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Chapter 20 – Misfortune Duo VS Agnese's Forces

"The plan went fine, didn't it?" Peter commented as he, Touma and Orsola ran through the streets escaping from their pursuers.

"Yeah, better than expected," Touma replied, looking behind, wary because they were being chased by 250 probably very pissed off nuns. He turned to the nun they had just rescued. "Orsola, how're you doing?"

The woman looked at their saviors. She was able to run even after being hit several times. Probably it was due to adrenaline. "Yes, I'm fine now… but… why?"

"What do you mean?" Peter asked without turning around.

"Why did you come to rescue me?"

The trio kept going through the street in a brief silence until Touma spoke. "Why not?"

"Eh?" Orsola couldn't process such a casual reply.

"If there's a good person in danger, why shouldn't we try to save him or her?"

Orsola was perplex. "So you two came and endangered your life only to help me." She joined her hands like she was about to make a prayer. Her eyes got humid. "Just... If I just met you today…"

Touma smiled with satisfaction. "Let's go. They're still chasing us."

Orsola understood the kindness of these boys, but to the point of risking their lives in that way. Nobody had ever done something like that for her. The spiky haired who wasn't a magician and the boy of the mask who claimed to be magician, but didn't act nor look like one, both chose to fight against 250 magicians following the orders of the Roman Catholic Church. As Orsola was in deep thinking, Peter spoke.

"Look, the cavalry."

Touma and Orsola turned their gazes toward the place Peter was pointing at. What they saw were Stiyl, Index and the Amakusa warriors running towards them.

"What's the meaning of this, Kamijou Touma?" Stiyl asked, astonished seeing Orsola uninjured and far from the reach of the Agnese's Forces. "Did you two… fought and defeated all of them?" Stiyl Magnus wasn't the kind of man to get astonished easily, but this was beyond anything he had thought.

"Pff, no, no." Touma waved his hand casually and denied the words of the red headed magician. "We didn't even fight them. I just distracted them while Peter was retrieving Orsola. Then, the three of us escaped and now we're talking to you."

"Piece of cake," Peter complemented as he thumbed up with a smile.

"…" Stiyl was trying to reply, but the way things had turned out wasn't something easy to get and actually believe. "These two are… indeed something…"

"Touma! Peter! Are you two okay?" Index asked with clear worry in her face.

Touma smiled happy to know the concern that his girl felt for him. "I'm fine. I didn't even get a scratch. Peter is also fine."

The other boy nodded and Index could finally sigh in relief. After talking with the girl, Touma recalled something he spoke with Stiyl before. "Oi, didn't you say that you couldn't fight by our side because this was a problem from the inside of the Roman Catholic Church and Necessarius couldn't participate? What're you doing here?"

The redhead, thanking that he could answer that question, puffed some smoke from his cigarette. "Yes, that true, but after you gave that object to her everything changed."

"What're you talking about? What object?" Touma inquired shifted his gaze from Stiyl to Orsola and vice versa.

"This object." He pointed to the British Puritan cross which was hanging on Orsola's neck. "When she received this cross, she united to the Anglican Church, the organization I belong and serve. Now that she's under our protection, I'm allowed to intercede in her name."

Touma nodded after understanding the situation and turned towards Tatemiya Saiji and his Amakusas. "You guys finished regrouping?"

"Just in time, we thought, but it seems you two managed to handle everything without help…"

"Actually, no," Peter interrupted him while he scratched the back of his head. "As Touma said, we didn't defeat them. We just rescued Orsola from their hands. So that means Agnese and her probably very pissed off nuns are coming to get us right now."

Saiji nodded with a serious expression. "I see. In that case, what was your plan in the first place?"

Peter and Touma, both had a little drop of sweat coming from their forehead.

"You didn't have any, right?"

"… Besides securing Orsola and then facing the entire 250 nuns army…" Peter began to say with a nervous giggle. "…. No."

"Mmm… Yes, that could summarize it all." Touma reaffirmed as he tried to avoid Stiyl's killing glare.

The redhead magician sighed in annoyance. "Okay, there's no other way. Some Amakusas should stay guarding Orsola Aquinas while the rest engages combat. Any complains? Good. Let's return to the theater area where we fought with the Amakusas before. Is better to fight in a known battlefield."

