Hello, and welcome to this chilly Yu-Gi-Oh!/Don't Starve crossover. We hope you dress warmly and enjoy your stay. :)

Yu-Gi-Oh! © 1996 Kazuki Takahashi

Don't Starve © 2013 Klei Entertainment

Yugi listened to the wind howl.

He sat in the communal hall, with the other families of Frostmore, weathering yet another dreary storm. He rocked back and blew into the air; a trail of smoke went, regardless of the burning fire in the huge fireplace. It wasn't Yugi's turn in the sphere of warmth; he had to wait to cycle in and get away from the cold stone walls and snow-choked small windows. Meantime, he snuggled tight in his coat and scarf, pulled his googly-eyed hat down tight with his mittened hands, squished between his mom and grandfather beneath three blankets. He could hear Pegasus complain to his wife about his paints freezing.

Yugi eyed Ushio, the nearer of the guards walking around, and debated walking up and asking him about being bumped up the queue. He doubted it—he had asked Ushio before, and he had been turned down. It didn't matter that it was just him and his mom and his sickly grandfather—they had to wait their turn. He watched Ushio nudge Joey, who started an argument. He could hear it from where he sat: no, he wasn't going to move—his sister needed to stay by the heat. Ushio said something to him and walked off. Joey said something to his sister and headed for the door.

Yugi knew what that meant: wood duty.

He looked up to see Ushio looking down at him.

"Yugi, wood duty," Ushio said briefly.

The good news was, this meant his family was bumped up on the list. The bad news was, Yugi had to go out in the bitter cold and get more wood. But the sooner he left, the sooner he'd get back. He crawled out from the blankets and ran over to where Joey was.

Ushio went out with them, to make sure nothing happened. After they got over the bracing cold, he walked a few paces behind Joey and Yugi, shotgun tucked under his arm.

They rounded a corner and stopped. Joey swore under his breath, chattering teeth making him unintelligible.

No wood.

Ushio spotted this, handed them a couple of hatchets. "You know the drill: go chop down another tree."

They were ready to head to the old spot when Ushio stopped them. "Not there; we've got all the trees there."

They looked in the other direction. They were surrounded by mountains, but the one in particular was frightening and looming, for one specific reason: it was the home of the Frost King.

"I'm not going that way," Joey said bluntly.

"Don't be stupid," Ushio said. "I'm going to do a perimeter check. Don't go too far in."

"You don't have to worry about that," Joey muttered as Ushio marched off. He and Yugi trudged up the mountainside.

As they went, Yugi couldn't help but think of everything he had heard of the Frost King. A monster with spider legs and a bulky, furry body; sharp teeth and antlers; that ran like a deer and struck like a bear; whose breath froze people in their tracks. Yugi didn't want to run into this thing.

"What if we run into the Frost King?" Yugi asked, fear making him quiet.

"Now you're being stupid," Joey snapped, although Yugi could tell he was nervous too.

They stopped by a tallish pine. "This one looks about right; it's all piney," Joey said, unshouldering his bow and quiver. "Keep an eye out, will you?"

Yugi did so, hoping he meant for Ushio, or worse, ice wolves. Or maybe for a deer—that would be good for a day or two.

The snowy landscape was quiet, the absence of sound deafening him. Yugi jumped as Joey began hacking away at the tree. Yugi scolded himself for being so jumpy and focused on keeping an eye out for…whatever.

Snow fell thickly. Yugi marveled at the thick, deep sound it made as snow settled on itself. How could something so soft sound so heavy?



Yugi glanced around quickly. Joey was still absorbed in chopping, more snow falling, shaken from the tree. Yugi didn't see Ushio—a perimeter check shouldn't take that long, right?

The footsteps were too quick for Ushio, anyway. Yugi recognized the pacing.

"Joey. Joey," Yugi hissed, tapping Joey on the back. Joey paused in his work and looked at him. "I think I hear a deer."

The effect was instantaneous. Joey dropped the hatchet and snatched up his bow and arrow. He wasn't the best shot in the world, but he wasn't the worst—they had a fair shot.

They glanced around, Yugi fretfully, Joey behind his arrow. The footsteps were getting louder.

"This thing is starting to scare me," Joey muttered. Yugi could understand. The footsteps sounded like they were coming from all over, and the snow was masking all movement. The deer could bound right in front of them and they'd never—

Yugi spotted it.

It wasn't a deer.

He had only seen it for a second, but in that second, he could see that the movement, the body structure, the color, was wrong, all wrong for a deer. It was barrel-chested and lanky-legged, pacing appropriate for a mix of wolf-deer-rabbit, frosty blue….

The Frost King. He was here.

"Joey," Yugi hissed.

"What, Yug'?"

"I think," Yugi breathed. "I think I saw the Frost King."

"You're being silly," Joey hissed, but his grip tightened; he was looking forward to a shot at the beast threatening them, but he also knew the likelihood of success if he did. His life expectancy would become extremely short.

More crunching. "There," Yugi pointed. Joey aimed accordingly.

Dark, lumbering….This wasn't the Frost King. "Wait a minute, Joey."

"You're kidding me."

"I don't think that's—Ushio!"

He had never been so glad to see the guard in his life. "What do you mooks think you're doing?" Ushio growled, spotting the arrow aimed at his chest. "You're supposed to be chopping wood!"

"I saw the Frost King," Yugi blurted.

To his credit, Ushio didn't immediately scoff at the notion. Instead, he was all business, readying his gun and quietly issuing orders.

"Pick up that hatchet Yugi. Joey, keep that bow drawn."

They did so. "What about the tree?" Yugi asked.

"Forget it."

They did so. Quickly, they headed back for town. Once there, Ushio led the way to one of the houses.

Yugi paused. "That's the Johansens' house."

"It is," Ushio said, grabbing a chair and dashing it against the wall. "They haven't shown up for days—general consensus is they made a break for the Pass."

The Pass was supposedly the only way down from the mountains. No one who had tried it had ever returned. "Maybe they made it," Yugi said quietly, disbelieving it even as he said it.

Ushio said nothing about it. "Pick those pieces up—we can burn them for now."

"What about later?" Joey asked.

"We can hope the Frost King finds something else to entertain himself."