This fanfic is located in the beginning of To Aru Majutsu no Index and in the Ultimate Spiderman universe, when he had his "Superhero training" that… well most people should know how it ended :(. I used the Spiderman of that universe because in there he is still a 16 years old teen and the "superhero training" comes perfect for this story. Now, let's begin…

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Chapter 1

"Do you speak any Japanese?" Had asked Tony/Ironman.

"What'? Japanese?" Peter had asked confounded. "Ah, well… a bit". Few people knew that Peter Parker/Spiderman was a huge fan of anime and manga.

"Very well, we are going to improve it in… maybe a week or two. Then you will take the plain" had responded the middle age man.

"What? Plain?" Again, Peter had asked, confused. "Where are you sending me? What about that 'superhero training' you mentioned before?"

"Oh, don't worry about it" Tony said, waving his hand casually. "You are still going to have it, but in a different place and in a different way. About where are you going, isn't it obvious?" He smirked at Peter.

"Why Japan?" Peter was even more confused. "Is an ancient master going to teach me how to control my chakra? Oh! Maybe I will be finally able to do this." Peter put the palm of his right hand up and started to move his left one over it. "Na, it doesn't work."

"That's from a manga. Leave it, it won't work." Tony had a face like he had tried a lot of times before. "The place I'm sending you is something similar to the X-Men's mansion. Just a lot bigger. Tell me Peter, what do you know about Academic City?"

And three weeks later after that conversation, Peter took a plane to Academic City with his mind filled with Japanese. Peter had already spent a week in the modern city. He was getting used to write kanji and everyone said that his Japanese was really clear. It was a hot afternoon and he was walking in a one of the parks near the school he was enrolled in. When he first entered the city he climbed one of the highest buildings to get a reference of the area. In that way he wouldn't need much help of a guide.

Tony told him that if he stayed a season in Academic City, he would get the chance to learn from the many espers that lived there how to handle well his powers. Especially looking at Judgment, which members were all formed by teens, some even younger than him. He even suggested Peter to join them, but if he wanted to do that he would have to pass a 4 month training and sign like 9 contracts. Did Tony plan to make him stay for more than 4 months in Japan away from all his friends and his Aunt May? The young superhero didn't loved that idea.

Either way, in that moment Peter was just hanging around after leaving the private lab where he had his personal System Scan. The test results established him as a Level 2. The reason, Tony asked/ordered him to not stand out. For this command the only especial ability he showed to the scientists in charge of the System Scan was his climbing ability. None of his other superhuman abilities.

"Those guys named my climbing ability…" Peter was muttering angry. He had his reasons. "…Sticky touch! What kind of name is it? At least they could name it spider touch or something similar. Well, let's forget it. If I can remember well, there're some vending machines nearby. I am really thirsty, where are they?"

Suddenly his spider sense went crazy.

'What's going on?' Peter wondered. His spider sense hadn't bothered him since he traveled to Academic City.

He headed towards the place that his sense was pointing out. Near the vending machines he was looking for he saw a figure surrounded by lightning sparks. In front of the figure there was a boy with black spiky hair and a fearful expression raising his right hand.

'Electro! What is he doing here?'

Peter ran with full speed to save the boy. He didn't have his webshooters put on as Academic City could handle without superheroes. Peter knew that fighting Electro without webs would be really hard. But he had sworn to protect the innocents, and an innocent guy was about to get toasted. So, without thinking, he threw a kick against the back of Electro's neck to try to knock him off. When it was almost reaching Electro's neck, the villain shouted something in a rather feminine but angry voice.

"I told you! I have a name and is Misaka Mikoto! You idio..." And the figure fell totally unconscious to the floor.

Peter realized something in that moment. His Electro was a middle school student of around 14 or 15 years. She had brown hair and was wearing her school uniform, which was conformed by a gray skirt and a very light brown shirt.

"Oh, crap" the distracted teen swore.

"What have you done?" The spiky haired boy said, with his eyes big as plates. "You just knocked her off"

"It was an accident, I thought she was someone else and that you were in danger" Peter answered.

