A few months pass and the day of the double wedding is here. In the bridal suite Theresa and Gwen are in there gowns fixing themselves in the mirror.

"Have you seen two more beautiful brides in your life?" Theresa asks

"Never." Gwen says as they both laugh they turn to each other as Whitney and Sheridan come into the room.

"It's almost time you two." Whitney says handing Theresa her bouquet.

"You both look absolutely breathtaking." Sheridan says handing Gwen her bouquet.

"Did you ever think we'd be here?" Theresa asks

"Not in a million years." Gwen says

"You both have come a long way." Sheridan says

"Everyone is so happy for you both." Whitney says

"I just want to say Theresa, if it wasn't for you I would still be in a marriage committed to a man that was in love with you. Lastly I wouldn't have my three beautiful children." Gwen says

"Gwen, we make each other better, and I am so glad that we were able to become friends through all the hell we put each other through. The baseball bats, the slaps, the nasty comments-" Theresa says being cut off

"The tabloids." Gwen interjects laughingly

"You are my best friend next to Whitney of course and I couldn't be happier. If it weren't for you I would never have reconnected with my soon to be husband so thank you." Theresa says

"We have the men of our dreams and the families we always wanted." Gwen says

"The next step to our happy endings. It's fate." Theresa says as they all laugh and they hear the church bells ring. Luis & Jonathan Hotchkiss walk in.

"Are you both ready?" Luis asks

"I've been waiting my whole life for this." Theresa says

"Gwen you look amazing, darling." Jonathan says kissing his daughter on the cheek.

"Thank you daddy. Well let's go get hitched." Gwen says as they all leave

The processional starts as the bridesmaids and groomsman walk down the aisle. First is Little Ethan, the ring bearer pushing the flower girls, Jane and Faith in a double stroller with Pilar in tow smiling from ear to ear, Rebecca proudly walks down carrying Nathan, Paloma walks down carrying Ashley while Mitzy (Gwen's sorority sister) walks in carrying Little Theresa, followed by, Miguel & Kay, Simone & Hank, Jessica & Jared (Fox's roommate at boarding school) followed by the matron's of honor and best men Whitney & Chad, then Sheridan & Julian. Then the music starts and everyone rises first Gwen and Jonathan walk in and get to the altar where Fox waits as Jonathan gives her a kiss and hands her over to Fox. The music restarts and Theresa and Luis walk in and up to the altar where Luis hands his sister over to Noah. The music concludes and the guests sit down. Father Lonigan comes up and gives the opening to the wedding. Ivy and Sam beam with pride as does Eve holding at young sleeping Miles as her and Julian smiles at each other adoringly it appears to all everyone that peace has now arrived in Harmony.

"If there's anyone who sees that these two couples should not be wed speak now or forever hold your peace." At that exact moment a loud thud is heard as everyone turns and sees Ethan standing at the back of the church.

"You've got to be kidding me. I though he was in a psych ward." Fox says

"I heard he got out. I'm gonna kill him." Noah says

"Noah, please he didn't exactly object let's please continue." Theresa says to the church

"Yes please." Gwen says seething that the man who cost her a child has the audacity to show up at her wedding.

"If there are no more interruptions we will continue." Father Lonigan says

"I have something to say." Ethan says

"No you don't!" Fox says quickly

"Ethan now is not the time." Ivy says

"Mother, everyone I want to say that I am terribly sorry to both of these couples for my obsession and criminal behavior and I just want to wish the happy couples many congratulations and with your permission to sit in on the rest of the ceremony." Ethan asks with a shaky voice.

"One outburst and I personally throw you out." Fox says as Ethan sits next to Sam & Ivy.

"By the power bested in me I now pronounce you husbands and wives, Fox, Noah you may kiss your lovely brides." Father Lonigan says as they have their first kisses as married couples and the church explode in cheers. Meanwhile a person stands in the back of the church and watches the couples as they prepare to leave the church. It's Alistair Crane happy that all is well.

Ethan sits there with tears in his eyes. He has lost his college romance and his one true love.

Little Ethan goes running to his father and gives him a huge hug. "I missed you daddy." Little Ethan says rested his head on his father's shoulder.

