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"You have a new mission" was the first thing Komui said when Kanda and Lavi entered his room.

"So what's up" Lavi answered and made a smile.
While handing over the papers to Kanda and Lavi, Komui started explaining what the mission was about:

"There seems to be a Freak show in England called 'A. Freak' (A-dot freak), we've been receiving information from Finders that they have put Akumas on display. The Akumas are sealed so they shouldn't cause harm, but we want you to eliminate them, so they won't do no harm when they happen to break free. The show goes all around England, and have been doing that for many years.
They should have a show in London in about 2 days. Make sure to get there"

Komui sounded very serious, like he didn't want any innocent people knowing, what an akuma is, well that was understandable.
Lavi was happy that he got an new mission, so he could skip the time being with Panda-jiji.
Kanda then again wasn't so happy he had to go on a mission with the red-head who just wouldn't shut up. But a mission is a mission.

The next day Kanda and Lavi left the Black Order and took the train to London, where the Freak show appeared to be the next day. When they got out of the train, Finder Toma was waiting for them at the station. As they walked to the center of London, Toma explained where and when the show would be.
"We should go and watch the show and after the show we go to the backstage asking if we can take a closer look at the Akumas, wouldn't seem so suspicious, right Yuu-chan" said Lavi making a silly face while watching at Kanda, giving off an "Please price me master" face.
Kanda looked at mugen "Right.". They didn't seem like they needed help, so Toma left for an other mission.

Time went on and the show started. Kanda wasn't so happy that he was dragged in to watch a stupid show, while he could have waited outside, or sneaked in and killed the Akumas. Lavi again was very happy to take a break from the mission and enjoy the show.

The Akumas were brought in to the scene and the audience screamed in fright "What is that thing". So the Finders were right, they had Akumas here. And many of them. There were a couple of Level 2, one Level 1 and one Level 3. But they were all sealed up, so they couldn't move. Though the boxes they were sealed in were shaking and you could hear a small screams.
"They do no harm" the owner screamed "Look, the truth of our world"
"That man is crazy, how can he know about Akumas?" Lavi started to seem pissed, looking down at the owner whom seemed very pleased, probably because he got a lot of money because of these shows.

The show ended and Lavi and Kanda walked to the backstage and asked for the owner. The owner came to them with open arms.

"I see I see you're interested and want to take a closer look? Come in, come in, but remember do not be disturbed by anything, and do not touch anything, it's my treasure"

They walked in to this dark room filled with sealed Akumas, they looked angry, like they were screaming for something. Kanda noticed that there was something in the middle of the room, that was no seal, it was a cage. "What is that?"
"Oh, it's one of my treasures, it wasn't shown in the show, it's the cursed boy"
As they walked closer to take a look, they could hear the boy sing:

"Oh lord Millenium is looking for his heart, heart full of gold is nowhere to be found.
I think you stole it, let me cut you open, to see if I was right.
I didn't have it, his heart full of gold, you didn't need to cut me down.
But there are many others, that will be sacrificed, but who really stole his heart?"

The boy had white hair and gray eyes, that shifted light blue in the light. He had a weird shaped scar on his left eye, and his left hand was ugly, red and miss formed, like a monsters hand.
The boy seemed lifeless, he was singing with a weak voice, the voice sounded broken, you really had to listen to understand what he was singing. As Kanda looked closer, the boys' left eye was black with red circles and a red dot in middle, moving around like crazy, like it wasn't a part of the boys' body. The eye seemed to be searching for something.

Kanda turned fast around to Lavi, who seemed to be very shocked. He held his hand covering his moth. "Allen, is that really…you?"
You could see that Lavis hands and legs were shacking like he would have seen a ghost.
"Do you know this boy? He doesn't seem much younger than us" Kanda screamed at Lavi.

Lavi just nodded.

"But how, he had brown hair, and he didn't have a scar on his eye, nor was his left eye like that". They both turned to the owner who just laughed.

"You two know this kid? I don't think so, I've took him in 7 years ago" the owner shock his head with a smile, denying what they said.

"But, Allen travelled around with his father, that's how I met him, when I was travelling around with Jiji"
Lavi was confused, he had just found his lost childhood friend that disappeared many years ago.

"Sorry kid, I found him half dead in an ally, no father what-so-ever" the owner said.
"But if you excuse me, you may have a closer look, but I have business to do, and get the hell out of here when you're finished, and don't touch him, his my property"

Kanda took a grip around his mugen, and almost flew away killing the sealed Akumas around them. Lavi was too shocked to even move. But after all the Akumas were killed, and Kanda returned beside Lavi, Allens eye calmed down and returned being gray.
"Should we, take him with us" Kanda asked Lavi. Lavi just nodded. They broke the cage and asked Allen to stand up. Allen just looked at them, but he collapsed.

