Day 12 – Legacy

Due to the fact that they kept getting distracted, it was taking them a lot longer to decorate the apartment for the holidays. Finally, two weeks before Christmas, Kurt puts his foot down and insists that they finish, if only so they can put the boxes back in storage and get them out of the way. Blaine grumbles, but he misses having the space to walk around, too, and so starts putting stuff up without too much of a fuss.

He's sorting through what looks like a really old box that he can't remember having seen before when he finds it. "Kurt?"

"Blaine, I told you, after-" Kurt sighs from his place across the room, where he's trying to untangle some garland to hang up.

"No, honey, I mean, can you come over here for a second?" There's apparently enough uncertainty in his voice that Kurt stops fussing with the strands and comes over to see Blaine holding up a small, open front house type thing and his face softens immediately. "What's this?"

Kurt laughs a little, sinking down to the floor next to him and taking the wooden structure. "This, my dear husband, is what my mother always claimed was the family legacy." Snatching a doily and a small wooden box, he lays the doily on the floor and sets the house on top of it. Opening the box, he continues, setting out little figurines as he talks. "Mom told me that her great grandfather make the stable and then carved the people and animals by hand. Here's the virgin Mary, Joseph, the three wise men, and, of course, little baby Jesus. There was also an angel, you can see the spot on the back where it was originally supposed to set, but the back piece got broken and then the angel disappeared; we could never find it after that." Kurt sits back, letting Blaine take in the picture the set up made. The figurines were insanely detailed, Blaine realizes, almost as though they could start talking or moving at any time.

"Wow, this is amazing. How come I've never seen it before?"

Kurt shrugs, wrapping his arms around his legs as he stares at it. "It's always been up at the house, but since we moved into this nice, big apartment, Dad decided to send it to me. Said something about how it was about time for me to have it and how she would have wanted me to keep it, even if I wasn't religious."

Blaine scoots closer to him, resting a hand on the floor behind Kurt's back and leaning his head on Kurt's shoulder. "I think it will work perfectly here."