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I repressed a shudder as Edweirdo's arm lay around my shoulders. Okay first off, you might be thinking; 'Wait don't you love Edward?' the answer to that question, is not a no, but a fuck no.

Alright, story time! First off I am not Bella Swan, the real Bella Swan is my cousin and she's at Camp Half-Blood recovering from her fight with the Titan Ophion.

My real name is Ouránia Celestica Jackson and I am the daughter of the sea god Poseidon, Lord of the sea, earthquakes, rivers, floods, and droughts and the mortal Sally Swan-Jackson. I'm also the younger twin sister to Perseus Jackson, nicknamed Percy.

The reason for me being is Forks, Washington is simple: see if the Cullen's are a threat. I was still pissed off when they had tried to kill my cousin James. Thankfully I had manipulated the mist and made them think they had killed him. Rosalie, Jasper, and Emmett had already known that he didn't mean any harm to anyone at all.

Today was my birthday, I was suddenly very thankful for demigods minds are shielded; because I would hate to deal with Edweirdo when if he reads my thoughts.

Honestly, Edward is pussy in layman's terms. He thinks he's all damned and some other shits, well guess what buddy, try living the life as a child of the Big Three!

Along with being the daughter of Poseidon, I was also blessed by all of the gods and goddesses (Roman, Greek, Primordial, and Titans [the good/neutral ones]), which automatically makes my scent the absolute buffet for monsters. Also, my brother Percy was also blessed by all the gods so he has to deal with all this bullshit too!

Anyways, as I was saying today is my eighteenth birthday whooped-dee-fucking-doo! And just to clear this mess up a little bit, the only Cullen's that I like are: Jasper, Rosalie, and Emmett.

The reason for me liking them, is that they stay honest with me and let's not forget the fact that their demigods and my cousins. I mean sure the others are also demigods too, but they have to be the most self-pompous jackasses I've ever had the misfortune to meet.

Rosalie and I are actually pretty damn close, but everybody (with the exception of Jasper and Emmett) thinks that we hate each other. Boy, are they in for a rude awakening!

And yes they know why I'm really here, and yes they already knew they were demigods before ever meeting the Cullen's.

Want to know why I'm dating Edweirdo? The answer it was either that or find some other way to get their trust; Edweirdo was obviously the best choice despite my chagrin.

In truth, I'm actually dating the son of Hades Nico Di Angelo; and you're probably thinking: 'Ew! Isn't he your cousin!?' well yes. But come on, this is Greek Mythology, my family is messed up already, so it won't hurt.

And besides my brother is dating Athena's daughter Annabeth Chase, and their cousins themselves! So, I don't see what the big damn deal is!

With me and my brother both being blessed by Hebe the goddess of eternal youth and all, we'll both stop aging at sixteen. And at any point is that stupid fucked up prophecy.

Cronus is most defiantly coming back, and he is majorly pissed about both me and Percy standing in his way of power. You're probably thinking: 'Holy shit!' well that's gives it a little insight, no?

Well, at any rate I just turned fourteen in August so as you tell I am most defiantly not eighteen. This prophecy I'm talking about? It's fucked up son! I mean a child of the Big Three is to reach the age of sixteen with the load of either choosing to destroy or save the world! I mean how fucked up is that shit!

I see the pixie coming over my way with a box, perfect more shit I don't want nor need.

"Happy birthday Bella, I've already seen you open it. And guess what you're going to love it!" she proclaimed proudly, pft. Yeah, I need this just like Percy needs to know that Blackjack is a flying horse. Utter load of bullshit. I know for a fact that her visions are blocked when a demigod is present, the only reason for them not being blocked by my three amigos is because their half-vampire!

The box itself weighed at least a good four pounds, damn! What the fuck did she buy!

If its clothes I'm going to burn them, if not…chunk them into the ocean probably and let the hippocampi snack on it.

I'll have to figure out a way to destroy this another time, right now though Edweirdo is pulling me to Geometry. Math…fun!

Now normally I'm all for school and shit, but now? Well, ever since Edweirdo had claimed me as his so-called girlfriend he changed my entire schedule around! So not only do I have to deal with him for a bonus seven hours that he's in my room at Uncle Charlie's watching me fucking sleep, but I have for another ten hours of school!

Once I had found out that he destroyed my perfect schedule, I was pissed. And when I say pissed I mean the First Beach in La Push had an unexpected tsunami for the rest of the week. And I'm still seething mad!