"This takes too much time" Kanda whispered with a pissed voice. He grabbed his arm around Allen and held him over his shoulder. The boy was really skinny, like he hadn't eaten for years.
Allen rested on Kandas shoulders, he got a warm feeling that he would be safe from now on, and Allen drifted off to dreamland…

Lavi walked behind Kanda, they had taken the train and was just about to enter Black Order.
"What are we going to say to Komui?" he asked.
"That we found someone who may have innocence" Kanda answered.

They took the underground way in to the Order.
They got a warm welcome hug from Lenalee, who was expecting them at the door.
Lavi gladly accepted the hug, but Kanda denied, it was too much of a trouble for him and he was caring Allen on his shoulders.
Lenalee ran behind Kanda, observing the white haired boy he was caring.
"Who's this" Lenalee asked, making a exited face.
"Someone we found while we were on our mission" Lavi answered to her.

They walked up to Komuis room. While they were there they reported their mission and what exactly had happened, and why Allen was with them.
Komui made a serious face, like he was angry. But at the same time you could see in his eyes that he was exited to get to take a closer look at Allens left arm.

Two weeks had passed, and Allen finally woke up. He rolled around the bed he was lying in and looked around the room. Where was he? How did he get out of the cage?
There was someone other in the room. A tall man with long blue hair.
The man noticed that he had woken up and walked towards him and sat down on the bed

"So how are you feeling?" the man asked.

"I- uh… have a headache. Where am I? Who are you?" Allen answered covering his forehead with his hand

"I'm Kanda, I'm an exorcist. We're in the Black Order HQ, a home for the exorcists." Kanda answered and gave Allen a small smile. "Would you like something to eat? You probably want some medicine against your headache."

Kanda stood up and turned towards Allen, offering an hand.

"Somehow I get the feeling you don't do this very often" Allen giggled.

"Well it's not like I can be mad and angry at someone who's been through a lot" Kanda said and looked away like he was embarrassed. "Thank you Kanda" Allen smiled and took Kandas hand and tried to stand.

"It appears you are still too weak to walk, or should I say, your legs are still sleeping" Kanda said with a comforting face. He picked up Allen and carried him like a princess to the hall where everybody ate. Allen was too embarrassed and covered his face.

"Oh god, I wish nobody saw me right now" he thought.
As they came to the hall there were many finders and exorcists sitting around tables sharing their stories of their adventures. They almost seemed shocked when Kanda walked in caring Allen like a princess.

He put Allen down to sit in front an empty table.
"What would you like to eat" Kanda asked.
"A-anything is fine" Allen said and shock his head. Allen could feel how others were staring at them, was it really so weird for Kanda to act like this?

Lavi walked in to the room and noticed Allen sit alone at a table. He ran fast to the table and sat next to him. "Hi, Allen remember me?" Allen looked up and noticed Lavi, he was wondering first who the hell the red head was but remembered. "Lavi? You're here too, how have you been" Allen said, he sounded happy. Lavi was a bit concerned when he heard how happy Allen sounded, like nothing would have happened these past years.

"Yea, I've been super, you know." Lavi answered. "But may I ask you, how did you get. There."
Kanda came back and sat beside Allen. "Here you go" he said and gave Allen bread, some hard boiled eggs and juice and fruits.
Allen thanked him and looked down on his food.

"Well, 7 years ago, Mana, kind of died…And…" Allen was shaking, he got quiet, but suddenly
"Well, I was sad and someone found me in an ally and before I know it I was sitting in a cage, known as the cursed boy, many things happened, I just don't really want to talk about them…yet"

Lavi looked confused and had a sad look at Allen, he couldn't blame him for having such a shitty past. But what was it he was trying to hide something, and what about his hair and the scar?
Kanda didn't say anything, if Allen didn't want to tell, then so be it.

Later that day Allen got called by Komui, of course Kanda had to carry him there.
They were about to meet Hevlaska.
Allen panicked when Hevlaska grabbed him and lifted him up in the air. He almost screamed in fright.

"I won't do no harm, so please" Hevlaska said with a calm voice.
"I-i-innocence. 5%, 25%, 35%,56%, 83%"Hevlaska counted and lifted him down. "Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you"

"In the future of darkness, you will have to play the role of the Destroyer of Time"
Komui and Kanda seemed surprised but Allen didn't understand what was going on.
"So he really had innocence, and he can control it by 83%" Kanda turned towards Komui, asking what's going on.
"So it seems, and a important role, so we may win this war. At A. Freak, they probably fed him so little food so he couldn't activate his arm."

But just what does fate hold in Allen Walkers future? And how bad is Kanda going to get in this mess?

Welcome to Black Order. Allen Walker.

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