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Thank you to csi cameron for tracking down the artist of said picture!

And this is what happens when I'm supposed to be studying for finals at three in the morning.

Panting, Elsa spun around as the Duke's men entered the grand room of her palace. The nearest one raised his loaded crossbow as her stomach dropped.

"No," she begged, raising her hands. "Please!"

The sound of the arrow being released echoed loudly in her eardrums. She drew her arms close to protect herself and tensed. Panting and, when she felt no pain, her eyes snapped open with a gasp.

A wall of ice had formed in front of her face, protecting her from the blow that would have killed her. Her attention snapped to the men as they circled her, reloading their weapons.

"Stay away!" She shouted, flinging her hands in their direction. A small, spiked wall of ice formed, one that they dodged easily. Panting with distress, her attention snapped to her left as the man readied his crossbow.

"Fire, fire!"

Ice left her hand in a stream, forcing the man to duck before he could shoot. She turned to the other man, both hands shooting ice towards him, ice that forced him to roll out of the way as well.

Panting as both men righted themselves, she frantically looked between them, arms held up protectively. Anger welled inside her as they once again prepared to shoot her. She'd told them to stay away! Why couldn't they just leave her alone!

As the man to her left aimed again, her hand lashed out, creating spikes that pinned him to the wall. Noise from behind her saw her flicking out her hand to knock the crossbow out of the second man's hands.

As he tried to dash away, she boxed him in with walls of ice before creating a wall that began to push him towards the balcony doors. Furious now, she pressed hard, sending both man and ice crashing through the doors.

As the man suddenly darted around the wall and towards his weapon, her anger reached its peak and she flung out both hands.

"Stay away!"

The spikes erupted along the floor and the walls, colliding and spearing through cloth and tender flesh. A warm spray of blood followed, coating the floor and splashing across her front.

Panting furiously, she turned towards the stairway as the sound of footsteps echoed around the now red-tinted ice.

"Queen Elsa!" Prince Hans called, only to jerk to a sudden halt. Wide eyed, he and the soldiers stared in horror at the sight before them.

Queen Elsa stood facing them before the shattered doorway, a new blizzard roaring behind her. Blood covered the ice under and before her with the impaled bodies of the Duke's men the source. Blood had splashed across her face and part of her dress, making her eyes glow in the red light.

Panting softly, she raised a blood-stained hand as luminous blue eyes gazed at them coldly.

"I said... Stay. Away."

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