Starlight Elements

Zena: Heyo everyone this is my first story so I hope you enjoy it and leave a review a few points however

1). Didyme is still alive. (Sorry I don't think Marcus should have to suffer that –Wipes imaginary tears-)

2). I will have a poll about Who or the Who's Bella would end up with it WILL be a Femslashsorry for those who don't like it –cough- not –cough- I think the limit will be three or four if there is a tie, Counting the person I chose. On the other hand Emmett and Rosalie won't be mates.

3). Volturi will probably be good I haven't decided Most likely they will though.

4). although I Despise/Hate Edward and his actions and arrogance he will be the Gay Lovey-dovey that all of us love. I don't know who to pair him with although I am leaning to Jasper

5). There is still a pack but it won't be as prejudice to vampires or at least most of them won't.

6). Victoria will be good and won't be mated to James I still haven't decided who she will be with or if James is good or SLIGHTLY bad then turns good.

7). I will have a poll of what Bella should be I am at three choices either way she will have some connection to Nature and the Elements as well as anything related to the Night.

8). Bella will know Sasha the Creator of Denali sisters I am unsure of how to Fake her death however.

9). My Bella is not the same Bella from the movie or books she is powerful and old-


Bel: what did you say about me? –Glare-

Zena: -backing up slowly- N-no-nothing oh powerful Bella

Mysterious figure: As the author is being a coward -gets hit by a lamp-

Zena: what did you say – kill intent- I am no coward I will take on anybody I don't care WHO! -Pause feeling a glare at my back- oh shit –gets dragged down to the floor and out a mysterious door- NOOO! DON'T LET HER TAKE ME! –Clawing at the floor- HELP Meeee! –Tears running down my face-

Evil Bel: -Evil laugh- kukuku so you'll take me on let's see about that –Leaves the room with author-

Mysterious figure: -wince- well as I as saying -a scream can be heard- L.E.A.H437 and Zena do not own Twilight as sad as it might be. However they do own their OC which will be few and Named/described Later in the story.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Now onto the story~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Bella P.O.V

I kept running I don't know how long I have ran as I still hear her after me. I can feel tears threatening to flow out of my eyes NO! DON'T YOU DARE ISABELLA MARIE WHAT HAPPENED ALREADY HAPPENED NO USE REMEMBERING I thought as I pushed faster increasing my speed. I see a cliff up ahead I started to do what I have not done in years I prayed it would be over soon that I would make it before she caught up I could see it nearly there okay just JUMP! I thought to myself as I pushed myself further and jumped off the cliff hitting the waves and rocks I could hear her yell out and curse at the sky with the little magic I had I enveloped myself in earth and water using flames to harden the rock till it was time for me to come out as I drifted to sleep I could not help the tears in my eyes as I thought of my family and how I today was the last time I would see my twins whom through weren't mine by blood were mine altogether and my younger brothers and sisters I prayed to whatever other god is out there to keep my children and sisters safe and my brothers out of trouble before I drifted off to sleep.

~Time Skip: present day~

Alice's P.O.V

Everyone was playing near the beach Emmett was wrestling Jasper and losing, Esme and Carlisle were talking about god knows what, Rosalie was beside me reading a car magazine and Edward was brooding over something as well as judging the wrestling match. I felt a vision

A large rock was cracked under Emmett's weight and as small cracks of light began to appear.

The vision ended as fast as it started. Edward threw me a questioning look at me I shrugged I was confused as well, Jasper took this time to launch Emmett to the same large rock before looking at me. What happened next was shocking at least to the others as cracks of white light began to appear what surprised me was it started to break off not crumble but literally break off. The others started to take protective stance's before slightly relaxing as the rock let out a human-like groan split the air.

"What The Hell was that" Emmett yelled everyone shook their heads at his behavior.

"Emmett Language!" Esme scolded him. I started to edge forward to see the rock, I could see Rosalie do the same. All of a sudden a delicious scent overcame my senses but it didn't set my thirst aflame I could imagine everyone's surprise.

"Does anybody else smell that" Emmett exclaimed "smells like fried chicken and mash potatoes"

"I smell lilac and soft vanilla" Esme breathed out
"Country air..." Jasper whispered with a serene smile

"Fire wood and sea air" Carlisle spoke

"Milk and cookies" Edward commented (A.N: I love milk and cookies. X3)

"A new car mixed with sweet honey apple pie" Rosalie let out leaning forward

"I smell wildflowers" I sighed out unconsciously leaning forward as well.

A groan could be heard again taking us out of our trance I ran with Rosalie to the noise the rock breaking in half with laying in the middle a girl with chestnut brown/red hair and light brown almost blonde highlights and a sun kissed tan she was positioned towards were you could see her curves she was wearing an almost Greek dress and sandals with her hair covering enough to get you curious of she looked like awake.

Almost in sync Rosalie and I breathed out "beautiful"
"Carlisle we need your help" I told him as Rosalie picked her up.

Rosalie P.O.V

As Alice called Carlisle's for help I picked her up delicately as she looked so fragile almost like glass I felt a protective instinct over the girl. I turned toward my family I was worried she would get cold do to my skin temperature but to my surprise she just snuggled deeper. Edward came closer and I heard Snarls erupt from Alice and me. He looked startled and backed up. I was surprised at what happened the family looked wary of us I sent them an apologetic glance sorry Edward I don't know what happened I thought.

He nodded in acceptance and smiled.

"Rosalie can I examine her" Carlisle said directing my attention to him

"At the house" I added not wanting to let her go "so she could be more comfortable"

He nodded in acceptance I saw Edward hiding a smile as well as Jasper looking away and Emmett looking like a child who had Christmas early. I looked at them confused although Emmett's expression is self-explanatory he is such a child sometimes I thought to myself I hear Edward chuckling. Stay out of my head Edward I thought to him as I started to run to the house with Alice right behind me followed soon by the rest of the family. I enter the house quickly setting her on the bedroom I shared with Alice in time to see her come in I spit my attention between them while pacing back and forth.

~Location: Volterra~

Caius (Klaus) P.O.V

I felt an energy flow through me one very familiar to me.

"Klaus what was that it seemed so familiar yet I can't place it" My Mate gasped in surprise.

"Come my love let us go see the others to see if they know" I said while taking her hand and running out to the throne room to see my Brothers come through the doors first Aro and Sulpicia looking spooked still in their Coats and modern clothing signifying that they were outside last was Marcus and Didyme looking disheveled probably in the middle of one of their ruts when the feeling came. Despite what most people think I don't love bloodshed or war. I love to come up with strategies but I never killed anybody without reason, and my real name is Klaus but only my family calls me that. Out of my two brothers was the only one to change my name.

"Did you feel it" Aro exclaimed

"What was it" Sulpicia questioned

"So you felt it too brother" Didyme said

I saw Marcus pace back in forth eyebrows furrowed muttering lowly with confusion in his usually stoic face.

We went to him waiting for an explanation.

"What is it brother?" We all asked wondering what has happened

"A bond has appeared connected to all of us. It's so familiar almost as if we know who it is" he explained. I racked my brain for who it might be that is.

~~Location: Unknown~~


So she finally woken... soon we shall reunite with all our family…

my dear sister.