"Red and purple or Red and Pink?"Tai asked as she was about to dip her hands into buckets of paint.

Jack tapped his chin thoughtfully before replying."Red and says that your fearless yet a tad bit girly."Tai nodded and smiled as she put both of her gloved hands in the buckets and splat them on the moved around before backing away to see her at work.

"Very good! You're getting better!"Jack exclaimed.

"Why thank good sir,I learned from a true artist after all!"Tai laughed as she spoke all fancy laughed with as he accidentally got paint on her shirt."Oh, I'm sorry."Tai shrugged.

"Eh, this shirt was getting to small for me anyway."Jack smirked at her."I can tell, really I can."Tai blushed and hit his chest playfully.

"Pervert!"He raised his hands smiling still and said."I beg to differ."Tai gave an evil smirk as she covered Jack with blue looked at her as she was laughing at how mad he looked.

"Alright then..."He stuck his hand in black paint and tackled her."Ah, get off!"She yelled as she hit him."Not until I get my revenge."He then started to paint cat whiskers and a little black dot on her nose.

"You're now Neko Tai, meow!"Jack chuckled as he leaned against the wall laughing."That was a weak revenge, seriously Sabrina could've done better."Jack pouted.

"Really,I thought I did a pretty good job,aww!"Tai giggled as she was walking toward the door."I'm getting cleaned up, nutcase..."Jack laughed as he waited for her.