So, I did what any other gal would do, went to the office, charmspeaked the secretary to change my schedule back to normal and to automatically lie when Edweirdo demands to have it changed back! Take that you jackass!

And so, I immediately dig my heels of my six inch leather studded-boots (a birthday present from Ares) into the tiled floor; automatically making the asswipe stop.

"Love, what's wrong?" he asked with his eyes roaming my body for any sign of injury. Fucking possessive asshole never lets me do anything I want to do!

"Eh-hm, actually my class is on the fourth floor. So, I'll be seeing you! Bye!" I forcibly wrench my hand from his overbearing grip and do a 180-degree spin on my heels and headed straight to the stairs. Ha, take that you pompous, overzealous, Roman-ass scum!

As I made my way to the stairs I have a shit-eating grin on my face the entire walk. I turn to look back at emo-boy and find him just staring with his mouth slightly open in shock, ha!

I turn back and make my way up the stairs to my classroom; can you guess which class it is? No? Well, here's a little hint…it has to do with my birth right.

Have you guessed it? Yes that is correct! It is most defiantly Mythology, and guess who the teacher is?

Hm, well let's see the teacher is some form of creature in human form…what is it?

Ding! Correct! It is a Fae! Kudos to you guys for guessing right! She's one of my closest friends at school besides Rosalie, Jasper, Emmett, and Angela.

And yes, Angela is most defiantly a demigod. She is the daughter of Tyche the goddess of fortune, fate, chance, and providence. She was actually posted here from Camp in order to watch for oncoming attacks from Cronus. Oh yeah! That reminds I have to IM Jane and Alec!

And you're probably thinking: 'What the fuck! You mean as in Jane and Alec from the Volturi?!' then yes, yes I do. Actually they're my half-brother and half-sister. And before you ask the entire Volturi Coven is made up of Demigods turned vampires.

I and Perce are actually pretty close with all the members. Here's the thing, Uncle Hades had gotten so jealous that his niece Hecate made Empousai, so in order to contradict her; both he and Aphrodite created the Cold Ones one of the species of multiple vampires they had both created. So in short they are still monsters which mean that they can still be turned into a pile of golden ash. Also it was also a way for dear old Uncle Hades to give well-deserving demigods another chance at life as a vampire. See he ain't so bad now is he?

Anyway, Uncle Charlie and my mother Sally are half-brother and sister. They both share the same father but with different mothers, Uncle Charlie is the son of Nemesis whilst my mother is the daughter of Nyx. Once mom had turned eighteen she had legally changed her name to Jackson so that her future children wouldn't have to go through hell and back with monsters. Yeah…that didn't work out so well mom! Oh, yeah did I forget to mention that dad and mom both still love each other?!

No? Well, now you do; but don't tell my step-mother, Amphitrite she gets insanely jealous when the attention not focused on her.

I quickly make my way up the stairs and into Miss Lotus's class…ha-ha it still cracks me up that her name is Lotus. Want to know why, here's a hint: it resides in Las Vegas.

I walk into the classroom where I see Lotus standing on top of her desk trying to catch a mischievous and quiet obnoxious pixie. I quickly zap the pesky pixie with a miniature lightning bolt, which instantly made it drop to the ground like a fly.

The 'present' that Alice gave me was still in my hands, and damn that thing is heavy! I bend over grab the still paralyzed pixie by the wing and proceed to dump it into the trash can. Miss Lotus huffs in annoyance.

"Pesky damnable little pixies, always causing chaos!" she scowled angrily as she proceeded to hop off the desk landing perfectly on her feet.

Okay so here's the deal with the Mythology class, we made sure that every student inside this class is of demigod or have a godly heritage. So that means all the students have Ichor in their veins. So in other words, Jasper, Emmett, Rosalie, and Angela are in here with me.

I lug myself over to the table with my four friends in difficulty because of the damn box! It also didn't help the fact that my messenger bag isn't exactly light either.

"Yo, sup Ourá! What's with the box?" Emmett exclaimed loudly while with a huge grin that showed his perfect teeth.

"Huff-puff, you're stupid, fucking ass sister is what's with the box!" I growled as I slammed the box onto the table causing everyone in the room to wince from the high pitch sound of the box slamming onto the table. Damn, thing!

