With the wind blowing my hair around wildly, I had just remembered I had left my Inifinity Bag in the bed of Old Red, fuck!

Thankfully it responds to my will so it simply teleported itself on my back, securely fassened. Okay here's a little insight, all of the cars are as big as the Cullen's living room on the inside whilst the outside stays the same. It also happens to have a portable working bathroom and fully stocked and furnished kitchen. Did I forget to mention that the car's never have to be refueled because it will automatically refill itself when it gets low? The same thing happens with my bike.

Soon mist surronded my head as a helmet appeared securly fastened on my head. Already knowing what to do, I quickly IM'd Uncle Charlie on the helmet's built-in Wi-Fi IM radio as Charlie's face popped up onto the visor of the helmet. He appeared to be so fixed on the game that he didn't notice the IM beside him.

I soon released a very loud and very earth-shattering whistle that caused him to jump twenty feet into the air and crash into the top of the ceiling.

"CRASH!" I wince slightly as I see his body come crashing down onto the table, which became splinters from the force of the impact. Shit, hope he's alright.

"What the FUCK Ouránia?! You've could've KILLED ME!" He screamed as he patted the plaster from his body.

"Sorry Uncle Charlie, there's been an unexpected change of plans." I soon began to tell him of what had happened and he went from pissed to worried in five seconds flat.

Charlie nods his head at the plan, "Just be careful Ourá, your father and mother will both have my head on silver and gold platter if something were to happen to you on my watch." He had paled slightly as he imagined both my parents raging faces.

I smile happily, "I'll IM you when we make it to Camp, also do you think you can send a Mega IM to the Volturi and tell them that they are needed?" I smile back at him.

Charlie grunted in reponse to my request.

"Thank you Uncle Charlie! I love you!" I sent an invisible kiss as the IM disconnected. By the way I have an account that will automatically take out the drachmas needed for the Iris Messages and other things.

The hair on the back of my neck suddenly stood on end as I looked through the corner of my eyes and saw Ed-bastard being too close for comfort. So I did the only natural reaction I could do in that type of situation. I hit the accelerator, instantly going from forty to one-hundred in three seconds and leaving the pansy literally coughing up dust.

"Hey, Sis!" Seth's voice echoed through the helmet.

"What is it? If its something I don't wanna hear, than I'll maim you!" I growl darkly as Seth chuckled in fear.

"Uh, well than in that case I probably should just tell you anyway" He began I could actually hear the nervousness in his voice.

My right twitched slightly in response, "What? What the fuck is it this time?" I spat out in anger.

"Um, well there just happens to be about five Laistrygonian Giants about twenty-five miles ahead of us..."

"For fuck's sake! Seth take a fucking detour and continue to Camp! And for Gods' sakes, confiscate all of those little bastards cell phones!" I shouted as I watched the Audi screech to an immediate halt and make a sharp and very illegal U-Turn instnatly going over the median onto the other side of the highway.

I immediately accelerated pushing a good three-hundred in no time flat, shit Seth wasn't kiddin' when he said that they were Laistrygonian Giants!

I immediately brake my bike and screech to a complete 180-stop and jump off with my helmet automatically disappearing.

Suddenly I felt two ice-cold arms wrap themselves around my waist as I was suddenly being dragged back away from the giants.

I swiftly dig my boots into the pavement instantly making the cement crush from my force.

I then proceed to grab onto Cullen's arms and drop-kicking him twenty feet away and into the forest along the side of the road.

"What did I just fucking tell ya not six hours ago! Do not mess with me, I mean it! Carlisle, unless you want to have a plastic baggie filled with your hard-ass son's ashes, I would suggest you restrain him!" I shouted angerily as Ed-bastard ran towards me only to be stopped by Carlisle, Alice, and Esme. Of course he wouldn't allow that, oh no, he just wouldn't give up.

They had all managed to pin him down onto the pavement as I ran headlong into the giants. My scythe instantly activating as I twisted it in the air as I continue to run, the blade becoming longer and the end of it becoming almost like that of a sword.

I skid to a halt in order to dodge a club and jump into the air and instantly land on top of the said club and wasting no time at all in running along the top of it. I then sliced off one of the giants heads as it instantly crumpled into a heap of gold dust as I turn a complete 180 to dodge two other weapons of the giants and twirl my scythe like a propellar, the blades slicing off the monsters arms clean off as they both screamed in pain.

I land crouching on my feet with my scythe twisting in my left hand, I then swiftly dig the sword-like blade of the end of it into one of monsters that tried and I say tried loosely sneaking up behind me.

I then proceeded to brandish the scythe in front of me as I eyed the remaining giants in disgust.

The one who still had his arms ran at me at amazing speeds as I dodge the club and grab its weapon and proceed to toss both the club and the giant into the air a good 1,000 feet I'd say.

Whilst one giant was in the air I quickly slice the one with no arms. I twist my scythe around my body and jump up into the air and with myself meeting the falling giant head first with my blade coming down immediately sending a shower of gold falling down as I land swiftly on the solid ground. I then proceed to to brandish my scythe in front of me with the blade pointing outward as I eye the area for any un-welcomed surprises.

Unfortunatly, Ed-bastard had somehow broken free from his coven's grips and was now zooming towards me at lightning speeds. My eyes narrow slightly as I channel Uncle Zues's power of the sky along with my father's power over the earth and sea.

Quickly before he gets any closer I raise my scythe towards the sky and slam the blade into the ground, which instantly causes a very large fissure to errupt from the area and widen in diameter. The fissure had caughten the bastard by surprise as he just about fell down into it and pit of hot lava below, damn I was hoping he would fall.

