A little bonus for you guys ;)
This story has nothing to do with the story.

"What if the characters came to know that someone wrote a fanfiction about them"

Allen walked in to the scientists office with Lenalee.
Lenalee had made some coffee to everyone and Allen was helping her bringing the coffee to them.

After handing out the coffee, Allen walked to the lobby where Lavi sat on a couch with a laptop on his legs.
Kanda was training in the room next to the Lobby.

Suddenly Lavi burst out laughing pointing at the screen.

"What is it?" Allen asked Lavi having a question-mark on his face.

"Allen lying on the bed, Kanda slipped his hand under Allens shirt and licked Allens neck" Lavi said while laughing, Lavi almost couldn't breath because of the laughter.

"What the hell" Allen shouted and ripped the computer out of Lavis hands, reading some more.

"Allen was looking at Kandas hot body and he ******* and *********...*****...***..."
Allens face became white, what the hell was this. Who would write such indecent things about him. Well fuck did he care about Kanda.
But who would pare him with Kanda.

Lavi just giggled and slammed his hand to his leg a couple of times.
Allen glared at Lavi and clicked something.

"Lavi pressed his head against Lenalees chest and Lenalee blushed. "Lavi-san, what are you doing"..." Allen shout out loud.

Lavi stopped laughing. Kanda looked outside from the training room. Lavi, did what?

The silence broke when they could hear a chainsaw being started somewhere near the lobby. Slowly Komui walked in to the room.
"You did WHAT?"

This is why you should never show your fanfiction to the characters.

Kanda and Allen walked hand in hand.

Suddenly a fly flew on Kandas shoulder. Kanda slapped the fly and it fell down on the floor.

"Pesky readers" he said

"Now, now, Kanda, they're readers and they support our relationship" Allen tried to calm Kanda down.

"I guess you are right, Al'" Kanda said with a calm voice and kissed Allen on the cheek.

All you could hear was the little fandom fly screaming with bliss.

Hope you liked... these weird, bonus stories, that were really short... ahem. I do not see you as flies, you are beautiful readers ;3