"The damn thing weighs at least a good four pounds! I swear to god Jasper that your wife is trying to fucking kill me here!" I scowled angrily as I forcibly yank the chair and roughly sat down beside Angela who was trying and failing to stop laughing.

"It ain't fuck'in funny Fortune Girl! That damned thing almost broke my damn arms off from lugging it up the four flights of stairs just to get 're!" I scowled in Angel's direction. Rose shook her head in disbelief at the weight.

"I told Alice, not to get you anything, but does she listen? NO! She NEVER listens to anyone!" Rose complained still shaking her head.

Miss Lotus started picking up the forms from all the students that their parents had signed allowing them to attend Camp Half-Blood. Of course my table didn't have to have any form because it was our job to make sure all twenty-five children are safely escorted to Camp Half-Blood.

How fun, right? (Sigh) sometimes I actually wonder if I'll ever get a vacation? The good news is that I'll get away from the crazy and mundane vampy duo! Praise Hades!

Mythology class is the only class that the gang and I can talk without being eavesdropped on, what with a mind reader and seer in the family, privacy happens to be nonexistent.

Okay so this is how it's gonna go down: we are gonna manipulate the Mist so all the people in town (not including Charlie and the students family) to completely forget that there even was a Mythology class and so the students would never even be born at all. Simple as pie! Except one tiny detail that we have to deal with though…Edweirdo and the Seer, still haven't figured out how to get around them though. But, we are working on it!

We actually leave for camp next week, so that means we have to make sure that the Mist is made just right for that specific reason.

Anyways, since I can control the Mist at will, I had allowed only those of Demigod heritage to see my real self (in other words only those in the Mythology class can see my true self). To everyone else in the world (besides if you're a demigod and if I actually like you) I was Bella Swan AKA my cousin Bell who hates the nickname Bella (I just decided to let everyone call me Bella to piss her off).

Two sets of silver/steel-grey eyes looked at me with mischievousness reflecting in their eyes. In case you didn't know turned demigods retain their old eye colors except that they become about twenty-times brighter than before. Non-turned demigods with the use of the Mist will see the illusion given off with either gold or red based on their diets. And, even if they drink from humans or animals their eyes stay the same becoming neither light nor dark.

By the way the silver/steel-grey eyes belong to both Jasper and Rosalie being the son and daughter of Athena; Emmett has glacier-ice blue eyes that show that he is the son of Hermes and finally Angel has deep violet-lavender eyes showing that she is the daughter of Tyche.

I have very weird feeling within the pit of my stomach that makes me think that the entire Cullen Coven will be coming on the trip with us, don't ask me why because I've got no idea at all.

"Hey, guys." I was anticipating the question I was going to ask the vamp-gods.

I took a long deep breath and just came out with it: "Is the rest of the coven coming as well?"

Jasper rubbed between his eyes in frustration, Emmett had annoyed looking scowl on his face, and Rosalie was glaring darkly down at the table…Angel (my nickname for Angela) and I looked at each other and shrugged, I'll take that as a yes then.

For fuck's sakes!

"Esme and Carlisle has already asked permission to be some of the supervisors on the trip to Miss Lotus and of course they were automatically accepted."

"What about Ed-bastard and Pixie-Vamp? Are they comin' too?" I gritted my teeth as my accent came out strong whenever I get agitated.

"Unfortunately" Emmett groaned in annoyance, which of course I could understand with having lived with those two for the better part of the last sixty years or so.

This trip is going to be very, very, very long. Not to mention putting kids that are ADHD and that includes all fucking twenty-five of 'em on one single bus for a ride to the airport which includes being put on a plane where a child of Poseidon will be in Zeus's domain won't that just be absolute pleasant and fun experience?!

"Hope you guys bring a lot of duct tape." Angel stated as she began to sketch a new design for an outfit that she would no doubt make me have and wear.

Jasper, Emmett, and Rosalie just blinked in confusion at her.

I started to tap my fingers against the table's surface; damn ADHD's actin' up again!

"Why would we need to bring duct tape Angel?" Rosalie asked looking just as confused as me.

"Isn't it obvious? So we can tape Edweirdo and Pixie-Vamp's mouths shut of course, of course you're gonna have to make sure that it's Hecate's special tape and not regular so they won't be able to take it off." She stated as her pencil started to change to the color she wanted for a specific part of the design that she had begun to shade in.

"Ya' know that ain't such a bad idea! How many drachmas do ya have Em?" Jasper inquired looking at Emmett as he began to ruffle around in his pockets, he soon started pulling out random stuff from them and laying them on the table.

