stop evading me."

He went to the door and opened it, seeing the less-than-welcome face of his classmate Kakugari. "Yeah?" Ataru greeted.

Right away Kakugari lunged as if to tackle him, and thanks to his bulk and surprise tactic he succeeded, holding Ataru and pinning him to the floor. "I got him!" He shouted to someone outside Ataru couldn't see.

Right away three more of his classmates came in. Megane, Perm, and Chibi, and they brought in rope and were certainly quick to tie up Ataru, right in his own house nonetheless.

"What the hell is the deal here!" Ataru asked. Apparently no one had thought to bring a gag.

"It's simple Ataru. We want you to bring Lum back to earth." Megane said, holding up a picture of the alien girl he clearly printed off the internet. You could tell by how the girl in the image was clearly posing like a pornographic model.

"Are you guys crazy! Why would you want that? Don't you remember what she tried to do to us?" Ataru yelled.

"It doesn't matter. We never got to meet her and that's just wrong." Megane answered.

"You guys seriously have nothing better to do tonight?" Ataru asked. "Pathetic."

One thing that was incredibly unfair to him was that Lum, the one who wanted Earth to be invaded, had gained more popularity than he had, the one who persevered to save every ungrateful meatbag on this planet. Fanclubs had been made and within hours of her showing up on tv she had become a sexual icon on the internet. Granted Ataru could see why, given her attire and tremendous sex appeal that even he had fallen for briefly, but still! He was the hero and she was the villain! He knew life wasn't fair but if life could get away with being this unfair then what was the purpose of karma?

"She came to you once, she'll do it again. So why did she come to you?" Perm asked.

"I was chosen completely at random." Ataru insisted. 'Is that bad luck demon Shinobu accidentally summoned with the mirrors still around? That might explain this crazy situation.'

"She will come back for you. After all, you bewitched her into loving you." Megane hissed, and all four uninvited guests glared at their captive.

Ataru frowned, knowing what the glasses-wearing goon was referring to. Shinobu's method of encouraging Ataru to win was agreeing to marry him if he did, or in short making it okay for them to have sex without hassle from their families over it. It worked, but when Ataru expressed joy over the terms of winning Lum happened to hear and misinterpret, assuming he was actually proposing to her instead. And by some kind of crazy form of illogical logic, she had actually agreed to it. Of course, before anything could happen Lum had to leave with the rest of her race and was forbidden from taking any earthlings with her lest the onis violate the agreement, but she promised to come back some day very soon under perfectly legit terms. And knowing earth's recent actions, no one would stop her.

"Let's call it a cultural misunderstanding." Ataru attempted.

"Either way, she intends to come back someday to you. And if we control where you are, she's bound to come to us first." Megane reasoned.

Lights outside started getting brighter, and the sound of a vehicle was heard overhead.

"Looks like that happened a little sooner than expected." Chibi noted.

'This can't be.' Ataru worried.

Megane quickly opened the door and went outside, followed by the others except Ataru. Above the house they saw a yellow UFO and smiled. "She's back! She's back!" They all cheered.

A beam of light appeared and from it emerged a green-haired beauty in a tiger fur bikini. But she did not look as happy to be here as they had anticipated. Also she was carrying what looked like a black ball the size of a soccer ball.

"Lum! You came to us!" Megane shouted happily, rushing to her as if to hug her.

Immediately she jumped over him and flew into the Moroboshi house, not seeing the four boys at all. "Darling! It's me! I need your-" She started, speaking like she was trying to catch her breath, only to stop when she saw him struggling to stand up while tied up. "Who did this to you?"

'Might as well get some revenge.' Ataru thought. "The four guys outside did this to me because they hate me."

Lum frowned and looked outside, seeing the four aforementioned guys in the doorway. "You did this to my Darling?"

"We had to be sure you'd come to us. Now Lum-" Megane started.

Lum pointed at them. "Suffer!" She shot lightning at all of them, and they were blown clear out of the Moroboshi property. The neighbors weren't going to be happy though. And neither were Ataru's parents considering the door frame could a few singe marks on it.

Once done Lum collapsed on her hands and knees, dropping the ball and letting it roll while she struggled again to breathe normally.

"Lum?" Ataru asked, and while he barely liked the girl he could tell she was not well and Ataru was definitely not heartless to women.

"Darling, I'm in trouble. I need your help." She managed to ask while panting.

Ataru frowned. "After everything you did, you expect me to just help you with something? No freaking way!"

"You need to. Your life is in danger too."

"Too?" Ataru asked.

"Yes, you see, more was going on in the invasion plan then you knew. And apparently there were things I didn't know either. I... I..." She phased out and fully collapsed. "I'm so tired." She managed to get out before passing out.

'Great, now what do I do?' Ataru asked himself, hoping the answer wouldn't be what he knew it was.

