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Epilogue: Winter and Spring Everlasting Love


First thing Vaati noticed was the sunshine as it hit him in the face. He grunted from the intruding light before nuzzling the thing in his arms.

"Hmm?" Vaati heard the weary voice of his wife who started to wake up, still tangled from last night after consummating their marriage. Vaati was force to admit that it took him some time before convincing his wife. Even now he did have no regrets. Images of before ran through his mind leaving him with a headache, what a disturbing day.

"Morning" Vaati pecked her forehead before she slapped his face away.

"Let me sleep, it's cold" Danielle mutters darkly before going back to sleep. Vaati barked out a laugh from seeing her react in a negative manner.

"Come on Fuu's watching us" true to his words, Fuu was watching Vaati with suspicious looking eyes.

"Let him I want sleep" Danielle's face made Vaati smile before moving his hand. Danielle's eyes shot open before throttling her husband.

"Touch me down there will you?! I am tired for heavens sake, after all you wore me out!" Danielle growled at him while beating him up.

"S-Sorry dear!" he said weakly "You can go back to sleep now" Vaati cried before she got out of bed.

"Too late you woke me up!" Danielle snapped now placing her hands on her hips. Vaati however was too engrossed by seeing her form to even care now.

"What now?" Danielle asked until the sound of their door was knocked.

"Morning- oh" Jasmine's face went red, as she saw her naked friend standing near a bruised mage who was on the bed.

"I'll come back later" Jasmine closed the door hastily before releasing a cry of shock. Danielle turned to glare at him.

"Don't even go there" Danielle could tell he was too engrossed by her to listen. "Bad boy" She scolded.

"Oh am I? Care to punish me then?" Vaati smirked at his red faced wife. She bounded for the door, while hearing the sound of Vaati's laugh echoing behind her. After closing the door to the bathroom Danielle squeaked before giggling. Fuu on the other hand left without another word. He spotted Jasmine who was blushing.

"Those two are like children or in future terms are like rabbits" Fuu commented before trying to sip his warm milk.

"So they're-?" Fuu's look left her more redder than usual.

"That fools libido is going to get him killed soon" Fuu muttered before hearing Jasmine splutter as she drank her water. Hands now shaking from the thought. 'Death by too much sex'

"G-Given how he's had four no eight at once it's might not be the death of him" Jasmine commented weakly.

"He might, don't praise him too early" Danielle commented now entering the room with a blue yukata. She proceeded to sit at the table with a glum expression before grabbing the cup.

"Where is he?" Jasmine asked while her hands still shook.

"Probably resting in the bathroom after I drained him. Hopefully that'll shut him up" Jasmine's eyes widened in shock.

"Oh wow"

"I just used a draining kiss" Danielle muttered before drinking her water.

"Oh" Jasmine was now relieved from hearing that.

Vaati was standing outside the barrier of the doors and admired the clouds. The past few years were hectic but the four managed it. Jasmine surprisingly wanted to stay along side them, despite the fact that Danielle said to settle down with someone she liked. Jasmine just smiled saying that when it is time, it will be time for her to settle.

A year ago Jasmine did settle but forced her husband to live in the palace with Danielle and Vaati. Sure they had the room but it was sudden for them, it was nice however to have girl and guy talk whenever they needed it.

"Daaadddy!" came a shrill voice. Vaati looked back to see his five year old daughter running after him. She had lavender hair, brown eyes and her mother's skin. The girl was also dressed in a small pink dress with a angel necklace on top. He noticed a boy clinging on to Danielle's hand making the mage smile from seeing him.

"Why must you get scared Gufū? The sky isn't so scary" Vaati couldn't help but beam at his wife as she tried to soothe their four year old son. The young boy looked like his father minus the hair due to it being black When their son was born she had decided to him in honour of the fake name, for it was a way of cherishing the memories before they went slightly sour. Pride entered Vaati's chest from hearing the explanation.

"Daddy Sapphia isn't scared" Sapphia pouted before glaring at her brother, Vaati knelt down and patted her head softly. He saw that Danielle passed on her spirit to their daughter in someway, which in a way was good since he knew that she wouldn't be shaken so easily.

"Gufū isn't use to this darling, please be patient" Vaati advised his pouting daughter who nodded stiffly.

"She takes after you on that" Danielle commented dryly before holding Sapphia's hand.

"Gufū hasn't leaned about how to cope with the sky, it's still new to him" Sapphia blinked before nodding sharply.