This included: lots of lint, crumpled up cash, several regular coins, his pocket knife, a map of the World (why he would have that I have no idea), his dad's Mulch-vitamins, a golden mango (which he no doubt got from his half-brothers known as Travis and Connor), and finally he found a large pouch of drachmas.

Rosalie groaned in despair as she saw the golden mango on the table whilst Jasper was grinning like a madman.

"Now let's see here…" he soon began to pour out an enormous amount of drachmas that made everyone at our table to gap at in disbelief.

"Emmett, did you steal these from passing half-bloods over the years?!" Rosalie glared accusingly at her husband who laughed a little at the accusation.

"Maybe…" was all he said.

It took us about an hour (Mythology Class lasts for two hours) to add up all the coins together, in total there was 6,593 drachmas. I shake my head at his skills as a thief. He truly is a son of Hermes.

"This should be more than enough to buy the tape from Hecate's store. Emmett we're taking a road trip to the Underworld tomorrow!" Jasper stated as he grinned wickedly, Rose sighed in defeat knowing she cannot stop her husband and brother.

"Mind if I tag along? It's been a while since I've seen Kero." I said not only do I want to Cerberus again, but secretly Nico as well.

Angel had a knowing smirk on her face; I silently glared at daring her to say it. She held her hands up in a surrender gesture.

Rosalie was also smirking already knowing the real reason that I want to go to the Underworld.

Damn, daughter of Athena, at least she's not as bad as Annabeth. Nobody could be as bad as Annabeth; she's the Queen of Sarcasm! Well maybe to the Duchess because Percy and dad say that I'm sharp tongued and a lot more sarcastic than Dionysus and Uncle Hades put together, blech!

Jasper, Rose, Angel, and Emmett already know that I plan on breaking up with Eddiekins today during my birthday party. Jasper had already figured out that since he is pathokinetic he is able to actually feel everyone's bloodlust on top of his own so Emmett and Rose are going to be beside him the entire time just in case something happens.

I wasn't gonna be taking any chances on this because I knew that Lady Aphrodite just loves this kind of stuff and it would just be like her to cause something horrible to happen.

Already knowing how much I hate it when people do things to my stuff without my permission, the guys told me about all the stuff the others are getting for my birthday today. Smart move I'd say on their part, it also doesn't help that if I get pissed off First Beach will end like what happened to Japan two years ago. I've already cussed out my dad for doing what he had done, I love Japan still do in fact.

Angel continued to finish her designs for some new outfits (for me to have no doubt). Also it helps being in this class not just because all the demigods in the town are in here, it's because vampire gifts don't work if there is oh so many demigod's nearby. Which is a miracle in its self; I also have to wonder why this place isn't overrun with monsters already to the smell of our blood.

I happened to have a theory on that which both Smart kids confirm with that it has to do with the shapeshifters and the vampire's scents all over the west coast. Finally the bell had ringed signaling the end of school and the beginning of my hell. Oh, goodie!

Uncle Charlie knows better than to give me something I have no use for anyway so that's a plus and so does Aunt Renée and Uncle Phil. Phil might be the son of Ares and all but let me tell you that he fucking terrified of me being angry.

I slid my messenger bag over my frame and picked up the stupid box, gah!

"Want me to burn it for ya?" Emmett said grinning mischievously with his ice blue eyes glittering with hope.

"Actually could you possible chunk it in the ocean so the hippocampi in the area will have some dessert instead?" I answered smirking like a madwoman.

"No prob!" he grinned back taking the package and shoving it into his own bag. That thing is endless, kind of like the mini version of my infinity bag.

"See ya later Lucky Girl." I Angel a two-finger salute as we left the classroom, all four of us had to split up so in order to keep up appearances.

I make it out to my truck where Edweirdo was leaning against it. Looks like I'm gonna have to bring out the bleach again (sigh).

"Hello, love" he smiled crookedly, my acting skills kicking in.

"Hi" I replied as he leaned down and gave me a longing kiss on the lips. I'm gonna run outta of toothpaste before the end of the month aren't I? Well that figures seems as if I'm gonna have to stock up on toothpaste.

"Look I know you said that you hate parties, but Alice wouldn't listen so I'm going to drive you to our house." He practically demanded.

