Me: Clyde, your turn..

Clyde: Bye, sugar… *kisses Bonnie*

Bonnie: *kisses him back with a giggle*

Me: *drools, a goofy grin on her face as she watches both of them casually make out*

~several moments later~

Bonnie: *looks over at Kat, an eyebrow raised* Kat, honey, you look almost comatose over there….

Me: *still drooling with a goofy grin*

Clyde: Want me to slap her?

Bonnie: *shoots him a look* Um. No. Kathryn… Baby…. *puts an arm around my shoulders*

Me: *snaps out of it* Wha'… You two aren't making out anymore?

Bonnie and Clyde: Nope…

Me: *blushes profusely* Whoopsies…. C'mon, Clyde…

Full name: Clyde Champion Barrow.

Me and Bonnie: *glares at him*

Clyde: Fine! Clyde CHESTNUT Barrow

Age: Forever 24. (me: *sobs*)

Relationship status: Happily married to Miss. Bonnie Parker..

Me: *sighs dreamily and swoons*

Bonnie: Technically, I'm Bonnie Barrow now…

Me: *collapses from feels*


Clyde:…. Do we keep goin'?

Me: *jumps up* Nope. I'm good. I'm okay.. Continue on, children.

Date of birth: I dunno.. Ma always got it mixed up with the others…

Favorite day: Whenever I'm with Bonnie..

Me: Awwwww..

The most fun you've ever had: Well… *chuckles, looks at Bonnie*

Me: Do I even wanna know?

Clyde and Bonnie: *look at each other, then back at me* Nope.

Me: o.O…..

Your biggest dream: To see my Bonnie's name in lights..

Me: ASLDFKJAS;DFLJ AWWWWW CLYDE! *officially wants a Clyde*

Favorite Quote: Well, Its from Bonnie's poem.. The one she wrote the night we met.. Can't recall how it goes..

Me: *freaks out because I know which one he's talking about*

Likes: Bonnie.. Kissin' Bonnie.. Makin' love to Bonnie… (me: o.O…) My brother, Buck.. Did I mention Bonnie? (Three times, bud..)

Dislikes: Ted. Frank Hamer. Oh, and sometimes Buck, cause he can be an ass…

Me: Oh, that's a nice way to talk about your brother…

Clyde: No worse than the way you talk about your sister…

Me: Good point.

Special Skills: Hmm.. I don't think you wanna know that one either.. *smirks at Bonnie*

Me: *slowly backs away* Nope… I don't think so either…

DISCLAIMER: Me: Now, are you two SURE I don't own it?

Bonnie: Yes, baby girl.. I'm sure..

Me: *sad face* Aw man… *walks away like Tigger after his bouncing privileges have been taken away by Rabbit*

Bonnie: Aww, look at her, Clyde… C'mon, let's give her a hug!

Clyde: Remember what she did to Em-..

Bonnie: *slaps him* Shut up, Clyde! We're not allowed to talk about that… Spoiler alert! I'm gonna go hug her.. *runs over and hugs me*

Me: *grins and giggles because, as I have previously mentioned, Bonnie hugs are the best*