In Her Father's Arms

I'm still in shock from that episode. That is all. Do not read this story unless you have watched "Coda". It contains major spoilers from that episode. If you do read, and you haven't seen it, it is on you. Not me.

Last chance to back out. I'm not kidding.

Ok. You've been warned. I don't own The Walking Dead. If I did, that episode would have ended a lot differently.

They say when you die, you see a white light afterwards. It's true, actually. When that bullet ended me, I saw the brightest light in my whole life.

One minute, I was stabbing Dawn. The next, the brightness overcame me…

I saw Daryl put a bullet in Dawn's head after she did the deed. That bitch got what she deserved. For everything she did. Oh God, Daryl. How is he going to deal with this?

What about Maggie?

I got my answer as Daryl carried me out and Maggie saw my body.

I've seen her cry before. I remember when she broke down when Daddy was murdered. I had never seen her in so much pain in my life.

I'm sorry, Maggie. I'm sorry for not being a better sister. I'm sorry I can't be there with you.

Later on, when they buried me, everybody was in tears. The Priest said the Last Rites. Maggie couldn't stop sobbing. Daryl had shut down. Completely.

"Bethy…" the voice startled me. I hadn't heard it in so long….

I turned around…Daddy was right there, standing on both of his legs. That's when the tears started to come, for the first time since it happened.

As I cried, Daddy took me in his arms and held me close. My heart went out to Daryl. To Maggie. To everyone else in our group.

It was only later that I got to meet the rest of my family that had passed. My Mom. Shawn. I even met some of my relatives that had died long before I was ever born.

Then I got to see Daryl's big brother, Merle. He seemed more at peace than he ever had in life.

I know that God has a plan for all of Rick's group. That's why I'm going to watch over them, until the final day.

Rest in Peace, Beth Greene. At least you can see your Dad again.

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