Skylar's POV

"You have incredible skills Skylar-"

"Sky." Matt looked at me a bit funny.

"No one except my sister calls me Skylar."

"Sister?Who is she?"

"...Kristen."I said as I was typing in my laptop."Oh, Alright-WHAT!"He exclaimed.

"Yeah, she's my older years older to be 15 she's 19."Matt still looked disbelief but shook his head a bit."Well then Skylar-"


"Same thing!"

I turned towards him and gave him a glare."Call me Skylar again and You'll regret it,got it!"Matt held his hands in a defeating manner.

"Alright!"I glared at him for a few seconds before breaking into a laughing stared at me for a while before chuckling a bit."Matt...I need to talk to you."I looked to see Kristen there with a worried look."What is it?"Matt asked still looking over my shoulder at my laptop.

"Saints are here."

"WHAT!"Matt exclaimed before gun shots were all ran out to see some saints shooting at our gang took out her SMG's and she handed me a pistol."What about me?"Matt announced a bit worried."Sky, get him out of here!" I nodded as I grabbed his hand and ran out back.

"Where's your car?!"

"Over here!"We got inside his blue and black Raycaster and started to drive off when a purple Temptress drove in front of us.

It was Ivory and Shaundi.

She didn't know it was me though, so I put the car in reverse and sped off the opposite drove after us, Shaundi shooting at us whenever she could.

"Excuse me?!"

"Shoot the tires out!"I yelled.

"Why not them?!" He asked.

"Shoot the fucking tires!"He did and the purple car skidded and swerved into a tree.I stopped and took a glance to see them stagger out the car."What are you doing!?"I shook my head before driving off