Fucking asshole…

So I unhappily placed my messenger bag into the bed of my truck and grudgingly walked to the soccer mom car. Edweirdo proceeded to open the passenger door for me as I sat down and buckled up.

We soon began the long drive to the Cullen house, this is it Ouránia! Either you wait till later or you do it now.

"Edward we need to talk." There I said it!

Ed-bastard began looking questioningly at me waiting for me to continue on with what I plan on saying.

Here goes nothin', "I can't keep pretending anymore." I began

"Pretend with what love?" Zeus, is he stupid or just thick-headed?

I sigh and begun to rub the area between my eyes, "Of this Edward, I can't keep on pretending to love you when I'm already dating someone else!" I exclaimed, the car had immediately braked on the lone dirt road towards the mansion. I had almost gone through the windshield if it weren't for the seatbelt.

Out of the corner of my eye I had noticed that Mind Reader was gripping the steering wheel so hard that indications of his hands were left on it.

Edweirdo's jaw twitched slightly as he glared darkly in front of him.

He soon began to take deep and calming breathes which he not needed.

He soon began to smirk, oh boy…

"Very funny love!" he grinned charmingly at me trying to dazzle me. For fuck's sake!

He has to be an idiot!

I just shake my head in retaliation as the car soon came up to the house.

After he parked the car, we had gotten out. I had actually gotten out faster than he did so he was shocked as I walked past him.

I immediately stop just a few short feet from the front door, my fists clench together in frustration.

I quickly turn around towards Edweirdo, "Wrong Edward! I have never once loved you! Have you ever wondered why I have never once said 'I love you' to your face? It's because I already love someone else! And no it wasn't because I was cheating on you, I was already dating him way before I had even met you!" I screamed out at him, the others soon appeared to find out what was going on.

Esme had her hands covering her mouth in shock; Carlisle's eyes were widening in shock at my tone.

Emmett, Jasper, and Rosalie were trying and failing at concealing their huge smiles and laughs.

Alice was doing a perfect imitation of a goldfish, which reminds me I have to feed Pinky when I get home…

"No love, you are obviously unwell and do not know what you are saying." He stated, his eyes turning coal black with rage.

I just shake my head and laugh hysterically, which is what caused Emmett, Jasper, and Rosalie to burst out into laughter.

"Guys, care to help me here in explaining to Edweirdo that he was only a distraction?" I angrily point to him as I stare at my laughing cousins.

"We're sorry Ourá! But, this is just too damn funny!" Emmett bellowed clutching his stomach.

"Jasper, please tell Edward what I feel when I am in his presence and when he kisses me" I ordered the Major.

He immediately calms down, and sent calming waves to Emmett and Rosalie.

"I assure you Edward that what she feels for you is not my doing and that this is what she truly feels for you." he began just for warning class.

"When she is near you she gives off disgust, repulsion, anger, annoyance, boredom, misery, hatred, depression, ashamed, and irritation." The Major finally finished off the long and depressing list of emotions that I feel when near Edweirdo's form.

Whilst he read off the emotions Edweirdo's eyes turned even blacker if possible and he started to growl.

What a fucking pansy. Hmm…I wonder if he'll he pop like Percy did when he had thought that Blackjack had gotten Mahjong pregnant. Ohhh…that would be the greatest thing since cable television!

"So now you see what I truly feel about you when I'm even beside your own figure! Face it Edweirdo, it's over, done, finite, terminated, ended, finished, closed, finis, annihilated, obliterated, erased, its fucking OVER!" I ranted and raved as I shouted the final word from my overly long list of synonyms for the word done. Thank you, thesaurus!

"Hold up, you love Edward I've seen it!" Alice argued, Edward, Esme, and Carlisle nodded their heads in agreement.

Pft…I was trying so hard not to burst out into laughter when she said that, oh my god!

"Bwahhhahahaha, man you really are stupid! Those were false visions, Pixie Girl! In other words, they are never gonna 'en!" I panted out as I continued to laugh whilst clutching my stomach.

Emmett, Jasper, and Rosalie were all laughing beside me in the same state. Ha, and they say that vampires have an unimaginable IQ level, what a bunch of bullshit!

My cell then decided it was gonna ring, Phantom Minds by Nana Mizuki blasted in the air.

"I gotta take this," I stated while holding up one finger as I answered my non-welcomed call.

"Ouránia, we've a serious problem!" Lotus shouted through all of the noise in the background, screams were heard and they so loud I had to pull my cell away from my ear, damn.