"Well, I was going to receive a lighting spear, but that isn't a reason to just kick her from the back. Look! You even leave her a bruise. She is an 'ojou-sama' (A/N rich girl in this case)! Have you seen an 'ojou-sama' with bruises? Oi, aren't you the transferred student from America... Peter Parker-san, no? I live above you in the students' dormitory."

"Yes, it's me" Peter confirmed. "And you are Touma Kamijou, right? It's nice to see you."

"Well, it's nice to see you too, but I wasn't expecting to be in this kind of situation" Touma responded.

"Me neither," Peter said, feeling like a moron.


Suddenly a noisy alarm began to sound from the closest vending machine.

"Such misfortune! / Oh crap!" The two unlucky teens shouted.

"Judgment will be here in minutes" Touma looked scared.

"What do we do?" Peter asked Touma worried. He didn't want to be arrested in his first week in Academic City. The reason of being in that place was to learn how to avoid breaking the law when he do his duty, not the opposite.

"Run!" Touma yelled, but he remembered something important. "We can't leave her unconscious here."

"I know that!" Peter responded immediately. "Let's... Let's carry her."

And the two boys lifted the girl up, Peter taking the legs and Touma the head. In that position, they moved her body far away of the place.


In a surreal room with just a little yellowish illumination, there was a big glass capsule standing in the center of it. Inside the capsule there was somebody. This person was similar to a woman, but he had a masculine aura.

"I think it's time to see how Stark's boy is doing," he murmured in an almost robotic voice.

A screen appeared in front of him displaying a big report with the photography of Peter Parker.

"So, good grades, getting along with his new school companions..." He started to murmur. "Fluent Japanese. Nothing interesting. Wait... so he was labeled as a level 2. His power was named, 'Sticky hands'? Who is the one who puts the names to the abilities of the espers? He is getting fired."

He finished reading the report and found nothing more interesting. He remembered his conversation he had with Stark. It was a regular night. He was, as always, controlling everything that happened in Academy City. Suddenly a screen lighted up showing that there was someone requesting a video conference. He felt surprised by who was calling him. He accepted the request.

"Tony Stark" he had greeted. "We haven't talked in a long time."

"Aleister Crowley, Superintendent of Academic City" Tony had responded.

"You aren't calling me just for saying hello, are you?" Aleister had asked directly.

"You are right. I need you to make easy the entrance of some boy."

"I why would I allow that?"

"Because you still owe me" had responded Tony. "More than 70% of the technology in Academic City was developed by Stark Industries. The same technology that saved your life."

A short silence followed.

"Indeed" Aleister had responded with a soft voice after that brief silence. "So, which is the name of the young man and why are you sending him exactly?"

"His name is Peter Parker, I am sending him for some sort of... Let's say training."

"Mmm. I am not going to ask about that. I guess he isn't an esper like the ones living here. So I am going to make the arrangements of the fake documents and all the other…"

"I don't want you to mess with him" Tony had interrupted him in a serious tone. "He is a good kid. He won't do anything. Unlike you. So I want you to hear me very well. I don't want you to harm or take any kind of advantage of Peter. I know what kind of things you do with your city and its citizens."

"Oh, what I do here isn't worse than what Doom do in Latveria. And you don't do anything to him. It's the same in my case. You know that you won't last even with your best suit against an entire city of espers."

Tony looked at the screen as he was getting pissed off. Pissed off with the guy he was talking to and pissed off with himself. Tony Stark, who, before he became Ironman and change his way of thinking, had sold big amounts of technology and weapons to the guy he was talking with. He learned very late what kind of things was doing Aleister with that technology.

"You think that? I could still bring a friend with me" Tony gave up his angry expression and smirked at Aleister. "A big green friend and another with a hammer"

If Aleister body could sweat Tony would have noticed.

"I know very well that you aren't going to make a massacre in this city were 80% of its population are students" Aleister had said reaffirming his voice. "As I said before, leave to me all the paperwork. Your boy won't have troubles to enter the city." Then he added: "He better behaves" the leader of Academic City emphasized the word 'behaves' as it was just referring to behave in the cause of his benefits.

The conversation had ended there.

"Level 2. I better check the videos of his personal System Scan."


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