Chapter Two: A United World ~Percy

Chaos. The world fell into mayhem and madness as the mist failed at hiding the monsters and other worldly places that existed in the greek and roman pantheons. No one could have predicted the reaction to the mist failing but it was spectacular. The media went wild trying to discover what had caused all these monsters to appear, mainly in the United States, Greece and Italy but generally all over the world. Accusations flew to film and television companies trying to promote new films or shows but they denied all responsibility. People then started to look to their governments for answers, which of course they had none. They were still looking for answers to the questions themselves.

The messenger Gods and Goddesses had done their best to calm the public and help them to discover answers to these questions but it just wasn't enough. After three days they admitted defeat and a meeting was held with all the gods, both major and minor, as well as the leaders of the demigod camps and the seven of the prophecy. The meeting lasted for hours but eventually they decided to arrange a meeting with the top representatives of the entire world.

It had taken three days to get every Demigod back in the United States, even with the assistance of the Gods. Everyone was injured, except for Percy who had collapsed completely exhausted after the battle in a river overnight consequently healing his wounds. Thalia had found him the next day and electrocuted him awake which had brought a bit of laughter to the morose feeling that had settled over the camp. With the injured back home and the dead given the proper burial rights, the camps had begun to rebuild and recover from the war.

The first thing Percy Jackson had done when he was stateside was visit his mother and step-father. He hadn't seen them in nearly a year now and he desperately missed them. He had missed his seventeenth birthday due to the quest in Rome, not that he even mentioned that fact to anyone on the Argo 2. But most importantly, he had missed his mom's blue chocolate chip cookies. As soon as he stepped through the door to his mom's flat, he had been hugged nearly to Hades and grounded for the rest of his life, but he was finally home.

Well, he was home for a day.

It had been decided at the meeting that Percy would represent the Greek and Roman demigods at the United Nations Meeting. Of course he had no real choice in the matter as he had been order by Zeus to make sure that everything went as planned. Percy couldn't help but think that something would go wrong with his terrible luck.

So here he was in Washington DC waiting to be announced to the entire world, as this was a televised meeting and naturally everyone would be watching to find out exactly what the monsters are all about. Percy's hands were fiddling with his smart suit, which he had been forced to wear, as his ADHD took over his mind. At the end of the war, his father had given him a complete set of light weight armour made especially by his brother Tyson. It was enchanted to be a seashell bracelet that now looked a little out of place with his smart suit but he wore it anyway.

He didn't have to wait long before he heard his name spoken to the awaiting politicians. He walked out the side room with a confident stride and into the gaggle of piranhas that could tear him apart if they so wanted to. He knew that after today he would have no chance of blending in with the mortal world.

He was after all about to reveal everything to everyone.

Every eye and camera was on him as he walked to the podium in the centre of the stage. Taking a calming breath and praying to almost every god and goddess he knew he started to talk.

"Good morning ladies and gentlemen. My name is Perseus Jackson, representing the Greek and Roman Demigod camps, Camp Half-Blood and Camp Jupiter," Percy introduced himself, his voice echoing through the room via speaker systems. A round of muttering exploded from the room

"Welcome Mr Jackson to this meeting. I mean no rudeness towards you, but we were told that a demigod hero would be coming here to explain not a teenager..." A representative from near the back spoke. Percy just smiled and inwardly sighed. He had guessed that this observation would come up. Luckily he had because he had just the right reply for everyone thinking that he was just a teenager.

"If I may speak and give you a few details on an average demigod's life before you decide on what you think of me and my kind," Percy said. There were a few gasps around the room but Percy continued on, "The average demigod will live a hard life, both before and after they reach a Camp. Most demigods have ADHD, their born battle reflexes that save their lives when a monster attacks, and dyslexia because our brains are programmed to read Ancient Greek not English. At school they are singled out due to their dyslexia and, or ADHD."

"So are all ADHD or dyslexic children demigods?" Someone asked curiously.

"No, not every child with those symptoms will be a demigod. Some may be, but most might be a descendent of a demigod whom we call a legacy or just a coincidence. As a legacy they may not be very powerful, few legacies are, but they have some inherited reflexes from their ancestor. The only way to be sure that a child is a demigod is for the parent god or goddess of the child to claim them."

"And what does it mean to be claimed?"

"From my experience it is usually a holographic type symbol related to the relevant god or goddess above the person's head. But in the past it can be anything from a dream to an appearance of the sacred animal of the god or goddess. Lady Aphrodite, or Venus to the Romans, likes to give her children a makeover when she clams them."

"Well answered Mr Jackson." Percy nodded his head to the person who replied and continued on.

"The monsters the world has been seeing have always been there. Until recently the Mist, which is a kind of barrier of magic, covered the eyes of most mortals to hide the immortal world from your sights. The monsters will hide in schools, seeking and sniffing out demigods to either capture, eat or kill. I can tell you from past experience that monsters will do anything to kill a demigod or frame them in some cases." Percy glanced around the room hoping that he was making sense and getting the point across that monsters were a danger to only the demigods.

"In a recent battle the goddess in charge of maintaining and looking after the Mist, Lady Hecate, was attacked with the intention of her losing control of the barrier. She was in no position to hold up the Mist and the decision was made to drop it. We believe that our enemy that we just recently defeated thought that the mortals would finish the job she started." Percy concluded with a slight edge of disgust in his voice.

"Mr Jackson, a question if you don't mind." A male representative spoke from right at the front of the room. Percy looked straight at him and smiled slightly.

"Of course, ask away." Percy replied.

"You have said you are related to the demigods a few times now. May we know who you are exactly or has it been forbidden by your gods." The same representative asked.

