"Hey Pretty Boy, wanna come with me and Baby gonna get something to drink."Morgan said as he motioned towards Garcia.

Reid looked up from his messenger bag with a small smile." I'd love to but I'm going to spend some time at the library."He pouted."Don't you read enough! Besides were not gonna be out long!"She chirped."Sorry,I'll see you two tomorrow, bye."He said as he slung his bag onto his and Garcia said bye as Spencer left on the then exited the building towards the bus stop, where then the bus came.

After he got off the bus, he went towards the Library that was near his entered to see the librarian at her desk, which he smiled at."Spencer, nice to see you today." "You too, ."He greeted as he walked to one of the tables, setting his bag in a went over to the shelves that had he browsed through the selections, the presence of another person came by him.

"Um, excuse me can you pass me that book please?"

Spencer looked up to see a golden blonde haired had blue framed glasses on, a long sleeve white shirt,a beige colored skirt, and beige with heels on she was shorter then him though."Um,yeah, passed her a book that said 'Love in Sparta'."Thank you."She said smiled at him."I'm Rochele, what's your name."Reid smiled."Spencer, Spencer to meet you Rochele.""Hmm, I've heard of your name before, do you work for the BAU?"She asked curiously."Yeah,I was working a case here-""About the five homicides! Yes I've heard, I'm glad your team have arrested the killer.I myself am trying out in that particular field-"All of a sudden her phone beeped."Oh sorry,I have to go, it was nice meeting you Spencer!"She said as she left."Bye."