Touma, Peter, Stiyl, Saiji, Orsola and the rest of the Amakusas quickly headed back to the place where not so much ago they had clashed as enemies. Now things had turned out in an unexpected way, and they had become allies. Two Amakusa warriors took the role of guarding Orsola while everyone else entered the battlefield. Peter decided to climb one of the buildings in order to surprise their opponents when the battle begin.

"You okay there, Touma?" He asked from his position and checked his web-shooters.

"Yes, no problem over here!" The spiky haired boy replied from the ground, as he observed the Amakusas getting their weapons ready and Stiyl placing cards all over the place. "Hey, we aren't going to kill them, are we?"

Saiji shook his head while Stiyl only puffed some smoke from his cigarette, which, again, annoyed the spiky haired teen.

'His lungs must be darker than his clothes,' he thought with a frown. Touma looked around, he was going to fight along a big group. However, the opposing team had more numbers. 250 to be exactly. 'This won't be easy. Should we run away? No, they won't stop chasing after Orsola. Is either fighting them here right now or do it later.'

Touma took the chance of thinking about something while they waited for the enemy to appear. 'If Peter hadn't been there for me, what would I have done? How things would have turned out?' Touma knew that whether he was alone or not, he would have done everything in his hands to save Orsola. He would have even stand against the 250 magician in his own.

However, would he had been able to get her safe? And even if he had managed to save her, would he also had ended like that? Touma was used to wounds, but he knew that he might die in a fight if he acts very reckless. Things would have turned different if Peter hadn't been there. Then, a voice interrupted his thoughts.

"I see them!" Peter shouted from the highs.

'Not much time to think.'

"Everyone! Separate and find them!" Agnese Sanctis shouted in rage as she and her army deployed through the area. "Probably they have allied with the Amakusas!"

Saiji called to his warriors. "Raise your weapons, my Amakusas!"

"It's time to end this!" Peter jumped from the building he previously climbed and landed in front of the Agnese's Forces.

The two groups clashed. The Amakusas exchanged cuts and slashes with the nuns. Peter quickly took down two enemies with a barrel kick. Touma surprised another with a quick punch to the face.

"Innocentius!" Stiyl had time to place all the cards around the area, so he was able to use his strongest weapon.

The fire creature roared in front of the nuns. They couldn't hide fear for having to fight this monster and started to back off. Some of them even dropped their weapons. The Amakusas made use of this chance to attack with more force. However, the nuns recovered soon as Agnese, their leader, pushed them to do it.

"We have fight countless battles! Don't surrender that easy!"

"Here I go!" Peter tackled two nuns sending them to the floor unconscious. He used his right hand to stand and roll to hit four more with his two legs. "Beware of the spider, it got many legs!"

"Hyaaa!" Meanwhile, Touma punched another opponent in the face sending her to the ground immediately. He was soon surrounded by five battle nuns. Luckily, the Amakusas broke that circle and the teen was able to keep helping in the fight. Peter thought that he shouldn't worry much about his friend and focus on the battle himself.

"Watch out for the webs." The Spider-Man used his Web-Shooters to tie a pair of nuns to the floor. He felt his Spider Sense warning him and immediately jumped 4 meters in the air as four other enemies tried to get him with their weapons.

As the hero kept battling, Stiyl sent Innocentius to attack another group of nuns. All these foes used magic to fight against the fire creature, but were defeated without much problem. However, even more enemies run towards the fire magician and Innocentius

They used spells to increase their speed, stamina and physical force. Stiyl conjured a flame sword and repealed his opponents, but they struggled. And there were more incoming.

"Tch, there are too many."

As the fire magician fought on his side, Touma was along the Amakusas exchanging blows with the Agnese's Forces. "Haaa!" The spiky haired launched his fist towards the face of some nun that tried to stab him in the heart with her sword. The woman fell to the floor losing her senses at the moment.

"Amakusas! Keep fighting with spirit!" Tatemiya Saiji yelled to increase his fighters' willpower.

"""""Hai!""""" The warriors put more force in the grip of their steels.

