Tai was at her and Sabrina's place watching TV when her phone rang."Hello."

"Hey *cough*Tai."Tai sat up from the couch a was Gingka, he sounded sick too."Gingka, you okay?"Another cough was heard on the phone before he answered.

"N-no,I don't feel you come over?"He asked.

"Of-of course, I'll be there in a bit."Tai hung up the phone and started to get grabbed her jacket before going out the door and walking towards Gingka's she got there she knocked on the door and waited.

"Holy crap, Gingka you look like a ghost!"Tai said smiling a laughed slightly before wincing and holding his was about to fall over until Tai got him and led him back inside to his room, where she laid him down and went to get an ice she came back Gingka was trying to get out of bed.

"What the hell are doing?"She asked."I'm hungry..."He whined dragging himself to the grabbed his hand and pushed him on the winced again before pouting."Ow, Tai-"

"Tough love kid, live with you, stay here.I'll get you something to eat."

"Your so mean ya know that?"

Tai turned around to see the red head smiling at her."That's what makes me, use to it."With that she she have him his food she looked around his bathroom for some had a stomach ach and a fever, so she got out two bottles."This should do it."She went back to his room and unscrewed the caps.

"Ugh,I hate that gross!"Gingka complained.

"Suck it up and take 're acting like a little boy!"Tai gagged at the smell of the liquid but took the spoonful."You feel any better?"Gingka sighed but sniffed, he could breath better that was a start.

"Yeah, thanks Tai."He smiled at her which made her blush slightly."Stop smiling like an idiot at me!"Gingka started laughing at her which made her laugh too.

"I don't feel that sick anymore, you wanna go for a burger.I'm getting tired of this soup your giving me."The ravenette thought about it before replying.

"Eh, why not!? Let's go Hagane!"Gingka got out of the bed and raced out the door with Tai.