"Okay, Gufū do you want to play?" Sapphia asked as she smiled at him. Gufū started clinging onto Danielle's blue dress before he felt her patting his head softly.

"Just see how it goes, Fuu will be with you okay?" Danielle asked warmly. Gufū looked down shyly, he nodded signalling that he'll give it a try.

"Yay come on!" the parents watched Sapphia pull Gufū towards the side so they could see the view.

"Careful" Danielle called as they watched.

"We did okay" Vaati commented as he watched the children. A smile graced his features, hearing his wife sigh loudly hit his ears.

"True but I'm struggling to deal with number three" Vaati stiffened in shock, did he hear her right? Was she?

Vaati turned to see her grinning slightly.

"Three weeks" immediately his face went pale.

"H-how?" he stuttered in shock.

"Oh you know when a guy likes a girl they get married before having-"

"I get it!" Vaati stuttered quickly cutting her off. As the parents conversed their children were playing with Helmaroc and Fuu.

Two months later Jasmine had given birth to a boy named Vaata Dani Hikari in honour of her friends.

Now- Future

"Mom I'm going out now" Danielle called as she took her bag.

"Get back before night fall, I don't care if you make friends, you and Shade need to be home" Danielle's mother called.

"Okay" Shade replied before the twins left the house. On route to the school Shade intercepted a car by pulling himself and Danielle out of harms way.

"Crazy driver!" Danielle hollered before they moved towards the school. The blond haired driver went pale from almost hitting them.

They continued to talk until approaching the sign saying Windfall High School which was near a tall building that was 4 levels tall. Shade opened the door to let his sister in who nodded in reply.

"I'm going to see the receptionist" Shade murmured before going to the front desk. This gave Danielle time to observe the area around her. When she turned round a person holding a pile of papers crashed into her, which in turn sent papers they were holding onto the floor.

"Watch it" a gruff voice said coldly. Danielle scrambled to pick up the papers in order to help the person.

"S-Sorry" Danielle said meekly.

"Who stands in the middle of the room like an idiot?" asked the voice which was identified to be male. He had white hair, pale skin that would worry anybody from just looking at it, red eyes narrowed themselves as he realised that she as staring.

"It's rude to stare you know" the boy snapped while sorting his dark purple trousers.

"I'm sorry, just I've never seen hair, skin or eyes like that" Danielle replied looking guilty.

"Why does it make me weird?" The boy asked now getting hostile. Her eyes widened in shock.

"Oh no, it makes you unique" Danielle replied lightly, he rose a brow from suspicion.

"Really?" the boy's voice was cold.

"Sure does. I'm Danielle Wilona and you are?" Danielle lifted her hand as she smiled. The boy immediately felt his face go red.

"Z-Zephyr Picoru" Danielle smile grew from the fact that he replied.

"Interesting name, very unique doesn't Zephyr mean wind?" his face burned even more from her words.

"S-So?" he asks now feeling his heart beating like mad from being close to her.

"Mr. Picoru I did say I wanted those papers five minutes ago" said a stern man.

"Here Mr. Jotari " Zephyr said calmly while masking his blush. The man raised a brow but said nothing.

"It was my fault, I stood in his way and he crashed into me" Danielle admitted weakly while scratching the back of her head, this took the males by surprise at the fact that she was sticking up for Zephyr.

"Sis" Shade sighed as he entered the fray.

"Oh so you're Miss Wilona. Don't worry about a thing, I apologise Mr. Picoru" Mr. Jotari said as he smiled at them.

"Trouble again?" asked an olive skinned male.

"Oh my, Ganondorf sorry here are your papers" Mr. Jotari passed the papers without saying anything else. Ganondorf looked at the papers before noticing the Wilona twins, a smile graced his lips.

"If it isn't the twins? How are your parents?" Ganondorf asked while giving Shade a firm handshake. Zephyr was stunned to see the most feared teacher in their school suddenly become friendly to two new students.

"Fine thank you" Shade replied bluntly making the man laugh.

"Always sticking to the point. I heard from them that you are going to transfer here from Mt. Fuji" Ganondorf commented, Shade smirked in reply.

"Wouldn't want to miss your class" Shade remarked. Danielle gave Zephyr a weak smile.

"Sorry, uncle Ganondorf is a friend of the family" Danielle explained in a bashful manner.

"I see… this may sound weird but have we met before?" Zephyr asked catching Mr. Jotari's disapproving look. Danielle however began to ponder for a bit.

