"What the hell are you doing in Los Angeles?" Gwen says angrily

"I just came out to visit my friends." Theresa says even though she knows how it sounds

"Ethan, Ethan - right. You came out here to try to be with Ethan." Gwen says

"No, I came out to visit Chad, Whitney, and Fox." Theresa says

"I don't believe you." Gwen says but Theresa realizes Gwen's tone is soft yet more threatening than she has ever heard.

"It's true. It's true. I didn't know that you and Ethan were going to be in Los Angeles when I left Harmony." Theresa says objecting strongly

"You know what, I don't even have the strength to fight with you. Just leave Ethan alone. Please, Theresa, just leave us alone and let us grieve for our baby." Gwen says turning on her side to face the bassinette

"I'm sorry about what happened." Theresa says placing her hand on Gwen's shoulder

"Whatever. Theresa, our fights over Ethan, my anger at you - I mean, nothing has ever hurt me so much as losing our baby, my little girl. My beautiful baby girl." Gwen says turning to face Theresa again.

"I better get you that water, ok?" Theresa says defeated

"Wait. Theresa, did you hear about our baby?" Gwen says through the pain and suffering

"Yeah. Yeah, I heard. That's why I'm here at the hospital. I wanted to tell you how sorry I am." Theresa says as she places her hands over her heart.

"Thank you. Thank you. In a horrible time like this, it's really good to see a familiar face from home. Even yours." Gwen says through a forced smile.

"I'll just get you that water." Theresa says as she turns to leave

"Oh, my god. My mother warned me this could happen, and now it has! I saw you and Ethan kissing on TV. You came down here to steal my husband!" Gwen says as the memories flood back to her and she sits up

"No, I didn't. I didn't, please listen to me. That's not why I'm here I came here to give you, Ethan and most importantly your baby time to get well, so that the stress I caused you would stop and your baby would be born healthy and happy!" Theresa says through teary eyes

"How can I believe you, you've lied to me more times than I can count. So tell me why should I believe you." Gwen says getting more angry.

"Because I realized how detrimental my being near you and Ethan was to you precious little girl and I did not want to be the reason if something terrible happened to her." Theresa says as she slowly approaches Gwen.

"That didn't exactly work. I remember everything now Theresa I saw you and Ethan kissing that's why I lost it and came looking for you and I remember our fight and how I fell." Gwen says waiting for Theresa's response

"You don't know how sorry I am for that fight, and the kiss took even me by surprise and right after it happened I called Fox and told him to buy me a ticket back home because of what Ethan and I had is over and I was not going to get sucked into hurting you or your baby again." Theresa says as she sits down on Gwen's bed and places her hands on Gwen's hand.

"You really mean that don't you. I can see it all over your face, you're telling me the truth." Gwen says about to cry

"I do mean it Gwen, I know it's hard to believe hell I wouldn't believe it if I were you but here take a look." Theresa says through tears as she goes into her purse and pulls out a sheet of paper and shows it to Gwen

"It's a one-way ticket back to Harmony time stamped 7:30 pm right before I came to the apartment. What is this?" Gwen looks at another page which is an email from Theresa to Pilar and it says. "Mama Gwen and Ethan are here in LA I have to make sure they don't find me here I want Gwen and the baby to be stress free, call you later love Theresita." Gwen hands the papers back to Theresa and her entire demenor towards her former nemesis changed she now believed that Theresa tried to leave her alone but the sad truth is her own insecurities contributed to her daughters untimely death. "What have I done, I killed my precious Sara. You tried to calm me down Theresa you tried but I wouldn't stop baiting you I attacked you can you ever forgive me." Gwen says breaking down and sobbing uncontrollably.

