The walking dead: TLOZ: THE REDUX:

DISCLAIMER: I only own my OC's; everything else belongs to either Telltale Games or Nintendo.

Chapter 2: Back To Reality: Nick's POV: While we were in Hyrule we got some supplies like: a Hylian shield for Alex, canned food, an ocarina also for Alex, more ammo for Clem, and I got jack shit (basically nothing). So we've been in Hyrule for 3 days now and we're packing up to go to Wellington (A community up in Michigan). Alex goes to the Hyrule Castle to talk to Princess Zelda to get us transportation. Meanwhile I called Christa on my IPhone. Christa and I agreed to meet up in Wellington. Alex got us a BMW M5 and because he got the car he drove. Clem was in the back seat drawing pictures on paper the Hylians gave her. After a couple hours we ran into a gravel road. The M5 didn't have off-road tires. We came across a dog and he attack Clem right away but, Alex used his shield and dived furiously in front of Clem. So Clem was alright but, Alex sprained an arm and couldn't carry his weapons. So I carried him the rest of the way. After an hour of walking, walkers attacked one almost got Clem but a young man in his 20's cut its head off, an older man in his late 50's or early 60's shot an arrow into another walker's skull. We ran off with these 2 men, they introduce themselves as Luke and Pete and we introduce ourselves. Pete notices Alex's sprained arm and promises that their doctor Carlos will look at his arm.

"NEIGH", Impa showed up and she wanted to talk to me.

"Hey Nick, you can't trust these people, my proof is that one time they put me into a coma." rants Impa. Luke runs in and talks to Impa,

"We didn't mean to, we closed the cabin door while your hand was stuck and we opened the door and you had so much blood we thought you were a walker so we shot you" explains Luke.

"See you Nick, you bastard." yells Impa. We check on Alex and he was gone. We argue with a Hispanic but he said

"I swear he went with Impa."

Meanwhile at Hyrule: (Alex's POV)

"Man you're right Impa, the medical equipment there was shit." I said.

"You want to stay?" questions Impa.

"I'll think long and hard about it." I answer.

"Hey Alex you want to go with me to Death Mountain, I'm Link." Link introduced himself and asked if I wanted to head to Death Mountain with him.

"Hell Yeah!" I said. At Death Mountain Trail: We go to Goran City to get the Spiritual Stone Of Fire.


Author's Note: I've never play TLOZ OOT fully but this is where I am. SEE YOU NEXT TIME! As of now there are 2 stories in this 1 fan fiction, 1 is an alternate version of the walking dead season 2 game, the other is an original Zelda adventure in the ocarina of time world.