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Cling cling cling

"What is that sound?" Allen thought and opened his eyes. Noticing people around him looked at him with a disgusted face. He looked around, he was outside, in the middle of the market, laying… half naked?
Someone had stripped his shirt off, reviling his ugly arm underneath the sleeves.

There was a man hammering thick nail, they were glowing red-yellow, they had been heated up. The man was forming them. The man had thick gloves on his hands so he wouldn't burn his hands.
Now walking towards Allen, making a grin. Pointing a nail down towards his hand. Allen immediately understood what was going on, trying to move, but he couldn't. He was paralyzed.

The thick glowing nail hit his right hand. Allen shout out, the screams of pain echoing through the whole village. The nail was hammered right through his hand, down to a thick wooden cross he was lying on.
Only spittle ran down from the mouth after the long painful scream. Noticing the man took another nail and hammered it through his left hand. Painful screams echoed through the village once again.

Lenalee was home covering her ears when he heard the screams. Her brother sat at the dinner table writing information and a letter.

Allen looked at his hands. The contact between the nail and the flesh were making a hissing sound. It hurt really bad, but he had screamed so hard, his voice was about to crack up.

He turned his gaze to look at the sky, the sky was covered with clouds. Even the sky seemed to despise him.

"Are you ok"

"As fine as I'll ever be" Allen whispered to himself.

He had to endure a couple of hours, and then he would be free. Oh the sweet smell of freedom roamed through the air. Small tears, filled his eyes.
God, why would he have to go through this, when he had done nothing wrong. Was he just a mistake that god made, wanting him to be whipped of earth as soon as possible.

Tears ran down his face. What had he done wrong to deserve this life?

As the sun was being dragged down to the surface, making everything darker. The villagers came to the market, soon filling the whole place. Screaming ,spitting at Allen. His tears where dried up.
Strong men from the village lifted the cross up, Allens head facing the sky. Allens eyes searching through the crowd, looking for Kanda. And there he was, in the center of the crowd, Alma sitting next to him. Kandas face was expressionless, heartbroken. While Alma was smiling, grinning at Allen, holding his Kanda.
Kanda was the only person in the crowd that was wearing black.

Allen leaned his head to the side. Giving a small smile, when he was Komui walking towards the altar where Allen was.

Komui stopped and turned towards the crowd and opened his letter.

"Oh this peaceful village, safe from the monsters, has had an evil witch among the living.
Yesterday, the witch was finally found. And due his crime, he will die on this cross, sharing his shame through the world. After the boy takes his last breath, this oh peaceful village, shall be safe again from all harm" Komui read. The crowd cheered, hugging each other.

Allen started laughing. He laughed so hard he shook his head from left to right.
His skin turned gray once again, stigmata forming on his forehead again.

"Pitiful humans" he said.

"Killing without knowing. That the real monsters, here isn't the boy. But the villagers in this village. Worse than the Akumas killing outside the village" Neah laughed, he was enjoying this.

Knowing he's going to die soon, he might as well enjoy the last of it.
The villagers looked angry at him, some were confused. What did he mean by that?

Something pierced through his chest. Neah looking down on Allens chest. He was shot. The gray immediately, returning to it's pure color, but the stigmata stayed proud on the boys forehead.

Allen looked down at the crowd, noticing that it was Komui that in fact had shot him. Still holding his small gun in his hand, ready to shoot another bullet. The crowd didn't react at all, didn't say anything. They were probably happy with me going to die soon.

I lifted my gaze to look at Kanda one more time, noticing that only he had broken through Almas grip and was forcing his way through the crowd towards Allen.

"I'm sorry" Allen said with his husky voice.

Kanda flinched and looked up at Allen. Seeing his dull expression, his broken voice ringing to his ears.

"Just don't say any-" Kanda said but got interrupted by Allen.

"You wanted… an answer…" Allen huffed out. "I think I love you too" he gave Kanda a small smile, before his sight became blurry and buried the view with the blackness.

Kandas eyes teared up "Don't say something like that now, you ass" he whipped of his tears, watching his first love pass away right in front of his eyes.

"Neah! I'm afraid of the dark"

"Don't you worry, I'll be there with you"

The boy passed away with a smile.

As soon as the boy had taken his last breath. Kanda let his tears fall down, as the crowd behind him cheered with joy. Kanda lifting his gaze towards the sky. "You're free now Allen. Leaving me behind"

Soon the sky was filled with Akumas, the screaming noise echoing through the whole village. This village wasn't protected anymore.

Still a blue haired boy wanders alone in the village, the Akumas ignoring him.
Allen telling them he was one of the three friends he ever had.

Lavi and Bookman had a couple of weeks come back to the village, noticing that something was different. Being greeted by the blue haired boy. Showing them to a lonely grave in the forest, placed near the lake.

On the cold stone lied the name Allen Walker. 'For may he find his freedom'

Lavi and Bookman only shedding a few tears, telling Kanda they didn't need the explanation, they already knew what happened. The protector of the village had died.

The boy grabbed his hand full of sand, ready to take the fall.
The broken hourglass only stabbing him through the chest, when he fell.
The boy took his hand outside and drew a heart on the ground.

The sand resembles the pain. The hourglass resembles his cage. He's running out of time.
Outside there was freedom, but for freedom, you have to pay your price, and that was his life.

The coin stopped spinning, and smashed Allens body on the ground, killing him. Saving Alma who was on the other side of the coin. Fate had now chosen for Kanda.

Only three persons standing in front of the hourglass, shed tears to the dead boy who broke outside from the hourglass.
There was a drawn heart on the ground.

You are free now, Allen Walker.

Yepp. He died. There's a reason why I made this to 12 chapters.
There are only 12 numbers in the clock, the clock ticks, and soon you'll be running out of time when the clock goes around one time.
Not everything in this world is for free, and we would do anything to get our freedom.
But reality isn't always nice.