With no other choice, he did the only thing he could do. He got himself free of the ropes by chewing his way out, then getting the alien girl onto the couch so she could be comfortable.

"You better be grateful you little cheater. If I was a worse person I could put you outside or even have my way with you right now." He said to her even though he knew she couldn't hear him. He then glanced to the black ball she brought with her and lightly kicked it away. "And what did you bring this time?"

A sound he could only describe as small gears moving, and a small green glowing strip appeared on the top and around the sides, and the sides pulled apart. The ball was opening up and glowing inside.

Ataru panicked. "What is this? Oh this better not be some kind of probe."

Once open the glow subsided and the teen could look inside. He saw nothing dangerous, rather he saw something that looked rather harmless. A small black device shaped like a cylinder with a circular screen on the center that sported a green hourglass symbol. Four grey wires were on it too, forming a sort of X shape, and between two wires there was a small green circle that greatly resembled a button.

"Doesn't look like a probe." He said to himself, leaning closer to get a better look.

As if sensing his presence, the device beeped and, thru means he could not explain, jumped out at him, specifically aiming for his arm. Faster than his reflexes, the device opened up and latched onto his left forearm, and a feeling of suction was felt on his skin, as if the thing was more than just being worn. It was attaching itself to him.

"Get it off! Get it off!" He yelled, waving his arm as if to shake it off then trying to pry it off with his own fingers. Neither of which worked at all. He went into the kitchen and got a small spatula from a drawer, trying to pry the device off. It still would not bulge. "Lum! Wake up and get your freaky alien watch off me now!"

The alien girl only slept.

Groaning, Ataru leaned against a wall and looked at the thing. "Great, knowing her this is some kind of tracking device." He tapped the button and to his surprise the screen lifted up, creating a turnable knob. "Okay, this seems like more than just a tracking device. What does it do?"

The hourglass screen shifted, turning into a green diamond with a black silhouette of a humanoid figure appeared. "Weird." He said, turning the rim a bit. The silhouette changed into what looked like a four-legged animal. "Still weird." He turned it again and saw something that looked like a dinosaur. "What's the point of this? I see strange things and then what?" He tapped the screen and it did nothing, and in frustration pushed down on it, and this time it responded.

A click sound was heard and the next thing Ataru knew the skin around his left hand was bulging in a sickly manner, and it was spreading swiftly to the rest of his body. He felt his body changing against his will, responding to a force he could only describe as alien, briefly forcing him to close his eyes. And just as quickly as it came, it was over.

What the heck happened to me?" He asked. "My voice. This isn't my voice." His voice sounded raspier, like a lizard might if it could talk. He looked at his hands, and saw he had three claw-like fingers on each hand, which were now black while his arms were a dark cyan blue. And he could see spines sticking out of his elbows.

"I need a mirror." He said then tried to rush up to the restroom upstairs. He went fast, much faster than he was ready for, and tripped on the stairs. "That... was not fun." He moaned, then got up. He looked at his feet and saw they were reptilian too, but they ended with wheels. "Wheels? What creature could possibly have wheels for feet?" He saw a tail too, black with blue stripes. "Okay, so I look like a dinosaur on wheels now. What's the point?"

An idea came to him. "Hmm... maybe I can give those idiots a surprise."

He went outside, again going faster than anticipated and nearly ran into the wall around his yard. On reflex he turned and skidded to a stop.

"Wow, this body is fast. Really fast." He said to himself, then grinned. "Let's see how fast." Crouching his legs, he got ready like a track start might, then took off, rushing out in a dark blur that could barely be seen in the night.

'This is awesome!' He thought as he kept running in the streets. Apparently his vision worked to help him see while moving, as he had no tunnel vision and could see ahead of him far enough to know what he would otherwise run into. Also a visor appeared out of nowhere to cover his face, suggesting he was wearing a helmet of sorts. Now that he thought about it, that might explain the details of his eyesight now.

Up ahead he saw something he was glad to see. 'A bunch of girls in skirts. Normally I wouldn't do this, but I'm too fast and they wouldn't recognize me anyway.' His mind made up, Ataru increased the speed and ran right past them, close enough to use the air moved up by him to blow up their skirts and give him a glimpse of their panties.

'Nice, but over way too quickly. Oh well, not like I can only do it just once.' He said before turning down a different street to circle around and do it again. This time however, he made the mistake of stopping to look at the results longer.

"It's another alien!" One of the women yelled when they saw the blue-black raptor stand and look at them.

'I could try to convince them not to be afraid, or I could run before they try anything.' He thought. 'Running seems the more effective idea.' With that he simply fled from the scene, no idea where he was going just getting away from there.