"What the hell is goin' on Glitter Gal?" I demanded as I glared angrily ahead,

Edweirdo had taken this particular time to come to my side and try to put his arms around my waist. Stupid ass, goddamn, no good, fuckin' asshole!

I move outta the way before he can touch as I make my way over to Em, Jazz, and Rose.

'Watch out!'


Okay that was defiantly Angel. And that hissing does not sound good.

'Roar, snort'


"Monsters, they've broke the barrier! We need to get outta here NOW!" Lotus screamed as whooshing sound neared the speaker.


I shut off my cell and turn towards Rose, Em, and Jazz who all heard what was happening and was looking worried.

My expression turned hard, "Rose is my bike here?" I questioned, if not we'll just gonna have to take the other cars.

"Yeah, it came in last week and I've already got it upgraded." Rose stated with her grey eyes hard.

"Alright, guys change of plans we're goin' to camp now" I stressed the now part as we make our way towards the garage. The rest of the Cullen's following close behind us in confusion.

There she was my brand new black and sapphire blue Yamaha 2015 YZF-R125 motorcycle, and with the new upgrades can now get up to three-hundred miles an hour in 0.62 seconds. (Sigh) it's my dream bike, that dad had given me as a Christmas present last year.

Oh, how I missed you baby! That old monster of a truck I drive around doesn't even begin to compare to my baby.

I smiled largely as my eyes take in the new chrome star hubcaps and sleek leather seats.

Rose did great with tuning her up!

"Catch!" Rose shouted catching my attention as the keys were thrown directly towards me, and I catch 'em with ease.

"Let's move guys. We need to take these kids to camp as fast as we can, I'm gonna call Jake, Lee, and Seth to help." I take out my cell and sent a text to Leah and Seth Clearwater (their also my half-brother and half-sister), along with Jacob Black (another one of my many cousins) to come and meet us at Hopemill Park.

I jump on my bike and start up the engine, revving it up immediately.

Rosalie, Em, and Jazz each jump into their own cars whilst the rest of Cullen's remain in shock; well more like Ed-bastard is seething mad.

I tear out of the garage with Rose in her M3 Convertible, Em in his Jeep Wrangler, and Jazz in his black Mustang.

The rest of the Cullen's were behind us running with trying to catch up with us. We came to an intersection where Jake skidded in with his Rabbit, Leah with her Audi R8, and Seth on his Suzuki 2012 R15 motorcycle.

I motion my hand for them to follow us towards the park. Loud explosions rocked through the air as we all skidded towards a halt.

I quickly shut off my bike and activate Drepáni Tou Neroú (Aqua Scythe in English) from its dormant form.

I twirl it around my body making the long blade instantly lengthen in length so now it was twice its own length. I quickly jump in front of a kid from the Mythology class who was being attacked by a Minotaur. I instantly sliced through it with my blade with ease, the kid who I now recognized as Hailey Leeds sighed in relief.

"Quick jump inside one of the cars and do not move!" I ordered reading my scythe to do more fighting.

Rose had her Celestial Bronze sword drawn as she sliced through several Empousai at once as she protected more kids.

"Guys, tell the kids to jump into any of the cars and to stay there!" I shouted as I dodged a Cyclops club. I proceeded to slice its head off in retaliation.

I notice Lucky Girl throwing multiple fire balls at several random monsters as she protected three more students.

Emmett had on his winged shoes with his Imperial Gold sword in his hands as he sliced through several monsters in the air. Jasper had his Celestial Bronze sword as he sliced off a hellhound's head.

I turn my head and notice that Cullen's were frozen at the sight of the battle. Tch…what a bunch of fucking-ass pansies. I twirl my scythe and it transforms into a bow and arrows appear strapped to my back. I pull back the bowstring as an arrow materialized at the ready. I narrow my eyes in order to get a better view of a monster.

By now only two kids remained whilst the rest were safe with the cars. A minotaur that I instantly recognized as being the same one both me and my brother had killed on her first day as half-bloods and then again last summer. Doesn't this guy ever know when to quit? Geez, I swiftly aim my arrow at the monster's weak point. The base of its neck, then I let the arrow fly at an amazing speeds as it engulfed itself in flames.

"ROARRR!" the Minotaur instantly turned to dust as the arrow pierced its neck, it was through and through shot.

Well, that was the last of the monsters, my bow and arrows transformed back into my scythe with its normal length blade.