As the Amakusas renewed their will to fight, Touma moved to the area where his partner was taking on dozens of armed nuns. He saw Peter firing his webs and moving his legs to knock off any enemy that would make the mistake of getting in his reach. This teen also saw him and did a great jump to get by his side.

"Hey, and how you're doing?"

"A bit tired," Touma confessed as he raised his fists to receive the incoming attack from the Agnese's Forces. "And you?"

"Piece of cake." Peter used his arms to impulse his legs to achieve some powerful breakdance kicks.

"But they are many."

After Touma said those words, the Spider-Man took a good look around and saw that all the enemies they had taken down until that precise moment weren't more than fifty. 'And it means that… we still need to deal 200 pissed off nuns more. Haha! …I don't like this.'

Peter realized who the Agnese's Forces were starting to attack in bigger numbers, knowing that their enemies were more powerful that they thought in the first place. He tried to look around how the Amakusas were doing, as he dodged and countered his foes. Peter finally managed to localize the magicians after he jumped and attached himself to a lamppost.

"Not good." Spider-Man couldn't hide his worries when he saw his allies being surrounded by at least 50 enemies with their weapons ready.

The teen swung with a web and quickly reached the place where the two groups were battling. He crashed the ground and sent to the floor the near foes. Peter was able to use the surprise factor to take down another pair of nun with his fists and spoke to the Amakusas.

"How're you holding it?"

"We sent some of our warriors to guard Orsola, so we aren't in our best," Saiji said as he blocked a dagger with his sword and then used the hilt to knock off his last attacker. "Wanna fight by my side?"

"Not a problem."

As Peter focused on helping the Amakusas, Touma was struggling along Stiyl against other members of the Agnese's Forces and Agnese herself.

"Haa!" Touma trusted his right fist and negate the spell that one of the nuns had fired in his direction. He moved forward and punched his foe's gut before she was able to cast another spell.

The Imagine Breaker boy could have been already overwhelmed by all the enemies that were in the field. However, he counted with the help of the fire magician from Necessarius. And that certain magician was able to summon a big guy that was clearly useful.

"Guurr!" Innocentius roared as it used his fire cross to send flying a group of nuns.

"Oi, Stiyl, don't kill them! Make sure you nor that big guy kill them!" Touma yelled to his companion after he dodged a spear that was aimed for his heart.

"You're such an amateur."

That was Stiyl's low growl as he swung his fire sword around his body. Of course, he wasn't backing off his abilities and Touma didn't like that. But, he also had to deal with a lot of enemies. Enemies that were starting to multiply. The teen had to back off towards the fire magician and made use of Innocentius' big area attacks. In that way, the enemies that were trying to get him was reduced.

"As above, so below, the fifth of the five elements, open the crosier that symbolizes peace and order, the first icon under the law of God's Child and the Cross, link foreign objects and people!"

Touma heard those words. He started to turn around towards the source of this feminine voice, when he heard metallic sound that was followed by a small sort of explosion… just beside his shoulder.

"Aaghht!" Touma fell to the floor as he felt a blunt pain in his shoulder which quickly extended through his whole arm. "What…. Was that?"

"What a problem."

The teen moved his eyes towards the source of that last phrase. Walking towards him, surrounded by nuns, was Agnese Fortis. She was holding some sort of steel rod and was wearing an annoyed expression.

"You and your Spider friend have given us big problems." Agnese pointed the rod towards Touma, getting rid of her annoyed expression to show a malicious smile. "But now you and the other idiot are going to pay."

"Why does we always have to deal with that kind of not-nice-at-all nicknames?" Touma wondered as looked at the new threat. This threat had red hair, used a mini-skirt and had a height of 150 centimeters (4,92 feet aprox).

"Take this. The power of my Lotus Wand!" Following her words, Agnese beat the rod against the floor.

Immediately, there was an unnatural explosion just behind Touma. With a groan, the teen fell to his knees due to the strong hit that had suffered his back. 'This again.' At this point, he knew that he needed to do something fast. The small nun was using some sort of difficult, but powerful magic to attack him. Touma stood up and hit the floor heading towards his enemy.

"Won't work." Still wearing a malicious smile, Agnese this time scratched her staff with some sharp object.

