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You are always creating a path, walking on this beautiful field.
In this field there are two people standing in front of you.
Which will you chose, and which shall you leave?

~ O ~

In old England, there was a village.
The village was beautiful, so beautiful, it seemed scary.

Nobody wanted to go outside after it got dark, but when the sun was up, this little village, seemed like a big city. Tourists came from every corner of the world to visit this special village.

The village, that no monster could touch.

Out in the world, there are monsters, I've never seen them, because I always lived in this village.
Some people call them monsters, others call them akuma.
Some people say they've seen akumas outside, near the village, but they never attacked.

Instead there was the cursed. No one has seen the cursed for many years. But it exists in this very village.
It was told the cursed had white hair and had gray eyes that could turn black with shining red circles, that the cursed had an ugly arm that seemed like it was melting.

Though, it only was a rumor. Nobody really knew how the cursed looked like.
But even if a white dog or a lady with white fur coat walked past, the villagers would flinch.

Some of the tourists came to this village to search the cursed, but many tourists believed it only was a crazy old story in the village.

There was indeed a saying in the village: "The witch will come, the witch will take, the witch will leave"

"Kanda! Stop daydreaming stupid" Alma sighed, shaking his head.

"I'm so sorry Alma, I'll be there" Kanda answered and jumped down from the tall chair he was sitting on by the window.

Kanda walked to Alma who was sitting on the bed his legs covered in sheets.
He sat down on the bed and put his hand on Almas leg.

"How's your legs?" he asked.

"The medicine helps a lot, I can feel the blood flow in my legs, so they don't freeze as much as they uused to" Alma grinned.

"That's good, It was expensive"

Kanda was working in village patrol, watching over the tourists so they wouldn't steal anything when they were visiting the village. He lived with Alma alone in a small house, they weren't that rich and Almas medicines cost much and it took much away from Kandas salary.

Alma again, couldn't walk, he was born with a disease in his legs, so he had to stay in bed.
Alma felt really bad because Kanda did so much work and didn't spend the money on himself, instead he bought food and medicine to Alma.

Even though Alma felt bad, he was happy that Kanda hadn't left him.

"Are our friends coming over today" Alma smiled.

"They sure are, they are all bringing something to eat so we all can enjoy it." Kanda smiled and patted Almas head "But they are coming 05.00pm. And I have to go to work now, but I'll make sure I'll be back before they come"

Alma gave Kanda a thumbs up and said that he'll be fine on his own, but to leave the window open and lock the doors. Before Kanda left he opened the window and locked the door when he left.

Kanda rushed down to his station caring his mugen in his right hand.
Kanda really enjoyed work, being outside and meeting other people, the job was really easy because everyone in the village was so nice to him and the tourist didn't usually start any fights.

"Sorry I'm a little late" Kanda panted and bowed to Komui.

"No need to worry, it was probably because of Alma" Komui said and patted Kandas head.

"Tch. I didn't say anything about me allowing you to pat my head" Kanda hissed.

"Sorry, sorry" Komui said and backed off "But you, off to work. I'll come over with Lenalee today evening"

Kanda put on his patrol mark and walked to the village square where the village had market stalls, they sold almost anything from food to furniture to jewelry.

"Good morning, Kanda" Johnny said. He was a clocksmith, a pretty famous one in this village.

"Morning Johnny" Kanda said and tried to look happy.

Kanda had a problem expressing himself and often got in to trouble because he looked or acted angry.
Kanda noticed a person sneaking in the shadows.
Kanda took a harder grip around his mugen and walked slowly to the person.

"And what do you think you're doing sneaking in the shadows" Kanda said, giving a smile, but you could see that he was trying to hide his pissed face under the smiling smile.

The person took a step back but the wall was in the way, the person couldn't make an escape.
Seeing the raging flames of being pissed in Kandas eyes, the person slammed the book he was holding in Kandas face.

Kanda close his eyes, and quickly came to, that fucker. Slammed a damn book in his face.

Kanda looked around the square and noticed a young man walking with a book in his hand.
He was the only one who had a book in his hand in this whole damn square.

Kanda ran towards him and grabbed the boys arm, it was surprisingly thin.

"What the hell do you want" the boy shouted, and jerked his arm out of the grip.

The boy had black hair, an eye patch on his left eye, and bandages covering the left part of the face.
The boy was wearing dirty clothes and was wearing gloves.

"Moyashi, you slammed a book on my face!" Kanda shouted back.

"Moyashi? The name's Allen" Allen looked at Kanda with a 'Are you serious'-look.

"Sorry if I slammed a book on your face, but it's your fault scaring me like that"

"It's your fault you were sneaking in the shadows" Kanda replied.

"Well if you have finished talking to me, I have to go home" Allen said and was about to turn and continue to walk.

Wait? The boy lived here? In this village? How come he never seen him around here?
Kanda now making himself utterly confused that there was someone he never seen before living in this town.

"Wait, how long have you lived in this town" Kanda shouted after the boy.

The boy stopped walking turning around with a smile.

"Ever sense I can remember"

Kanda was shocked. The boy didn't seem much younger than him. How could it be that he never seen him before? Kanda walked to back to Komui after his shift was over.

"Is there someone called Allen, who had black hair, eye patch, half face covered in bandages, wearing gloves living in this town" Kanda asked Komui making a utterly confused face.

"No, I don't think so? Or maybe…" Komui answered, he could remember that he had seen someone like that before, but it wasn't many times Komui had seen him.

Kanda thanked for the day and walked home to Alma. He opened the door and walked to Almas bed.

"I'm home" Kanda said with a smile.

"Welcome home" Alma replied and gave Kanda a hug.

Kanda moved tables and chairs in to Almas room and brought candles.
When everything was ready, it didn't take long before someone knocked at the door.

Behind the door stood Lenalee, Komui, Lavi, Johnny, Bak (Who only came because he heard Lenalee was joining) giving Kanda a smile.

"Come on in" Kanda said and opened the door for them.

Lenalee helped Kanda to put the food on the table and she had even brought flowers and decorated Almas room with them. Alma was really happy.

They then all joined sitting at the table. Alma sitting on the bed.

They ate and told about their day and laughed when Lavi told them he confessed to a girl he mistook for someone else.

Kanda didn't tell them about his weird encounter with Allen today, but he liked to listen to the others stories.

Outside, it was getting dark, and every villager closed their windows and locked their doors. Praying that the cursed wouldn't find them.
There was a saying that the cursed sang for the witch to come and moved around the village, kidnapping children to sacrifice to the witch.

Outside, you could see a silhouette of a boy running on the roofs with misshapen figures following him.

"Then the boy fell asleep,
and one, or two embers in the fading ashes of the fire,
flared up in the shape of a beloved face,

Dreaming many thousands of dreams, spreading across the land.
Your silver gray eyes shine their light,
like stars falling down from the night sky.

Even though countless of years,
turn so many prayers back to earth.

I will keep praying,
somehow, love for this child please,
kissing the joined hands. "

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