"What did I say about no interfering! Damn, you're fuckin' stubburn!" I shout as the skies become darker and darker with thunder and lightning errupting around the area.

"Love, that language is not appropriate for a lady! Now come here, and I shall help you get more curtsey and get rid of that horrifying accent!" the douche stated as he held his arms out in front him as if expecting me to just jump into them. Yeah, fucking right and I'm a Hydra, damn this guy is stupid!

I growl lightly as the thunder and lightning become worse following with my temper. I take several calming breathes as my scythe reverts to its dormant form again and everything returns to normal. I forcibly push my way past Edweirdo and march my way over to my bike, I know that Seth and the little hellions are probably at camp by now at the way Seth was driving earlier.

I mount my bike as the mist surrounds my head again with my helmet in place and I rev up the engine. With the tires spinning I blast passed a shocked Edweirdo and three gobsmacked veggie-vamps. I pick up my speed from one-hundred and thirty to three-hundred in less than five seconds flat. Which reminds me that I have to get Rose something as a thank you for this.

I was soon zooming towards the destination, praying to all of the gods that there are no more unexpected surprises. And, of course with my fucking luck, not three states later I skid to a stop and barely missing the large tail of a one-hundred and fifty foot long Basilisk.

Don't suppose anybody has a rooster around, do they...yeah that's what I thought too...FUCK!

I instantly accelerate barely missing the thousands of venomus fangs crunching into me like potato chips, which reminds me, I'm hungry!

I make sure my helmet is securely fasioned, as my scythe materializes in thin air, twirling around in mid-air as I dodge another attempt at having me for lunch. I quickly grab my scythe by its handle and twist my body so I fly over the basilisk, completely dodging it mind you. And making all those pussy-ass cheerleaders envious of my perfect form, ha take that Lauren and Jessica who's the bitch now?

I immediately slam my enlarged scythe into the middle of the giant snake's tail-end, with my feet firmly planted onto its super-heavy-duty skin; I'm gonna have to get some of the Hephaestus cabin to make use of this thing once I kill it. I swiftly run along the back of it, all the way dragging my scythe, leaving a large trench-like cut that continues as I make my way up to the top of the monster's head. My scythe instantly slices the snakes head wide-open as I twist my body and gain momentum in dragging the blade along the front towards the jaws.

I gracefully land in front of the beast as it fell in two like a boulder and onto the earth, making the earth underneath it crack and shower me as I raise my arm in trying to cover it from the debris.

I crack my neck, ah...that felt great. Now, what am I to do with a hundred and fifty foot basilisk carcess? Hmm...

As I was pondering if I should phone in or not the Cullen's were soon surrounding me. I felt arms crushing me as I squirmed unconfortmably. Turns out Esme has a very good grip.

"Oh, hunny! You nearly gave Carlisle and I heart attacks!" Esme exclaimed as she looked me over for any injuries.

Vampires can get heart attacks? I'm gonna have to ask Uncle Hades about that.

Phantom Minds started playing as I pushed Esme off of me as I dig into my pocket for my phone.


"Where are you?!" Percy's voice ranged out in a panic.


"I'm inside of the forest, about thirty or so miles from the Camp actually." I replied as I batted Alice's hand away as she tried to fix my hair.

Percy sighed in relief, "Well what's the hold up?"

"Um, well..." I started as I turned and looked at the very dead snake in dismay.

"We sorta had a slight problem on the way there..." I finished.

Silence was what greeted me after I shared that tidbit of information.

"What did you do?" Percy asked accusingly.

I scoff at his tone, "Now why do you always seem to think that its my fault? You've had your fair share of trouble to ya know!" I bit back as I suckerpunched Ed-bastard in the gut, causing him to heave over when he tried sneak up behind me.

"Because, you always start the incidents in the first place if I recall the aquarium incident in second grade?" Percy highlighted the incident, as I roll my eyes at his blatant disregard of his actions on that day as well, I mean how can you accidently fire a Civil War cannon at the school bus? I mean that's just insane, but then again I did make the scaffolding overtop of the shark tank with our class on top of it fall in with several sharks.

"Well, anyway. Do ya think you'd could get the Hepahaestus cabin over here to help me?" I retorted, knowing full well that he would ask why I needed them.

"Why?" his voice was dripping in susciopen.

Told ya so...

"Um, well...ya know how I said that there was a slight problem that I had to deal with?" I began

"Yes, why?"

"Well...uh. I kinda had to...well..."

"Get on with it already sis, Annie is getting impatient of you not being here and Nico has worn a hole into our floor in the cabin from pacing back and forth already!"

"Alright! I had just killed a basilisk! There I said it, happy now?"



"Come again?"

"I said I just killed a basilisk" I repeated.

I distinctly heard yelling and crashes in the background.

"Hey, girl. Perce is busy right now at trying to stop your boyfriend from making a break for it when you said the word basilisk. Now would you mind telling how a basilisk had come across your little entourge?" Annabeth's voice sounded as more crashes were heard in the background.

"Well, the good thing is that I killed the damn thing. The bad news is that it turn into dust after I killed it, and that's why I wanted the Hephaestus cabin here in order to help bring it into camp."

"Hmm...and just how big are we talking about here? Fifty feet? Eighty feet long? Come on Ourá give me an estmate here."

"Um, well...I'd say that the bitch was atleast, and I'm stressing the atleast part of it being around one hundred and fifty feet long almost two hundred easy."


Crash! Bang!

I winced slightly at the noise.


"Alright we'll be there at about an hour or so, since we're gonna round up all the Hephaestus cabin and meet you. Where are you?"

"I'm that two hundred year old oak by the I-90 interstate. And thanks"

"No prob, see ya!"

Well that was easy...