Just with that action, Touma fell to his knees again. The Imagine Breaker's wielder suppressed a scream and grabbed his tight, which had started to bleed. 'How exactly… What's with this magic?' He looked at his wound through the ripped off part of his pants. It looked like he had been cut with some sort of sharp object…

His eyes moved towards Agnese's hand. Touma looked carefully at the staff that she was holding. The girl's evil smile got wider. "Is your brain big enough to understand my magic?" After her words, she swung her staff against the floor with force.

This time, Touma tried to jump to the side, but his body was still hit by the pain of Agnese's attack. He managed to keep standing, but he was left with a big bruise under his right arm. And that was painful. 'I can't even dodge it… Fuck!' Touma took a look around. Stiyl along Innocentius was struggling with all the other nuns. Peter and the Amakusas too. 'Is up to me to defeat Agnese.'

The spiky haired boy ran towards Agnese full speed, knowing that he could be hit at any time and that he couldn't do anything to stop it. He, at least, needed to get closer to his enemy is he wanted a chance of success in giving his fist. As he approached his target, he did some zig zag movements trying to prevent the incoming attack.

"Trying is useless." With a malicious laugh, Agnese scratched her rod with the sharp object again.

That small action provoked an instant reaction in Touma's body that made him grip his teeth hard. The teen felt blood dripping his t-shirt. The red liquid came from the wound that had just been inflicted in his chest. It wasn't very deep, but it was a long cut. Soon, the front of his white t-shirt was almost completely covered in blood.

"Argh…" Touma put his hand over the wound and put a knee on the ground as he gritted his teeth with force.

Agnese laughed mercilessly. "Such a pitiful sight. We'll take you and your allies down and then accomplish our mission in the name of the Roman Catholic Church."

"I… I won't let you! I won't let you kill Orsola!" Touma shouted that as he tried to bring forces to his knees and tolerate the pain of the last hit. "Why're you so willing to hurt her?"

"Those are the orders of the Roman Catholic Church. Orders I'll always follow."

"That's…. Wrong!" Touma looked straight towards into the girl's eyes. "The Roman Catholic Church is wrong to kill this woman just for…"

"H-how you dare to criticize the most powerful church!" Agnese gripped her Lotus Wand with force as her expression turned into a one filled with anger. Enraged, the girl walked towards the boy who was still on his knees and grabbed the back of the head. "I'll make you take back those words with… with pain!"


"Ah? What did you say?"

The teen focused his gaze on her. "I said… Take this!" Touma used this chance, which he had looked for, to punch Agnese directly in the face.

The girl, completely astonished, was thrown backwards. She didn't touch the ground for almost three seconds and when she did, Agnese rolled all over the ground and let the Lotus Wand fell off her hand. She finally stopped her movement some meters later and stayed lying down on her back.

Agnese felt like her world had started to spin around her. Her consciousness was drifting away and, at the same time, old memories appeared in her mind. She recalled when she used to move through the streets of Milan looking for something to eat. She was very young and her parents weren't there for her, forcing her to survive in the misery.

She saw when the Roman Catholic Church took her in. Agnese was along other girls in better hands. She had food to eat and a comfortable place to sleep. She met the girls who would become her best friends, Angeline and Lucia. Agnese became devoted to the Roman Catholic Church, the institution which saved her. She wanted to help it.

Her senses started to return, and with those, a great pain in left cheek too. What had happened? Her recent memories also came back. 'That… guy… punched me….' Slowly, she opened her eyes and found herself looking at the night sky. She moved her small hand to her cheek and felt some pain when she touched the spot where she received the attack.

Agnese felt the anger taking control of her. She stood up and shook her head, trying to put her senses in order again. The leader of the 250 nuns turned around and faced that spiky haired boy who was going against the church she was so devoted.

'Unforgivable… Unforgivable…' Her thoughts were filled with rage. She gritted her teeth as she stepped towards her enemy. The spiky haired teen was already in his feet, ignoring the wound in his chest. That only ignited Agnese's anger even more. She quickly moved her eyes around and found her Lotus Wand lying near at her right. As she reached for her weapon she spoke to the boy. "You're doomed. I won't stop injuring your body until it breaks down."

"Don't think so."

