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This is a crossover between Fairy Tail and Ouran High school Host Club

I took the Fairy Tail from the second OVA because there is already a school situation.

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"How is our friend Lucy actually doing?" Hinako asks.

"I think she is doing great she has a strong will." Benio replies.

Then the door is slammed open and Chiziru runs to the two other members of the Zuka club.

"I have terrible news." She shouts, "Fairy Academy has to fuse with Ouran High."

Hinako looks surprised: "why is that so terrible I mean it's terrible for the students as Fairy Academy because they have to deal with that terrible host club now but that is their problem."

Benio is shocked and says: "But our fair maiden friend went to that school, Lucy is there."

The tree women look at each other and then they say in unison: "We have to save her."

Sorry if it is short this chapter was to introduce you to the story and the Zuka Club was just a little idea if you have ideas for future chapters please tell them because I want this to be a story you al can enjoy .