"You want me to forgive you? I should have gotten out of here the second I realized you were here." Theresa says shocked by Gwen's request

"I was clearly wrong that's why God took my baby girl." Gwen says defeated with her head down

"How about I make a deal with you, everything that's happened between you and I is over and done. I know that sounds heartless being the fact you lost your beautiful girl, but for now let's wipe the slate clean, no apologies, no who did what to whom first. It's done, and we can start to rebuild-" Theresa says genuinely before being cut off

"A friendship! You know Theresa that's all I ever wanted, I know I gave you a very hard time up until now in regards to Ethan and you trying to steal him. But deep down inside I always wanted to be friends." Gwen says with a smile

"We still can be that's what I'm asking right now, let me help you, not Ethan or myself just you. My sick obsession with Ethan is over now, through this crisis I've learned I will find love again and not from someone else's husband. I deserve- no we deserve better than someone who can't decide who he truly loves! I will help you and only you with Sara's arrangements and I will be there for you if you'll let me!" Theresa says as Gwen realizes every word her now former nemesis is saying is 100% genuine.

"I won't only let you I need it. I agree this is over it needs to be over the anger, the pain, the manipulations all of it. We can help each other thank you Theresa, thank you so much." Gwen grabs Theresa and they hug, then Gwen starts to sob uncontrollably, through Gwen's heartbreak and tears breaks a slight smile happy

Then curtain is pulled away as Ethan, and Dr. Taylor look in and see the back of Theresa's head and from the looks of it looks like she is choking Gwen.

"Nurse call security right now." Dr. Taylor screams as he and Ethan runs in and Ethan pulls Theresa off of Gwen

"You are unbelievable you know that I told you to leave Gwen alone!" Ethan yells at the love of his life

"Ethan leave her alone-" Gwen says shocked at the way Ethan grabbed Theresa.

"No it's not she's hurt us for the last time, and now she's killed our baby Sara it's-" Ethan says still holding Theresa's arm

"Ethan I said SHUT UP and leave Theresa alone!" Gwen says almost yelling

"Gwen you're not thinking clearly, I've told this nasty woman time and time again to leave you alone." Dr. Taylor says through clenched teeth.

"I'm only going to say this one more time, Theresa and I have spoken and everything is fine between us. Actually it's even better than fine." Gwen says smiling through the puffy eyes

"You heard her Ethan now if you'll please get your dam hands off of me!" Theresa screeches ripping her arm out of Ethan's grip. She was still angry as hell but chuckled to herself at thinking that there was a time she would've given anything for Ethan to touch her, now Theresa is disgusted to even think the man she loves would ever hurt her. Ethan is shocked by her reaction.

"Mrs Winthrop are you sure about this I can have her thrown in jail. We all told her to leave you alone." Dr. Taylor says

"They did Gwen then they all took turns telling me how much of a monster I am and how I murdered your Sara." Theresa says almost hysterical

"Is this true? Dr. Taylor? Ethan you called Theresa the monster?" Gwen says with a plan as Theresa knows that look because she's gotten that look herself when she came up with a plan.

"She told me to save the baby and let you die! She doesn't care about you Gwen only that I would be free to have me all to herself." Ethan says desperately.

"I did Gwen but you have to understand-" Theresa says frantically

"Shut up you whore." The nurse says entering the cubicle

"Theresa I got this. You all have some nerve passing judgment on Theresa but I'll start with my dear husband Ethan. You have told me time and time again that Theresa and her family are devout Catholics and if there is a choice between saving a baby or the mother the right choice is to save the baby! I would never have faulted you for that! What I fault you for is kissing Theresa while I was in the hospital and our Sara was fighting for her life, and I swear if you tell me she kissed you I will beat you senseless, I saw it on the news you wanted it just as much as she did." Gwen says sick of the lies from her husband as Dr. Taylor looks shocked. "I bet he didn't tell you that part did he Dr.?" Gwen snaps back

"No he didn't." Dr. Taylor says

"There you go my husband kissed Theresa and she tried to leave but I got to her before she could leave and I- I-" Gwen says as she starts to cry and Theresa consoles her.

"Gwen still your daughter is dead and this woman is responsible." Dr. Taylor says venomously

"She doesn't deny it, and neither do I but my husband will never admit it was partly his as well. I want you all to leave me and my husband for a few minutes because we need to make a few things crystal clear." Gwen says as they all start to turn around. "Theresa I'll just be a few minutes so don't go far because I'm gonna need my friend." Gwen says as Theresa rushes over and hugs Gwen and they turn and all leave aside from Ethan.