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Chapter 1 - Rusty Cage

Campbell's POV:

Ever since I was young, I was always considered a prodigy in sports. Everyone that passed by me and my family, always admired my talents, and seemed to have this perfect image of what they expected me to be. I tried to be myself at all times, but it was difficult since everyone counted on me to be perfect, when I all wanted was just to fit in. I joined the hocky team once I got to Degrassi, and although I was as strong as my teamates, and got along with almost everyone, I was always awkward when it came to being around girls, so the other guys would constinatly make fun of me for it and would joke around with me about it. Whatever confidence I lacked socially, however, I made up for it on the ice with my dominating skills, yet ironically, all the while I really disliked hockey.

The car came to an ubrupt stop, and I took my headphones off my head and turned off my ipod, as I gathered my stuff together, and got out of the car. "Have a good day sweetie." Mrs. Clarkson said with a smile on her face. I nodded slowly as I steped out onto the sidewalk, and a warm autumn breeze swept over me and brushed against my brown hair. I drew in a deep shaky breath as I heard the sound of Mrs. Clarkson's car drive away, and turned my attention toward the school. "Hey Cam!" I turned my voice toward Dallas's voice, as I saw the rest of the hockey team trailing along behind him. "How's it going rookie?" Luke asked, tossing his wind swept brown hair out of his eyes, while patting me hard on the back. I held back a cry of pain as I managed a slight nod. "Good." I replied when I felt the wind flowing back into my lungs. "Alright then, let's hit the ice then boys!" Yelled Owen, punching his fist in the air. "We got a game to win!"

A rush of cold air swooped past my face, as I skated along the ice. Keeping my eye on the puck as I tried to get around Owen. "Come on rookie, let's see what you got." Owen said intimidatingly. I drew in a shaky breath, as a wave of icy wave of wind seared my lungs painfully, and managed to skate the puck past Owen, and managed to pass it over toward Luke, before I felt Owen's shoulder tackle into me, sending me tumbling to the hard icy floor. I cried out as I felt the wind being knocked out of me, and immediatly sucked in a hiss of pain as I slid across the ice. "You okay rook?" Dallas asked as he skated over toward me and helped me to my feet. My lungs felt tight, and I was struggling to breathe, as I skated off toward the direction of the locker room. Once I was off the ice, I took my skates off, and made it into the room locking the door as I went in. Still struggling to catch my breath, I began pacing around in a panic, before sitting down on the beach to take off my jersey and protective patting.

As I was doing this, I heard the doorknob wiggling and banging against the door. "Yo rookie? you okay in there?" came Luke's voice. "Let us in man," Owen called. "What are you doing? I didn't mean to do that to you that hard dude." "Yo Campbell, come on man, this isn't funny." There was Dallas's voice. "Come on now open up the damn door rookie." Placing everything in my bag, I held one of my skates in my hands and threw it against the wall angrily. The sound of the skate boucing off the wall with a loud clatter seemed to make me feel slightly better as I finally managed to calm myself down long enough to catch my breath as I sat back down on the bench.

Suddenly I felt a stinging pain sear through my palm, as I opened up my hand and saw a large bleeding gash. Freaking out, I grabbed a towel and wrapped it around my hand to stop the bleeding and began silently crying. What's wrong with me? I silently asked myself. Why the hell am I feeling like this? "Cam, open up the door." Came Owen's voice again, "Or we're getting the coach." Why can't I just find a way to end it? I thought miserably. Find a way to end all the suffering I'm feeling, and just go back to being happy? "Campbell, open up the door right now son." This time it was the coach's voice, and I knew I didn't have much of choice now.

Taking the towel off my hand, and putting my clothes on, I went over toward the door and opened up the door, to see a lot of angry faces. "What's going on here?" asked the coach sternly. "Is there a problem here?" I shook my head no, but didn't say a word, as the team piled into the room. "Are you sure your okay rook?" Dallas asked, slinging an arm around my shoulders. I drew in a shaky breath as I hid my still bleeding hand in the sleeve of my ice hounds jacket and slowly nodded. "Yeah, everything's all good now." I muttered.

Too be Continued...Poor Cam! I hate how miserable everybody makes him, and hopefully he'll be able to overcome his issues before the unthinkable happens. Chapter 2 coming soon, along with Maya's apperance and a possible conflict which could lead to trouble...Hope you guys enjoyed, and hope you stay tuned for more.