Agnese was turning her eyes towards that voice that didn't belong to the enemy she was facing and, without any warning, her Lotus Wand was snatched away by something that looked like a spider web.

"Thanks, Peter." The spiky haired looked at the other boy who was wearing a mask and thanked him.

Agnese clenched her fists. "Give that back! Now!"

"Oh, don't be mean. I like this toy of yours." The boy of the mask casually played with the rod like some parade's leader would do with his cane.


"It's over, Agnese. Surrender." The spiky haired started to walk towards her.

The girl found his words strange. "What're you talking about? I have an army…."

It was then when she realized it. The sounds of the swords, spells and shouts that filled the battlefield were… gone. Agnese opened her eyes wide and looked around her. The sight was almost like a dagger in her heart. None of her comrades were standing. All of them were on the floor unconscious or being restrained after reluctantly disposing their weapons.

"H-how?!" Agnese's fist was trembling. She couldn't believe it. She didn't want to believe it.

"Agnese. You lost." Touma was only a pair of meters from her now. "Give up."

The red haired girl backed off. She moved her gaze through all the faces of her comrades. All the other nuns, those who were still in their senses, lowered their heads apologetically with frustration written on their faces. Even her friends Lucia and Angeline, being restrained by the Amakusas, couldn't do more than the rest of their comrades. The fight was already over. All the members of the Agnese's Forces had been defeated but one.

"…No…" Agnese clenched her fist so much that she hurt her palm with her nail making herself a wound. "I won't surrender to you!"

She stretched her hands and started to chant another spell as a last resource. When Touma saw this, he kicked the ground for the last time. The teen found himself in front of the girl in less than 4 seconds. Agnese couldn't even finish that last attempt of attack before she felt Kamijou Touma's fist in her skin for the second time.

"Yiaahh!" Agnese's body was sent flying and she rolled across the floor before stopping and finally falling unconscious.


"The doctor told me to stay here for at least this night."

Touma's voice came from the cellphone and Peter leaned on his couch. After defeating the Agnese's Forces, Touma was sent to the hospital. His wounds weren't mortal, but he still required some treatment and a simple bandage wouldn't be enough.

"That's cool, man. So I'll be definitely seeing you definitely tomorrow. Index is with you in the hospital, right? Yes, cool. I'll be cutting. You should rest a bit."

"You're right about that. See you tomorrow!"

"Goodnight!" Peter cut the call and turned off his cellphone before sighing. "Hard night."

The teen hadn't expected to be fighting with magicians that night. Well, his nights back in New York weren't much different. He may be studying casually and then hear an explosion in the distance. He would put on his suit and ran to save the city again.

'In the end, just another day in the office.'

Who would tell? Who would tell that the city of science located in Japan could be so similar to New York. There were always bad guys willing to harm others for their benefit. And there were heroes trying to help them. Heroes as Kamijou Touma.

"That guy is just a big thing." He thought that if SHIELD heard of him, the organization would do everything in their hands to put him under his charge. But, Touma wasn't aiming for something like that. Touma wanted to live a normal life and still help everyone who he finds in trouble.

Peter left the couch and headed to his bed to have some sleep. He was used to sleep only a few hours, but he still enjoyed a good peaceful night of dreaming. So he put on some night wear and walk to the bed, before jumping in.

'Let's get in the bed and…'

"Eh?" The moment when Peter's touched the pillow, he felt some kind of hardness touching his head. The teen stood up again and took the pillow out and, surprisingly, there was a PDA under it. Peter knew what it was.

'A message from Tony?' Peter grabbed the gadget.

Suddenly the screen turned on and showed Tony Stark's face. "Peter, this message is important."

"Yiah!" The PDA almost fell from his hands because of the sudden surprise. Peter was reminded again that the Spider Sense only protected him from dangers not from surprises. "Tony, don't do that… oh, yeah. You're just a record. Hahaha!" He felt a little idiot.

The record kept talking. "...It will be short, but I think you should know about this." Peter, focused his eyes in the video, now after processing the word "important". Tony was talking with a serious and dark voice very different to the relaxed he used normally. His face looked like the one of a general giving a speech before a big cruel battle.