"I missed you too buddy. I am back and I am never going anywhere again. I promise." Ethan says as he realizes his son comes first and will always from then on and he won't go looking for love, that love will find him again.

At the reception at Crane Gardens everyone is dancing, drinking and eating. Ethan sits with a sleeping Little Ethan in his arms. A cling from a glass is heard as everyone sits down. Alistair Crane stands in front of the table with a microphone. "Uh oh." Sam says as he and Ivy laugh

"Good evening ladies and gentleman of Harmony. I just want to give my congratulations to the happy couples. " Alistair says as the couples kiss. "I also would like to take this opportunity to make a very special announcement." He says as there are uneasy groans from the crowd. "It's not a shocking secret but it is something that will shock you all. I am going to step down as the head of Crane Industries." The crowd starts to whisper with shock. "I feel this is the correct decision right now and I want to say something I've never said before, I am beaming with pride for all of my children and grandchildren." Julian, Sheridan, Sam, Fox, Noah, even Ethan smile. "This may be out of the blue but I have met someone and need to focus my time on her." Alistair says winking at Pilar as she blushes. "Unfortunately I cannot give the company to you all I have another idea. The company will be split between all of the families, all with different responsibilities. Julian you will be in charge of overseas communications. Theresa and Noah, you will run the Harmony retail and Crane Consumer fashion. Fox and Gwen, you will run operations and marketing. Sam you will run the Harmony Police Department and Sheridan and Luis will be in charge of Crane security International. Last but certainly not least Ethan you will run the legal division." With that everyone erupts with applause. "I have one more thing to give my wedding gifts to the married couples." He says as he takes out an envelope and hands it to Fox as Gwen, Theresa and Noah look on. "That is the deed to the Crane mansion it now belongs to the Fox and Gwen for your family." Alistair says

"Alistair Thank you so much." Gwen says

"You're quite welcome and to Noah and Theresa." Alistair hands them a box with a white bow on it. They open it and there are papers inside. "Those are blueprints to the Bennett Crane Mansion which will be built on the land right next door to the Crane mansion. You will all be gated in so Crane security can keep an eye on both. The house will be built in two weeks' time I have made sure of it. I need my grandchildren and great grandchildren close when I come to visit." Alistair says

"This is amazing Alistair." Theresa says giving him a hug.

"It is my greatest pleasure. Now enjoy the rest of the reception, all changes will take place in one weeks' time." Alistair says as he walks up to Pilar and holds his hand out she takes it as they move to the dance floor and begin a slow dance.

Gwen and Theresa sit at a table watching the first successful double wedding Harmony has ever seen.

"I am so happy for your mother." Gwen says

"She deserves all the happiness in the world." Theresa says

"Well Theresa we did it." Gwen says

"We certainly did." Theresa says

"Can I tell you something?" Gwen says

"Anything." Theresa says

"We made all of our dreams come too." Gwen says

"Did you tell Fox yet?" Theresa asks

"Not yet but I will." Gwen says smiling

A short time later Gwen and Fox are dancing.

"Well my loving husband we finally made it." Gwen says with her arm wrapped around his neck.

"We sure did, and you made me happier than I ever thought possible." Fox says

"I have to tell you something." Gwen says

"Anything." Fox says

"I'm pregnant again Fox." Gwen says

"Are you sure?" Fox asks

"Yes definitely." Gwen says

"But I thought that-" Fox says

"I started those experimental treatments and I'm and pregnant and being closely monitored by Dr. Russell. So far the baby is growing normally and has a strong heartbeat." Gwen says

"Once again you've made me the happiest man in the world." Fox says twirling Gwen then kissing her.

Close to them Theresa and Noah are dancing. "I have a secret to tell you." Theresa says

"What is it?" Noah asks

Theresa leans over and whispers into his ear. "I want more children." She says

"Dear that sounds great but you've had just had 5 in the past 2 years don't you want to take a break?" Noah asks

"That was the plan." Theresa says with a smirk

"What do you mean was the plan. Theresa are you pregnant?" Noah asks

"Are you mad?" Theresa asks

"No I'm not mad that fantastic." Noah says giving her a kiss

"Let's just hope it's one this time." Theresa says

"I dunno I always wanted a huge family." Noah says rubbing her belly

"We'll leave it up to fate." Theresa says kissing him as the night finishes.