Ryuga sighed as he was looking out an opened window,the cold air blowing into the lights streamed by,as well as Christmas carolers and last minute kinda amused the golden eyed teen,how they scurried about from one place to was also new to him as he watched the snow flakes fall from the sky as well.

It was even rare that he was gonna spend the holidays with someone

Yes,Gingka (mostly Kenta) had begged him to at least stay over at the they had convinced him to stay until the day after Christmas felt kinda ...what was the word...awkward at the bey mechanics though all the crappy things he done to them they wanted him over at their sat up in the bed and decided to leave...he actually felt...well felt as if he didn't deserve the kindness they gave had no body from the start...so he was gonna keep it that way.

Ryuga slipped back on the grey hoodie Gingka let him have,black jeans and black and white pulled the hood over his head as he opened the door to the room and slipped walked across the living room floor and made it to the front door.

"Were your friends Ryuga,We can't just leave you by youself in the cold!Especially on Christmas!"

Gingka...he had to admit that red head was the most positive person he giving 100%,never backing down,always a happy had once made a tinge of jealously rise in Ryuga but immediately it melted that though he left out the door,only to be amazed by the scenery before of snow covered the sidewalks and streets,christmas decor decorated lamp post,buildings, and carolers of all ages were out...even the old.

But what caught his attention was that they were all together.

Every last person that was out was with someone,every time he turned a corner there were groups and partners and friends all the youngest of children weren't alone!Everybody had someone...

Except him.

Anger was building up inside of him,Ryuga wanted to lash out at everyone...but suddenly something stopped mindlessly walked all the way to Bey Park where the Christmas Tree was lighted star on top twinkled with hope and kindness.

And he relized something...he wasn't alone...he never was