The teen started to feel some anxiety. Normally, he would remain in calm, but there was something Tony's voice that quickly and easily put his body in tension. "…Fury told me not tell you this, but you're very related, so you deserve to know about the current situation…"

"What should I know?" Peter forgot that he was talking to a record. The boy clenched his fist. Sweat ran from his forehead. There was something bad coming. 'Was New York attacked? No, it would have appeared in the news'.

However, knowing the kind of situations heroes constantly have to deal with, Peter understood that now only New York's, but the rest of the world could be in danger.

"This message should have arrived to your place by night. This morning, about an hour ago of from the current time I'm recording this, there was a breakout in the Triskelion, one of SHIELD's prisons…"

Peter's eyes opened wide. He already knew about the Triskelion, a secret prison that held many supervillains that could endanger thousands of people. However, why would Ironman tell this to him? Peter was staying in Japan for now, so it was a situation where other heroes, probably veterans like Captain America or Thor, would be the one handling these fugitives. There was a reason why Tony had sent him a message about this. A reason why Peter Parker… A reason why Spider-Man should hear these new.

The recording of Tony continued. "These prisoners who escaped are Dr. Octopus, Sandman, Kraven the Hunter, Electro, Vulture and, leading them, Norman Osborn."

Tony continued talking, he mentioned something about sending protection to his aunt, but Peter wasn't listening. His mind was somewhere else.


A big couch was smashed against a concrete wall inside an elegant room. The piece of furniture burst in a rain of chips and broken wood planks.

"Graaaaaaarr!" A big green creature with pointy ears and a completely muscled body roared after destroying the couch in an outrage.

Glancing at this show with a boring look, another brawny guy was leaning against a near wall. This guy also had a tough shape, but at least he looked like a human. "Dammit, Osborn! You want to destroy our only hiding place and be captured by SHIELD again?"

The green creature, whose name was Norman Osborn, alias Green Goblin, turned around to face the other man. "Shut up… Kraven," he growled and spitted. The other man, Kraven the Hunter, just clicked his tongue and closed his eyes without minding about the dead glare he was receiving.

Green Goblin started to walk randomly around the room they were in, which belonged to one of the many safe houses that Norman had. The monster clenched his fist and destroyed a near pantry where a lot of fancy plates were kept stored. Osborn was mad. Very mad. Infuriated. He had escaped Triskelion for a sole reason. "I have to kill… Spider-Man… Parker!" And he destroyed a table.

"I eat there." At the corner of the room there was another presence, Sandman. A person whose body was transformed after going through a failed experiment. He just said that. He didn't even stand up.

The others didn't mind about him. Green Goblin kept growling and cursing the person he hated the most in the world. Then, another man entered the room through a near door. He was a bald guy with a pointy nose, who some time ago took the identity of Vulture.

"Haha! You're so pissed off because we couldn't find the fucking spider in his house." Vulture clenched his teeth. He also hated Spider-Man and wanted to kill him. All the people staying in the safe house had fought against this superhero and lost. Spider-Man was the one who sent them all to jail. All of them hated him, but Norman Osborn was somebody whose hate for Spider-Man was beyond any other.

"You told us his real name was… Peter Parker, right?" Kraven spoke as he stretched and recalled the events of the night. "We went to his house, risking our freedom, expecting to find him there and finally hunt him as the prey he is, but… what we found were Thor and Ironman waiting for us."

This was what happened since the beginning of the day. The team of six, which consisted of Norman Osborn, Dr. Octopus, Sandman, Kraven the Hunter, Electro and Vulture, escaped the specialized prison they were jailed in, this was in the morning. They avoided many agents of SHIELD and after some time managed to reorganize after getting to the safe house.

They dealt with this problem, but then Norman Osborn suggested, no, suggested isn't the right word. Norman Osborn, who took the role of leader, although none of the others would admit it, ordered the team to go to the house of Spider-Man and kill him. It was a perfect chance after all.

'Then Octopus had to lose his tongue'. The criminal, Dr. Octopus, who was one of the six who escaped, started speaking how he didn't have any big hate towards Spider-Man. He said he wanted to forget and continue his career as a scientist. If he had stopped there, there could have been a small chance of him doing as he wanted, but… Kraven sighed. 'He had to say that bullshit'.