He ran endlessly, and at some point no longer recognized where he was. "Okay, maybe I ran a little too far." He stopped and got a better look at his surroundings, which were nothing but trees and a pathless grass-covered ground. "Please tell me I ended up in Tomobiki Park." There was no one around to answer him. "Great, all the speed in the world and no sense of direction. I could be outside Tokyo or even Kanto for all I know. Oh well, I'm sure I can-"

A repeated beeping sound cut him off, coming from his chest, and after a few beeps he failed to count, everything went white for a moment and Ataru was back to his ordinary human self.

"Well, I'm glad I'm normal again, but now what do I do?" He lamented, checking the screen for answers only to see the hourglass was now red. "Lum!"

Back in the Moroboshi house, the oni girl was starting to wake up. "Ugh... what a day." She moaned as she sat up and rubbed her eyes then looked around, still looking really tired. "Darling?"

She did not see him. But she did see the black ball was open and empty. That shocked her more awake. "Oh no. Where is it?" She quickly flew around, checking every corner of the lower level of the house on an adrenaline rush, and got no sign of the device or the human resident. "Darling? Darling?!"

Fearing the worse she flew into her spaceship and went to the main computer of it. "Where is Darling? Where did he go?"

"Please be more specific." The computer requested.

"Darling, AKA Ataru Moroboshi, was last seen inside the building below us. Has anyone left the premises before me?" Lum asked, getting annoyed.

"Visual records show four humans being forcefully ejected from the building, and a Kineceleran exiting the building at a quick pace before you departed." The computer responded.

Lum put her hand on her forehead. 'He did it, Darling's got the omnitrix.' "Track him down. Surely you can do that."

"Why not simply call him on those portal devices humans call cell phones?" The computer asked.

Lum blinked then smiled. "Good idea. Look into public human records to find the number to reach him."

"Is that permitted by earth laws?" The computer asked.

"It is if you use that thing they call Google to do it." Lum answered.

"C'mon, answer dammit!" Ataru stressed as he dialed a number on his phone.

"Hello?" A male voice asked.

"Ken, I need help buddy. I'm stranded somewhere and you're the only one I know who has a car. Can you pick me up?"

"I guess. Where are you?"

"That's just it, I don't really know." Ataru admitted.

The other end was quiet for a moment. "You don't know where you are? Ataru, you're not blind. How hard can it be to locate something around you?"

"I'm in what I'm hoping is a park right now, only I'm not sure it's in Tomobiki." Ataru added.

"You're not even in Tomobiki? Dude, how did you get there to begin with?" Ken asked.

"I jogged."

"You jogged?" Ken asked, skeptical.

"Can you come get me or not?" Ataru asked.

Ken sighed. "I suppose I can, but if it's far you owe me gas money. Just find out exactly where you are then call me back."

"Thanks Ken." Ataru said then hung up, putting his phone in his pocket.

Walking thru the park, or at least he hoped it was a park, Ataru looked back at the device by his wrist. "Okay, so it looks like a watch but it allows someone to shapeshift. And judging from the icons, into more than just one thing. So was that an alien I turned into? Lum was bringing me something that could turn me into an alien? Was this some kind of dowry to her?"

He thought it over a bit. "But she did look really tired when she showed up. That lightning blast while strong looked weaker than the ones I saw her use after that race. She almost looked like she was escaping from something. So why come here? And why specifically bring this with her into my house?"

His phone started ringing. 'Must be Ken again.' He immediately thought then pulled his phone out and clicked to answer the call. "Hello?"

"Darling? Is that you?"

He froze and almost dropped the phone. "Lum? How did you get this number?"

"I looked it up. Listen, you don't happen to have something attached to you, do you?" She asked.

"You mean a watch that changes me into aliens instead of telling time? No, nothing like that." He answer sarcastically.

"Listen Darling, you need to be careful with this thing. I'll be happy to tell you more, just tell me where you are." She asked.

'Well, a spaceship would be quicker than a car, and I wouldn't have to pay for gas, I hope.' He thought. "Fine, but I don't know where I am. Can't you track the watch or something."

"Sorry, any tracking function the device had was disabled to make pursuers have a harder time finding it. I could probably track your phone, but that might take a moment since my technology has a hard enough time recognizing yours."

"Well better hurry up. I don't want to be out here all night."

"No you don't, since some things followed me here to this planet for that thing."

Ataru practically jumped. "NOW YOU TELL ME?!"

He had to stop his rant when he saw a red dot on his body, one very characteristic of a sniper taking aim from what he'd seen in movies.

Right away he ducked to the ground, and a laser passed over him. "LUM! I'M BEING ATTACKED!"

"I'm on my way Darling! I will find you!" She said just as desperately. "Just don't hang up!"

