The Walking Dead: TLOZ: THE REDUX

A Walking Dead Season 2 Fanfic:

Author's Note: This is an AU fanfic that is this: What if Clementine, Christa, and Omid came across two brothers 7 months after the events of season 1 (The brothers had just escaped from Howe's Hardware, one brother is 20, the other is 18, both by the events of season 2) This was my first fanfic so yeah. Chapters 1-10 are reupload's of previous chapters I uploaded as NN009.

The Legend of Zelda and its characters belong to Nintendo, The Walking Dead (the game) and its characters belong to Telltale Games. I only own my OC's

Chapter 1: Prologue: Nick's POV: Alex and I had just escaped from Howe's Hardware A.K.A. Carver's Camp. We took some food, medical supplies, water, and 1 AK-47.

"We will find a weapon for you soon." I promised to my brother. We came across a shack that had a Ninja Sword and a Japanese Shield, Alex took both items.

"Told you so." I responded with. A few minutes later we noticed 3 people walking in the forest, we talked about if should show ourselves and see if they are good people or sneak passed them.

"Well I'm taking my chances on this decision!" Alex decided.

"Well I'm going with you." I told him. We went out of the bushes, they drew their weapons and in response we drew ours.

"Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, we just want to talk this over!" I pleaded. The 3 decided to lower their weapons and we lowered ours.

"I'm Omid, this is Christa (Pointing at the pregnant woman), and this is Clementine (Pointing at the little girl)." Omid introduced himself and his plus 2's.

"I'm Nick and this is Alex." I introduced myself and my brother.

"So, do you want us to travel with you?" I asked Omid.

"Hell yeah!" Omid answered.

Another Author's Note: We will skip Omid's death because Nick and Alex don't contribute to that.

17 months later: Alex's POV: All 4 of us were discussing about who goes with who.

"Ok so…" I stuttered.

"BOOM" goes the dynamite,

"Lurkers, great just great." I yelled out.

"What are you talking about they are Walkers you asshole!" Christa snapped at me.

"SHING". The 'Walkers' were coming in bunches furiously. I did a random spin attack which I found very effective.

"The Walkers are outnumbering us!" Clem yelled out. A horse showed up and saved the 4 of us. The person riding the horse is Hylian.

"You have an AK-47, get off your ass and cover us!" the Hylian yelled to Nick.

"I got it!" Nick yelled out in response, he started shooting.

"Where are we going?" Clem asked the Hylian.

"Hyrule." answered the Hylian. At Hyrule we entered the gate just before night fall.

"So, what the fuck is your name?" Nick asked the Hylian.

"Impa of the Sheikah tribe." The Hylian named Impa answered.

"Can I have Clem?" Nick asked.

"Sure, take care of her." Christa answered.

"I will." Nick answered. Christa left Hyrule in the morning to find supplies but she never returned. Nick, Clem, and I stayed in Hyrule for a couple of days.