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A Beautiful Life: Part IV

I sat at my desk in our home office catching up on some grading. Being the professor of History of Magic and Muggles at Hogwarts was just the job I needed. I love my students, I loved showing them the history of a world they were accustomed to and a world in which I was raised, and I loved my co-workers. McGon…Minerva (she would not let us call her by her surname after the war) was Headmistress now, some of the old professors were still there, myself, Harry, Fleur, Luna, and Neville added to make a full staff.

As I sat grading I heard my office door open and footsteps rushing toward me. Knowing exactly who was coming I braced myself. When the footsteps got to the front of my desk I slightly turned my chair and felt the plop of a small child on my lap. "Hey baby girl! How was your day today?" I asked looking at my beautiful daughter. She was very petite, blonde hair (which I am glad she got from her other mother), a cute button nose (Fleur said that was all me), and pink plush lips. Her skin was silky smooth like Fleur's, she had her mother's eyes, but the odd part is that they are hazel. Fleur's eyes are blue and mine are brown. I guess in the magical world anything can happen though, so we just assumed our magic's mixed together made them hazel.

"Maman and I went shopping for your birthday present!" Fleur now leaned against the door frame and watched her child and wife interact.

"You did?!" I acted surprised. "What did you end up getting me?" I asked knowing she would never reveal the answer.

"If I tell you then it won't be a surprise!" She in turn responded. I sat back exhaling quickly and an odd look must have crossed my face because she looked up at me eyebrows raised. I took a quick glance at her again, "Well if you won't just tell me….then I guess I will have to tickle it out of you!" I started to tickle her in the spots under her chin, between ribs, and under her arms where I knew she wouldn't be able to resist.

This went on for almost a minute of her cackling and sweet laughter before Fleur stepped in. "Alright you two, don't have too much fun without me." We both stilled ourselves and looked at her like deer caught in headlights, then we turned to each other. Grins spread across our faces as we pulled Fleur onto my lap tickling her as well.

Another minute or so passed of us laughing together when Amieé hopped off of my lap and started running out of the office. "I have to potty!" She yelled as she ran out. Fleur and I watched her run out, smiles on both of our faces.

I wrapped my arms around my wife's waist and she placed hers around my neck. "How did I get so lucky to have two beautiful women in my life?"

Fleur, knowing it was rhetorical, simply smiled. "I was just thinking the same thing." With that she leaned her head down and captured my lips with her own. We sat there and kissed for what seemed like a lifetime before we heard a small clearing of a throat.

We both looked in the direction it came from and found our daughter standing there. "Can we go get sweets?" She asked so innocently.

Fleur and I looked at each other again. Fleur gave me a smile and nod that let me know Amieé had not gotten in trouble lately so it was okay. I turned back to the smaller blonde while rolling my eyes, "I guess we can get some sweets…" My voice was laced with a humor. Amieé let out a small noise and ran off, I assume to get ready.

Fleur and I were sitting there once again, still holding each other. "You better be glad her grandparents are dentist or else she would not eat sweets as much as she does." My wife gave me a knowing look.

"I know. I just cannot say no to that little girl, or to her mother either." I raised my eyebrows.

"Oh really?" The older blonde adjusted herself to sit even closer to my torso. "Well maybe, if mommy is good on our visit to the sweet shop, later she will get a little treat of her own." I sat there slack jawed. It amazed me that no matter how long I have been with Fleur she can light a fire in the pit of my stomach any day, any time, any place. "Darling, it is not nice to drool." Fleur said bringing me back to reality.

I quickly started tickling her again. A small voice interrupted again, this time she was full of excitement. "I have my shoes, jacket, hat, scarf, and gloves on!" She showed us very proud of herself for achieving all of that alone. We both stood up and started walking towards the door. After we dressed ourselves with warmer clothing we headed off to the sweet shop.

Later that evening, after we tucked Amieé into bed, we were lying in bed ourselves. We were both into our own reading when Fleur turned to me. "So, I think that mommy was very good at the sweet shop today." With that confession I put my book down and turned to my wife.

"You think so?"

"I know so." She replied leaning in and capturing my lips. Our bodies moved closer instantly. Her hands grabbed my waist and my arms went around her neck. It was a dance as old as time. We knew every spot, every pressure point, every little secret hidden from everyone, but each other.

"That was amazing baby." I said placing soft kisses along her jawline.

"I am glad you enjoyed it, chérie." I loved when she called me that. Even more, I loved how after sex her French accent was stronger. Even after years of being here and almost perfecting the English language, she still had that one moment of resorting back to her native tongue when it came to love making. It pleased me.

We spent another few minutes kissing, caressing, and simply praising each other's bodies. Then we settled into our nightly positions and fell into a deep sleep.