Otto Octavius explained how all of them, the six villains that had been stopped by Spider-Man, had their part in the creation of this hero. It could have been something interesting to hear, but at that point, Osborn lost control. He jumped over Octavius and after a quick fight, the criminal known as Dr. Octopus was dead.

After this event, at night, the now five people team went to a certain house in some suburbs of Manhattan. If Osborn was correct, Spider-Man should have been there, unprepared for what was coming. However, they arrived the place and found Ironman and Thor waiting for them, as if they knew that they would come to this specific house. The team was forced to retire and they never even saw Spider-Man.

"Osborn, are you sure this Peter Parker is Spider-Man?" Kraven asked the Green Goblin, who had returned to his human form, as he walked towards him.

"Of course, I know him well."

"So, why he wasn't in that house? Or was he there and hid?"

"NO!" Norman Osborn glared at Kraven. "If he had been there, he would have been the first to go in our encounter. He wasn't in the house."

"In that precise moment, you mean," Vulture commented, joining the discussion. "We only need to attack in another moment. Ironman and Thor should have better things than protecting that fucking spider."

"I'm…" Osborn fixed his voice. He didn't want to keep giving such a poor sight as before when he was in an outrage. "I'm not going to be so patient about this. New York, specifically Manhattan is full of SHIELD agents. That organization knows that we're coming for Spider-Man. That we've come from Peter Parker."

"And Spider-Man is probably also looking for us." Kraven clenched his fist and smiled. "A good hunter is the one who can bring his prey to him instead of running after them."

Osborn didn't reply to him. Instead he left the room.

"Are you saying we should only wait for him?" Vulture asked Kraven looking at him with his superhuman eyes.

The other man laughed. "The best way to certainly attract him to us is causing some ruckus in the city. But, there are two problems, which are SHIELD and guys like Thor."

"Causing ruckus isn't a good idea," Osborn returned wearing new clothes, a suit specifically, his last transformation had cost him the clothes he was wearing before. "You mentioned, we'll get unnecessary attention."

Kraven glared at him. He didn't like to have someone questioning his hunting methods. "Huh! You say that. So, do you have a better plan to bring Spider-Man to us?"

"Spider-Man will come to us, even if we don't do anything. You were right when you said that. Nevertheless…" Osborn fixed the tie of the elegant office suit he was wearing. "I have a feeling that not being at his home in the middle of the night means something else. I don't think he was just patrolling with his costume or, by some by chance, in a party doing what teenagers do."

"What do you mean?" Sandman spoke from the corner with a slow voice.

"I mean, that he probably is somewhere specific, doing something. I want to find him, that's why we're going to search for him, not just wait."

"Search him where, exactly? We can't just go all around New York searching for a guy in a red suit." Vulture looked carefully at the human form of the Green Goblin. "Besides we can get caught."

With arrogance, Osborn didn't even look at the person he was speaking with. "We're going to get into SHIELD's database. They should have some information about Spider-Man's location."

"You're planning to hack one of the most advanced servers in the world? How do you expect to do it?"

"I have contacts. They won't be cheap, but they'll serve their purpose."

"Ha! If you hadn't killed the octopus, you wouldn't have to rely so much in this contacts of you." Vulture laughed at him, gaining glare from Osborn.

Not even showing the slightest emotion, Osborn replied. "He wasn't planning to collaborate. It would have been the same. It's not our concern anymore. The important matter is that…" The biggest enemy of Spider-Man smiled like a devil and clenched his fist. "…I'll kill Peter Parker."

Kraven and Vulture looked at him. They didn't respect him nor think of Osborn like a colleague, but they had to admit it. This man knew what he wanted. And that had some impose. They hadn't met many admirable people in their lives, less, admirable criminals. Norman Osborn was one of them.

"Gentlemen," Osborn spoke directly to them. "The Spider will fall. Hahahahhaha!" With a powerful and confident laugh, the swear enemy of Spider-Man repeated his intentions. "I'm coming for…"

He was about to finish his sentence, when the light disappeared. The four men in the room looked around and didn't need to think much to understand what had just happened. The fifth member of their group wasn't in that room at the moment. In unison, they shouted:

"Electrooooo! Stop whatever shit you're doing!"


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