The Blue Hot Hanbanero

Summary: Hinata Hyuga is a kind shy, understanding person. But, all that goes out the window when you call her a blueberry. "Ya' Know!" Main NaruHina

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(Note) This was around when Hinata was 10 years old.

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All you could hear wear to Gentle fist clashing against each. The two users that were fighting for show were Hinata Hyuga and another Main branch member.

"AGHHHHHH!" yelped Hinata as she had chakra pushed into her stomach. She was sent crumbling down to the ground. She was losing….badly. As for her opponent was brutal when it came to fighting her. Never hold anything back against her and that was Misa Hyuga.

" Your so pathetic." Sneering at the girl looking down like she was a queen and Hinata was a peasant.

" How can you become Heiresses when you can't beat me?" laughing in a cruel way. Hinata slowly began to stand up holding her stomach coughing up a bit of blood. Misa always called her that because her long hair was a color of a dark blueberry.

" Well time to end this you repulsive blueberry. " said as she got into a leap position. Suddenly, Hinata froze she didn't hear what she though she did… did she?

" W-wha what did you say?" Saying as if her voice had a bit a anger. Her head was low that her bangs cover her eyes. Misa had an arrogant smirk on her face.

" You heard me, an ugly,sickening blueberry like yo- AHHHHHHHH!" before she got to finish an angry Hinata hair sticking up like a nine-tails hitting Misa with a powerful attack .

"8 TRIGRAMS 32 PALMS!" the beastly girl shouted at the nervous girl in front of her

"2 PALMS!" slamming in her stomach

"4 PALMS!" adding a double to her shoulder making the girl slide back.

"16 PALMS!" the other to the face ( AU:damn the face that's gotta hurt! .)

"32 PALMS!" Last remaining fist to the stomach sending her flying back.

" Shut up you bitch! I'll knock you do to size ya'know!" Replied an angry Hinata with her fist in the air, that her hair going around like wild fire.

" W-what the-." Misa says before she drops unconscious. Even everyone in the compound stopped to look at her with the jaw dropped look, Hinata was just as shocked as the others. This was the sweet kind girl that couldn't hurt a fly. The only thing that went in every Hyuga head is.

' What the hell just happened?" thought every Hyuga and bit scared of what will happen next if they call her the "B" word.

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