After careful monitoring and bed rest Gwen gives birth to a healthy baby boy, Jonathan Matthew Crane and is so happy that everything is perfect for her.

Theresa gives birth to a boy as well, Martin Edward Bennett Crane, her, Noah and the kids are settled in the Bennett Crane Mansion and are enjoying married life and being so close to there best friends Gwen and Fox.

Ethan initially kept his promise to focus on Little Ethan until he finally met a woman named Valerie and pursues a relationship to find out she was already seeing Ethan's friend Jared but she falls in love with Ethan as well. She decides to marry Jared but strings Ethan along and tells him that she is committed to her vows and will not leave her husband.

Pilar begins to date Alistair and they are traveling the world. In there travels they find out that Martin Fitzgerald left his family to go back to Ireland where he ran the Irish Mob and had another family, he got involved in a bad deal and was killed. Pilar and Martins other wife have become good friends. Pilar and Alistair's family and friends are thrilled they were able to find love in each other and have set a wedding date.

Sheridan and Luis get married and have two sons. Luis has finally accepted that the Cranes are not bad and has welcomed Alistair into his family.

Miguel gives up on Charity marries Kay when he realizes that he loved Kay all along and they have one daughter and pregnant with there second child.

Whitney and Chad had a scare when they think that Chad is Julian's son and Eve was his mother but a DNA test proved Alistair and Liz are Chad's parents and Liz was adopted so Chad and Whitney are not blood related. Chad decided to start his own business when Whitney and him realized they missed there family and friends in Harmony so they moved back. Whitney is now pregnant with her second child...a girl.

When Grace finds out David was hired by Ivy to pretend to be her first husband she secretly returns to Harmony and tries to kill Ivy only to fail and go to jail. Sam realizes after blowing up at Ivy for lying that no matter what happens he will always love Ivy so he divorces Grace and finally marries Ivy.

T.C. had too much trouble letting go of the Eve's past and Eve put her foot down and realized that she will not be constantly reminded of her mistakes so she divorces T.C. and finally marries the love of her life Julian. They find there long lost son Vincent who is a successful jazz singer in New York City and was overjoyed to find his birth parent he moves to Harmony when Julian bought the Blue Note and made his son the head entertainer, he is Chad's first recording artist and are recording an album together. To make up for what he has done Alistair puts Eve in charge of Harmony Hospital.

Rebecca has sobered up and only drinks to celebrate special occasions, she and Jonathan have decided to give there marriage another shot and now her and Jonathan run Hotchkiss Enterprises together and she became faithful to him.

Jessica and Simone finally come out to there parents and are now living together with the support of both families and the other residents of Harmony live happily ever after…

One night Alistair is walking in Harmony cemetery with one red rose he solemnly walks to Maggie's grave to deliver the flower when he approaches the site he notices that the grave is dug up. Not that entire thing just a hole big enough for a person, like someone dug out of the grave...

The End...?