"I don't think so… although you give off a familiar vibe" Zephyr blinked at her as she placed her finger to her lip.

"Vibe?" he asked, this made her shy.

"I have sensitive hearing so I can tell what you're feeling and thinking" his face went red from hearing that.

"Oh now I remember you look like the guy from that book" Danielle clapped her hands together now getting the males attention.

"Book?" Zephyr asked now looking at her oddly.

"Yup, he had lavender hair that was long, but he also had red eyes and skin just like yours" Danielle grinned. The males however wanted to move back from her words.

"Not again sis please. That book…" Shade pleaded as she knelt down to take the book out after putting her bag down.

"Here it's this" Danielle opened a page to find what she was talking about.

"Enough you're embarrassing us" Shade growled weakly. Zephyr deciding to humor the girl looked at the page and froze. The person did look like him to the point that he felt something familiar about that person.

"Who is he?" Zephyr asked as his eyes remained glued to the page.

"Vaati Picoru, sorcerer and mage of the winds" Zephyr began to burst out laughing.

"You got me there! Listen girly there's no such thing as magic" Danielle smirked at him slyly; this got him raising a brow.

"I know but it doesn't mean that he didn't exist" she winked before turning to Mr. Jotari.

"Time for class you three" Mr. Jotari said now bidding Ganondorf farewell.

"So tell me about Vaati" Mr. Jotari asked with a smile, knowing that it would bother Zephyr.

"He was a womanizer before meeting his childhood love, although it took a while for him to have her accept him given his bad habits" Danielle giggled while cradling the book closer to her chest. Shade sighed loudly while eyeing Zephyr.

"Please tell me you don't believe this?" Shade asked weakly.

"I don't know… hey didn't she fall under a never ending cycle of rebirth?" Zephyr asked suddenly, the sudden silence had left him blushing.

"How did you know that?" Danielle asked with wide eyes.

"I don't know it was a guess!" he snapped while Shade gave him a dirty look.

"That did happen thanks to a curse and a bet" Danielle paused before they entered the room.

"Take your seat Mr. Picoru" the teacher ordered before getting the class together.

"Where did you go man?" a red haired boy snapped angrily.

"Excuse me I had an errand to run, no thanks to you!" silver eyes twinkled from mirth.

"Worth it and you were near that chick" Zephyr glared at his friend angrily without knowing why.

"Hands off Silver" he hissed darkly making his friend recoil.

"Fine you saw her first" a black haired girl eyed them angrily from hearing their words.

"Eyes to the front Amila" Mr. Jotari warned causing a few to giggle.

"As you can tell we have two new students who are transferring here from Japan near Mt. Fuji. Their names are Shade and Danielle Wilona. Be nice to them please" Mr. Jotari warned making a few mumble.

"You chose your seats if you want" the man asked kindly. Danielle moved and took everyone by surprise as she chose the seat beside Zephyr, whose face went beat red by her bold move.

"Great so she choses to sit here! How am I going to concentrate" Zephyr cried mentally. Danielle smiled until Shade sat behind Zephyr, beside the moody boy named Silver who had started to go pale for having to sit next to the male twin.

"Damn you Zephyr" Silver whispers sharply while everyone murmured in their seats. Silver stiffened as Shade gave him a dirty look. Shade passed him a note and Silver took it without complaint not wanting to cause a scene.

"Hands off my sister or I'm tearing your balls off!" Silver's face went more pale than usual from the note. Zephyr however was too distracted by how Danielle was organizing her desk.

"If I get stuck will you be able to help me?" Danielle asked shyly. Zephyr nodded woodenly as he felt his face burn; a smile was fighting its way onto his face.

"S-sure I don't mind" Zephyr replied now trying to keep his cool.

After everything began to settle.

It was now time for class.

Elsewhere- Unknown time

"Ah ACHOOOO!" A fat man sneezed as he pulled the blanket close to his shaking cold form.

"(You know it's surprising to see a strange creature such as yourself in the icy cave)" A huge Zora sat on a stone ledge in the throne.

"Honestly who does that little girl think she is?! Sending me to an icy cave with those bats with ice on their wings, what were those things anyways?" He ranted while the huge Zora sighed loudly almost sounding like a whale's noise.

"(It's been rather lonely here, my own daughter Ruto always leaves me to do things on her own)" The Zora replied looking kind of sad. "(Time truly has gone by without me noticing)" the Zora commented while swinging his legs back and forth.

"You know I don't know what you had just said right?" The man asks rudely while glaring at the huge Zora.

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