Title: The Art of Diversion
Summary: Drawing is not the only kind of art Inojin is skilled in.
Pairing: SaraJin/InoSara
Disclaimer: Naruto, not mine since 1999.
Note: This started out as a little drabble, now I'm making it into some kind of short multi-chapter drablet. I dont know. SaraJin is just so cute.

Uchiha Sasuke is not a happy man.

Every day for the last eleven days, an unsigned bouquet of flowers has been delivered to his door at precisely nine a.m. The sender of these flowers must clearly has a deathwish, because the card always reads "For the most beautiful kunoichi in Konoha."

Since Sasuke himself is not a kunoichi, it can be deduced that the flowers are either for his wife (a remarkably bad decision on the sender's part) or his fifteen year-old daughter (an even worse decision).

Either one of these scenarios sends him into a protective fury.

He immediately dismisses the idea that Sakura has an extraneous lover. The idea is ludicrous, and the possibility is far more likely that she has another stalker.

But, and he hates to use any of these words because they're too reminiscent of a certain Green Beast, Sarada is in the full bloom of youth, and her formidable skills as a kunoichi have not gone unnoticed by the village and its young men.

Sasuke has tried every intimidation tactic he knows to try to pry the sender's identity from the delivery boy, but Yamanka Ino only hires help who know how to be discreet, and so Sasuke is stymied.

Slamming the vase of pink tiger lillies onto the stand in the hall, Sasuke stomps off toward the kitchen, yelling for his wife.

As soon as Sasuke is out of sight, Sarada emerges from the hall closet. She lifts the lillies to her nose, inhaling deeply and smiling to herself.

Double-checking to make sure her father is well and truly out of site, she makes a mad dash to her room with the flowers, taking care not to jostle them.

Once inside, she lovingly sets the arrangement on top of her dresser with several other bouquets. There are lillies, roses, chrysanthemums, peonies, snapdragons, and many more, and Sarada adores them all.

But then, what else would you expect from the son of the owner of the most renowned flower shop in the village?

Making sure her bedroom door is firmly shut, Sarada rushes to the window and opens it.

Blue-green eyes and a handsome smile meet hers as Inojin climbs in through the window.

"Hey beautiful," he greets, wrapping his arms around her in an embrace. "Did the flower distraction work again?"

"Like a charm," she replies, smirking as she pulls him down for a kiss.