Chapter 1

Between her power, Emma's power, and the magical bean they were able to stop the self-destruction of the town. But now, without the bean, they had no way to get to Henry. No way to rescue him from wherever that god damn portal took him.

Regina looked around herself. She could hardly believe she was, quite willing at that, working with the Snow, Charming, Captain Hook, and Miss. Emma Swan. All because of one little boy she was forced to listen to them, "the heroes" planning a rescue"

"What are we going to do? Without the bean we can't travel between real—"

"Bean or no bean, we need to learn where that blasted portal took Henry before we can begin to plan on how we are going to get there." Regina interrupted Snow.

"Well, how do we do that?" asked Emma.

"We need to make a deal."


"Do you know where he is?" Charming demanded after we explained everything to Gold.

"Of course I do, dearie. I even know of a way for you to get there. I just need a little favor in return." Gold answered all the while leaning against his counter with that infuriating smirk of his.

"Well? What favor?" "I need you to kill or trap Peter Pan, killing is definitely preferred."

"Wait" Emma interrupted "You want us to kill Peter Pan? Isn't he just some little kid?"

"Peter Pan is a monster. As true of a monster you can get." Hook answered her.

"Done." Regina spoke up before anyone else could. She's killed plenty before, killing Pan won't affect her any. "Now tell me how we are going to get to Neverland."

"Why dearie, you already know who you need to ask. I believe you named her Jessica Carter."

"The cat has her magic back?! How do we know she didn't take off as soon as her memories and magic came back?" Regina demanded, angrier at herself for not thinking of that stupid feline in the first place.

"Of course she did. And you won't know until you go and look."

Regina was rushing out the door before he finished his sentence. She heard everyone walking behind her but she was glad. She wasn't sure she'd be able to convince the cat to work for her. Though, it was a good cause and she is known for helping all those with a good case.

"Where are we going?" asked Emma

"Too see about a realm traveler. Though I warn you, she can be quite irritating. Don't take anything she says personally but always seriously. She rarely will tell you something unless you need to know it." Regina responded.

"Just who is this?" demanded David.

Regina sighed. "Here she is called Jessica Carter. She's a photographer and loner. She only really spoke with her adopted brother Adam Carter."

"And her Enchanted Forest identity?" Snow asked cautiously.

"The Cheshire Cat."

Hello lovelies. Here's a story that has been stuck in my head for quite awhile. This story is completely AU. I am taking it and making it my own. People who are dead aren't, some baddies are goodies, and some events just won't happen! I hope you like it.

Thanks for any and all reviews., comments, and constructive criticism you have to offer.