I quickly run over to the two kids that were cornered by that minotaur. I instantly check for any wounds, finding that they had none.

"Come on you two, let's go to the others." I said stiffly on high alert for anymore monsters that decided to pop out like a jack in the box.

I gripped my scythe in my right hand as the kids follow me towards where the others are located on the other side of the park.

Thankfully no monsters appeared so we were finally able to catch our breaths from all the hiking.

Rosalie, Emmett, Jasper, Angel, Jake, Leah, and Seth had gathered the kids in one big group. As we approached the group I had noticed the Cullen's had finally snapped out of their flabbergasted stupor and was now starring at me in concern and sympathy.

Fuck, don't tell me to the Mist didn't work! If it did then I wanna know just what the hell it showed them anyway.

"Bella, put that thing down this instant!" Edweirdo shouted as he zoomed his way over to my hunched over figure as I leaned against my scythe in order to catch my breathe. Oh, for fuck sakes!

I straighten myself back up and glare dangerously at him as he tried to yank my scythe from my iron-like grip. I in turn yank my arm out of his steel-like grasp with a swoosh in the air from the blade of my scythe.

"Ha! Ourá? Oh my Hades, that would happen when Chaos comes back!" Jake yelled as the gang were holding their sides from laughing so hard and was leaning against each other for support. The kids that I had saved had already joined the other kids so now it was just the sparklpire and me, don't I have the best of luck?

I twist my scythe around in the air and stop the blade dangerously close to Edweirdo's neck. Edweirdo himself looked as if he would've pissed himself if he could've.

"First off Cullen," I spat Cullen out in an unnatural amount of hatred as I felt my eyes turn red.

"You do not tell me what to do." I stress out every word in venom.

"Second, I've held and fought with this scythe for the past two years. I know what I'mma doin'!" I growl loudly as everyone continued to stare at us, the others had calmed down and were now shaking their heads in disbelief at the garbage Cullen is spewing out now.

"Love, you can injure yourself! And, you know that Jasper has not mastered the complete control of the animal diet! He can drain you dry if you so much as fall!" Edweirdo accused, as I and the gang glare darkly at him for degrading Jasper like that.

My eyes flash brightly as Edward gasps in surprise and takes a step back in surprise and fear. Yeah, that's right Gayward, you should be afraid, very afraid.

"For your information, Edward," I spat out his name is disgust as I continue to glare at him, "Jasper happens to have much better control than Carlisle could ever accomplish! And do want to know why?" I smiled lightly as my eyes became brighter and brighter in silent rage.

"Its because he's an empath, and empath's can sense other beings emotions. So, in layman's terms, not only does he have to deal with his own bloodlust he has to deal with four other vampire's on top of his own! So, of course he won't be that in control, dipshit!" I screamed as I got closer and closer to him with each word.

"Ocean!" A deep male voiced yelled as everyone's heads snapped towards the direction it came from. And so, there stood Laurent, James, and Vikki.

Soon a large grin spread on my face as I smiled in happiness at the sight of my other cousins. Soon all three of them were in front of us, but of course the Cullen's took it the wrong way...Zeus have mercy upon us all!

Edweirdo was crouched down and was snarling angrily at the presence of my three friends. Carlisle, Esme, and Alice were also crouched in front of me and snarling, whilst Jasper, Emmett, and Rosalie were giving the other trio a happy grin.

"James" Edweirdo spat out in disgust, "I saw my brothers rip you apart myself! You were nothing but a pile of ash! How are you still alive?!" Edweirdo growled as he continued to crouch in front of me.

Oh boy, this is gonna be fun ain't it? My left eye started to twitch slightly from either annoyance or amusement that of which I could not tell nor do I give a flying Pegasus's ass.

"Jamie, Vikki, Ron!" I shouted as I raced passed the Cullen's crouched figures as I continued to literally jump on James with my scythe still in hand.

"Woah, there Ocean! I've missed you too, cuz! Still with the mind reader, eh?" Jamie grinned showing his teeth while I just smiled lightly in happiness.

"I see you've been taken my advice at how to fix up your hair," Vikki examined me slightly while I was in her husband's arms in approvement.

"Yep, you've should've seen Perce's face when I had IM'd him with a new style, he actually fainted from shock! Annie had to actually let Blackjack kick him all the way towards the coast because he wouldn't wake up!" I grinned in accomplishment as I willed my scythe to turn back into its dormant form.

