Day 1 - Kurt aches but Blaine has a plan.

"Oh my god, I ache," Kurt moans, flopping gracelessly down on the couch, his bags scattering around him. "My feet ache, my legs ache, everything aches. Black Friday shopping is always a bitch."

"My poor baby," Blaine says, leaning over the back of the couch to kiss his husbands head. "Did you at least find some good deals?"

Kurt smiles, tilting his head back and puckering his lips, demanding a real kiss, which Blaine gives him happily. "Mm, hello to you, too. Yes, I did. Had to beat off some hag, but I managed to get the last gifts we need this year."

"So we're officially done with Christmas shopping?"

"We're officially done?"


"Good, because I can think of some other things we could do that will make your legs ache." Blaine waggles his eyebrows suggestively and Kurt bursts out laughing.

"Yeah, okay." Blaine helps him stand, leading him to the room. "Even if you're a big dork."