"You are correct that I am a demigod and no, it hasn't been forbidden. I was given express permission from the Gods to tell you what you need to know and that included what you need to believe what I am telling you is true and not made up or fake," Percy told the man and everyone around the room seemed to perk up to pay even more attention n than they already were.

"My full title is quite long now-a-days, but my name is Perseus Jackson, son of Poseidon, Lord of the Oceans, horses, sea creatures, storm-bringer and earth-shaker. I have defeated many monsters including the Minotaur, Medusa, empousa, cyclopes, the Gorgons, Kampé, all three Furies and many more. I have been on many quests as well. I have retrieved Zeus' Master Lightning bolt, sailed the Sea of Monsters and retrieved the Golden Fleece, I have held up the sky and rescued Lady Artemis from the titan Atlas, I have trekked through the Labyrinth and I was the Child of the Last Great Prophecy. I am one of the Seven and I am elected the Praetor of Camp Jupiter. I survived the Pit and escaped, stabbed Mother Earth in the Heart and ended the Second Giant War."

"But most importantly for this meeting, I was the one who told Lady Hecate to release the Mist. Upon that it is my duty to set it right in both worlds, mortal and immortal."

Percy waited for everyone to comprehend what he had told them. In his opinion his quests were nothing special but everyone now seemed to be amazed at what he had done.

"We have a chance here to make the world a better place to live in. Monsters don't bother mortals, but with more awareness we can help get every demigod to the Camps protection. As it stands now, only a handful of demigods will live beyond the Camp borders and live till they are middle aged. We have died in the dozens to protect this world from dangers you can't comprehend. The last war we fought ended only 5 days ago. The war before that was just over a year ago. We don't want to fight with you because we already have to fight every day just to survive."

Percy's speech seemed to have hit the right mark as a round of polite applause sounded from the room. The nerves Percy had been feeling before he stepped outside had disappeared by now and he was in what Annabeth called his 'leader mode' that he used in battles and at the camps.

Percy looked around the room and most people seemed to be thinking carefully over his words. It was at this point that a monster saw the perfect opportunity to defeat the great Percy Jackson. The empousa rushed forward and onto the stage with a hellhound right behind her.

"Your time is up demigod. Surrender and it will be less painful for you."

Percy calmly pulled his pen from his trousers pocket and held it carefully by his side, hidden from view. He had known that this would be a perfect opportunity for monsters to get a shot at him once and for all, especially as Gaia had only just been defeated. Artemis and her hunters had been tasked with destroying all major monsters that had popped up during the war. This meant that the smaller less dangerous monsters had been left alone for the vast majority.

His hand clenched around the seashell bracelet that held his armour so that he was ready to pull it and retaliate back. At the first sign of movement he pulled the shell, releasing his armour and held his sword in front of him.

The empousa drew a sword and attacked violently at Percy who just dodged to the side and countered the attack with one of his own which caused the empousa to erupt into gold dust. The hellhound seemed to think that this was the best moment to attack as it rushed forward only to be held back by some water rope that Percy had quickly controlled from his glass and a few others around the room. In no rush at all, Percy calmly walked over to the hellhound and stabbed it with Riptide.

"I am sorry for the disruption but I believe that this shows you how dangerous it is for demigods all over the world, especially a child of the Big Three." Percy explain once he stood back at the podium and the meeting continued.

Back at Camp Half Blood, the campers had gathered at the dining area where a big mist projection was being created courtesy of Iris and her children. It was the Godly version of a flat screen TV but it worked ten times better giving them a perfect image and letting them see everything and not just key bits that were picked up by the news crews.

Annabeth watched proudly at the projection as her boyfriend talked confidently about demigods and the camps. The monster attack had been not entirely unexpected and had cemented the thoughts in the minds of all senators of how dangerous being a demigod could be. It had been the final push to secure the future for every demigod.

The conclusion came when they voted on helping demigods in any means that they could and the motion passed with a 90% vote. Police stations would help shelter a demigod being hunted by monsters temporally if they needed a rest place whilst all hospitals would be given a small supply of ambrosia that was accessible to demigods with injuries.

Both Camps had organised groups to go into cities and towns to help out. Apollo's kids would be helping at local hospitals and care homes, Demeter's children would be working at farms, parks or local community gardens with the plants, Annabeth would be leading her siblings to help out at schools and libraries. Poseidon, Hades and Zeus had told their children to just help anywhere they could as the other demigods would be looking at them to them as their leaders. Percy had already volunteered to help clean up the Hudson River in New York to set an example to the demigods.

It was the Ares kids that had taken the most pleasure in the orders to help their country. A lot of the older demigods had signed up for the Army, Navy or Airforce so that they could help in the best way they knew how… by fighting. Of course many Ares children had already been enrolled or deployed and they had had to tell their commanders of their parentage.

The local communities wouldn't know what had hit them but they sure would be pleased with the results.

The future was starting to look bright for the world. With mortals and demigods working together, it could only get better yet.

Author Note:

I know it has been a long time but work and exams must come FIRST. My exams are every couple of months with no breaks in between so I am struggling to write anything at the moment even if I really want to. You must understand that I wrote this originally as an idea for a story that I could pick up in between , if someone wants to take it over from Chapter 1, just message me. I will send you over the manuscript for Chapter 1 and so long as you mention me you can write the story as you want. I will continue at my own pace to write the following chapters.

Writing to me is a hobby and an escape when I am free. I work 8 till 5 every day at a computer and I don't get home till 6. By the time I want to write it is too late or I have a headache from being at my computer screen all day. I am busy doing exam work at the weekends and having somewhat of a social life. I hope you understand that behind this penname I am still a human like you and deserve to be treated like one.