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Chapter 1: First Reaction

Grandma Weir stirred a pot of simmering chocolate in the kitchen. "Benny!" she called across the house.

"Yeah?!" the boy in question replied. He was comfortably hunkered down in the living room, his nose in a book. Unfortunately, the book was in Latin, and Benny did not know Latin. He liked to pretend he did, but he didn't, so he had no idea what he was reading. He hoped that if he read it enough, the answers to how to read it would suddenly present themselves. It never really occurred to him to look up the words online or anything. Didn't they have translation sites? Suddenly, Benny felt very stupid and a bit exasperated. How come he didn't think of a website before?

"Get in here!" Grandma ordered, slapping her wooden spoon on the edge of the metal pan. The clang was muted, but still very audible for the teenage boy in the next room. He had heard that sound before, right before his grandma turned him into a frog for an evening because he procrastinated when she called. He hopped up and was in the kitchen as fast as his ridiculously long legs could carry him.

"Yeah?" he asked, ducking his head around the doorway. He wanted a chance to duck if she planned on hurling anything at him.

"You going to the mall with Ethan today?" she asked, spoon once again swirling the milk chocolate.

"Yeah, we were going to get Zombie Ninjas III today," his voice rose a pitch in excitement, all his unfounded fears about his grandma dissolving. He walked into the kitchen and his lips split in a wide grin.

So did Grandma, but more sweetly and for a different reason. "While you're there, would you mind picking up a book for me?"

"Sure." Benny's eyes drifted toward the stove, wondering what his grandma was cooking. Whatever it was, it smelled delicious. "What's it called?"

"Oh, I just need a Latin Dictionary. I was going to give it to-"

Benny zoned out after he heard the word "Dictionary" and he looked at the clock. He was already ten minutes late getting out the door! "Oh no," Benny yelped, jolting and causing his grandma to jump. He kissed her on the cheek, barely registering that she was still talking to him. "Love you, Grandma. Gotta go. Bye."

"Benjamin!" Grandma Weir yelled to his disappearing back.


Benny ground to a halt in front of the mall carousel. The horses spun up and down to a song with exactly four measures on constant repeat. Ethan was leaning against a pillar, arms crossed, and looking thoroughly ticked off. "Dude," Benny huffed. He could barely breathe. Thankfully, Ethan saw him and walked over, annoyance fading.

"You okay?" he asked.

"Can't… breathe…" Benny puffed, only slightly exaggerating. He took a couple more minutes to steady his heart rate and straightened out. "So? What'd I miss?" Ethan had been convinced to go the mall with his mom and sister, but only because his mom promised to give him the money for Zombie Ninjas III. Benny figured he'd spent the morning watching them go through clothes in the department stores.

Ethan rolled his eyes. "Me getting ready to bash my brains in. Let's get the the game store all ready." He turned and they started walking. Benny couldn't convince him to elaborate, which annoyed him greatly. He wanted to hear his best friend whine just so he could laugh until his sides hurt.

The duo ended up talking about the possibilities of the game-Zombie Ninjas II had such a cliffhanger!-and where they were going to play when they got back home. Fortunately, they managed to get the very last copy of the game in the store.

"I'm telling you-Wait." Benny stopped short, right by the fountain. "Darn. I forgot. We have to stop by the bookstore. Grandma needs me to pick up a dictionary." They made a U-turn, Ethan falling into step with practiced ease.

They entered the bookshop, carefully hidden in a remote corner of the mall so that only people who were really interested in books could find it. Ethan was quickly distracted by the comics, and, even though Benny wanted to join him, he had promised his grandma that he would pick up the dictionary, so he sighed and moved on.

"Dictionary, dictionary," he muttered to himself, eyes scanning the shelves as quickly as he could. Eventually, he found a paperback copy of a Latin to English dictionary. It seemed like it was just his day, because there was only one copy left on the shelf. Then, the most cliche thing in the history of all cliches happened, and Benny knew it was an icky cliche the second it happened. Benny reached for the book and his hand collided with someone else's.

This someone else, big surprise, happened to be a girl, probably about Benny's age. Her hair was a dark, almost dirty shade of blonde, her skin was had the slight tan of being outside too much, and when Benny turned to look at her, he saw that her eyes were a shockingly bright blue. "Sorry," she said quietly.

"It's okay," Benny replied, smiling. "You can have it."

The girl simply stared at him, then turned on her heel and walked away, leaving the book on the shelf. "No thanks," she called back.

Benny remained in the aisle, staring at the direction she had gone, when Ethan found him. He sighed and picked up the dictionary. "BENNY!" he shouted, making sure he was close to his ear. However, he was smart enough not to shout loud enough to get the attention of an employee.

Benny didn't even wince. "I feel funny… " he said, which was true. His heart was racing, his palms were hot, and regret the size of Michigan laid heavy on his heart. Why didn't he ask for her name?! He'd flirted with dozens of girls at school with ease, but this girl was possibly the most beautiful he'd ever seen, and he couldn't say a word.

Ethan sighed. "Okay. Let's buy this and go."

They made their way to the checkout, then out the door, then walked their way to the bus stop, and Benny just acted like a zombie the entire time. Even once they were on the bus, all he did was stare out the window, and nothing Ethan could say or do would snap him out of it.


Benny and Ethan walked through the door, the former's head very much in the clouds. "Grandma!" Ethan called, guiding Benny through the front door. Benny's eyes were glazed over, but he could sense Ethan's desire to whack him.

"In here, Ethan! I have someone for you guys to meet!" Grandma Weir called from the kitchen.

Ethan smiled, probably hoping for brownies. He could devour trays of Grandma's brownies. He effectively maneuvered the still comatose Benny through the living room.

Benny stopped dead in the kitchen doorway, and Ethan couldn't convince him to move another step. "Uhhh… Benny," he said, waving his hand in front of his friend's eyes only for it to be looked through and ignored. Benny was far more interested in the fourth person in the house; a girl with long dirty blonde hair in a messy braid and striking oceanic eyes.

"Hi, I'm Deloria Mitchell," said the voice of the girl. "Looks like we're going to be foster siblings." She smiled at Benny politely and held out her hand. Somehow, he felt like he was lying in a coffin, and the final nail had just pounded itself in.

End of Chapter.

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