Ataru looked up and saw a hovering machine come to him. It looked damaged but deadly, like it had crashed but hadn't broken. And it wasn't alone, it was accompanied by similarly damaged machines. And each was now pointing their red dots right at his left wrist.

"Lum, those things you said were following you, I think they found me." Ataru said into his phone.

"It's okay, I think I found you too. Don't worry, they won't risk damaging the omnitrix. Just..." She trailed off.

The red dots moved to Ataru's forehead. "But the rest of me is perfectly fine to damage." He groaned, and saw the screen was green again. Right away he pushed the button and got the first step working. "Please let there be something on here that's laserproof." He pressed before he could see what the silhouette was and changed.

Green spikes immediately emerged around his arm and spread everywhere, like some kind of alien hedgehog. The spikes got thicker and blended together, becoming more like armor than quills, and engulfed his entire body. It even felt like the change was internal, like his organs were becoming solid materials and fusing with the rest of him.

Seeing the change the robots fired, but to Ataru's relief his new body was indeed laserproof. They deflected off his chest since he was now taller and pierced some trees. Ataru glanced at his hands and saw they were made out of a shiny light green mineral.

"Wow, I'm made of diamonds. I think." He clenched a fist and it morphed into a sharp spike. "And I can shape my own body. Oh this should be fun."

The robots fired again, and Ataru charged in, unaffected by the lasers, and swung his sharp spike like a sword at one of them. He made contact and sliced the machine in half. "Hah! You guys are scrap compared to me!"

The hovering robots pulled back and looked like they were fleeing. Grinning, Ataru gave chase, deciding to have more fun. The robots stopped in an open area, specifically a street where a lot of people could see them and panicked, not seeing the walking gemstone golem just yet. The robots then moved into specific positions and moved their parts around, until they all combined into a damaged and incomplete bigger robot. One that stood like a tripod, had one arm but likely was missing the other, and a head that looked similar to an insect.

"Oh, just my luck." Ataru said. People were screaming and running, and a few actually threw things at the robot. Only for it to start shooting at them and blowing things up. Ataru got infuriated at seeing it target innocents too just because they were there. "Okay, now I'm mad."

A little boy screamed, and Ataru did what most decent people would do. When the robot tried to shoot the kid, Ataru got in the way and used his arm as a shield, stopping the laser. His arm was undamaged but it looked a little burnt, telling him he wasn't completely invulnerable in this form.

"Who... are you?" The kid asked. "Are you with the Super Sentai?"

"Run to your parents kid. I've got this." Ataru told the boy, who nodded and fled. People could see Ataru standing up to the robot and watched from a distance, many recording this on their cameras.

The mechanical beast shot at the morphed teen again, and this time Ataru jumped away. It fired again as soon as he landed, making jumping again difficult, thus he was more blown away. He landed on his back and the robot jumped on top of him, pinning him down.

'Okay it doesn't have to kill me now, just wait for this thing to time out then it can kill me.' Ataru noted. Unable to free his arms, Ataru tested to see if he could make his whole body sharper. The result was growing spines everywhere like some kind of crystal sea urchin, which pierced thru the metal.

The robot stepped away, trying to preserve what was left of it's integrity, allowing its captive to stand again. The machine's one hand morphed it into a spinning claw, like it intended to drill into the diamond creature. Not wanting to chance it, Ataru made both arms sharp and swung at it. The two collided and both limbs broke apart, but Ataru felt no pain.

"I better still have both hands when I go back to normal." He said to himself, and as if commanded his diamond hands regrew. "Oh, that makes this better."

"Take him down diamond-headed guy!" The same boy cheered.

"Diamond-headed guy?" Ataru repeated, blocking a punch from the robot. "Would it have killed you to be a little more creative?"

A compartment opened on the robot's chest and the head of a missile poked out. "Oh you got to be kidding me!" The transformed teen complained. He thrust his arm at the missile, hoping to damage it before it fired, and to his surprise rather than extend his arm shot projectiles in the form of shards. The shards hit the missile and it started to shake, like it was going to explode before launching.

"Everybody run!" Ataru shouted to those still around, and they did so, some of them still trying to get this on their phones. Ataru himself backed away too.

The robot exploded with a lot of force, but luckily no one was hurt by it. The same couldn't be said for the road or nearby buildings, but they could be repaired.

"Well, glad that's done." Ataru said to himself.

All around him people were cheering for him like he was a hero. He had to admit it felt nice, even if everyone was calling him Diamondhead now instead of 'diamond-headed guy'. He waved and took in the praise.

Then Lum's UFO appeared, and not a moment too soon as the hourglass crest on his chest was starting to beep again. She seemed to recognize him despite his new appearance and beamed him up, just before he was exposed as a human.

Ataru was normal again inside her spaceship. "Lum, what did you bring to my house?" He demanded.

"It's a long story Darling, but it's one you need to know now."