"Ah, man amour, you truly are a child of Poseidon!" Ron laughed slightly in humor at the thoughts of Blackjack kicking Percy into the coast.

"Love, get away from them! Their monsters!" Edweirdo shouted as Esme, Carlisle, and Alice all nodded their heads in agreement in the background.

I tensed slightly as raw anger consumed me.

"Ya, should'nt said th'at part'ner." Jasper commented shaking his head in disgust.

Rosalie, Emmett, Jake, Seth, and Leah all began to glare darkly at him in hatred.

I silently step out of Jamie's grip, I bet you could literally feel the rage that surrounded my body as I swiftly walked towards Fuckward in slow threatening steps.

Edward of course stood his ground, he would'nt want a meager human to upstage him now would he?

"Listen here, and you better listen well Cullen because I am only going to say this once and only once" I literally hissed as a dark aura shrouded over me as I glared darkly at Edweirdo that could send Cerberus running with his tail between his legs.

"You do not know me, you do not own me, and you most certainly do not order me around." I hissed as I knew my eyes were now a raging sea of anger as Cullen shivered in terror when I was near his face.

I move back swiftly and turn on my heels to face the group that has now been joined by the three new cousins.

"I want at least two of you in each car with a group, each group will go into different directions and meet up at Camp. If you guys run into any monsters, well you guys," I addressed as I nodded my head towards my cousins.

"Know exactly what to do. And remember if one your charges strays away from the group one of you will track them before anything can happen. Do I make myself perfectly clear?" I sharply asked as I starred each and every one of them in the eye. They all had a look of determination on their faces as they all nodded in acknowledgment.

I close my eyes as I breathe in deeply through my mouth.

"Okay, there is approximately thirty kids, they all will be split off into four groups: four of five and one of ten, each group will have two guardians an one will be the designated driver and tracker for the safety of the trip. The other guardian will be in charge of making sure none of the little bastards run off or get separated from the group. Each group will take a vehicle unless you went on a motorcycle, then the other guardian can take the bike and guard the rear as you make your way to camp." I instructed as each went into the pairs as instructed: Rosalie and Emmett, Jasper and Laurent, Jake and Leah, James and Victoria, Lotus and Angel, Seth and me.

"I'll be takin' the rest of 'em with me, Seth your with me buddy. The Cullen's will follow after me and Seth as we make our way to Camp by running. I won't allow some petty normal vamps suck my charges dry, not on my watch. Seth your driving the Audi and I'll take my bike. Alright, everyone good?" I clasped my hands together as the gang nodded, soon all the charges were huddled into the numbered groups. I toss the keys to my Audi to Seth as he catches them as he instructs the others inside. I make my way confidently to my parked bike. Well, I would've been if some certain nosy-asses vampires weren't blockin' it from my view. I narrow my eyes slightly, they'd better not touch my baby otherwise Uncle Hades is gonna flip when four regular vamps make a surprise visit to him.

I growl softly as I noticed that Fuckward was touching my bike and examining it.

"I would suggest you back away from the bike, least you lose that arm." I pushed passed a distraught Esme and Carlisle along with a depressed Alice.

"Love, you are not riding this monstrosity! Come, I and my family take you in one of our cars." He practically oozed disgust as he looked at my bike.

I hissed slightly at his insults, "Do you have short term memory loss? What did I just tell you not a mere twenty minutes ago? I am taking my bike and you four will be running behind us." If that wasn't clues enough than I need to call Mr. D and check to see if they've been sniffing any wild Lotus Flowers nearby. Geez...

"Son, I think it would be wise as to listen to Bella." Carlisle warned stiffly as he continued to look at me in a depressed manner. Edweirdo growls in agitation as I just smirk in victory. Even if Carlisle never gave the warning, I would've givin' him my own form of a warning, namely maiming him and bury his separate body part deep underground.

"You better keep up, and if you happen to lose track of us, well..." I smirked lightly as I fixed my leather jacket tightly around my chest with the moonlight reflecting off the shiny skin.

"Then that's your own problem." I finished as I turned the ignition on as the engine purred to life and I put it into gear and moved forward in front of the groups. I turn around and nod my head and they each took off into a different direction but all heading to the same place.

I pulled up to my group as Seth revved the engine and grinned brightly at me as I give him a smile return. Soon were on our way to Camp with four vamps behind us. My life just keeps gettin' better and better don't it?