Okay, so this story is ending soon just two more chapter after this then the epilogue. This was one of my favorite stories to write and my most popular one yet. After this story ends, I'm going to start a new story. I'm not going to tell you anything about it because I want it to be surprised.

Twelve Keys

Lucy woke up to her head pounding and a sore back. She sat up slowly as she could and looked around the dark room that she was in. No lights were on expect a lamp in the corner of the same room. The walls were a deep burgundy with black trim. The floor were a dark oak wood floor. There seemed to be no windows as she continued to look around the room.

The bed that she way laying on had dark gray comforter with black and whit pillows. The frame itself was a chestnut color and so wasn't the bedside table that held her golden keys.

She reached a hand out to grab them, but a pale hand had grasped her wrist. She followed up the arm and to the face that belonged to the hand. Her heart dropped as a expressionless face stared at her.

"I'm sorry, but you are not allowed to touch these keys anymore." Midnight said. He let go of her wrist and swiped the keys from the table.

"Why not? And where am I?" Lucy asked. Her eyes narrowed at the black haired man in front of her.

"You are back at Oracion Seis HQ. You aren't allowed to touch these keys because I need them for a project that I'm doing. I needed all twelve to do so." He said pulling the keys out of the holder.

"But I only have ten out of the twelve." Lucy said throwing the covers off of her legs. She didn't realize how cold the room was until she had taken off the blanket.

He held up two that were not on the key ring and shook them back and froth. "I have my sources. Now that I have all twelve I will awaken Infinity Clock."

"W-what's Infinity Clock?" Lucy questioned. She shivered as Midnight chuckled evilly.

"Infinity Clock is a mind controlling machine that the council had made, but them disposed of it and the keys." He said.

Lucy let out a surprised gasp. "H-how did you get those other keys in order to awaken it. You said you have sources."

He laughed. "Who do you think has the remaining two keys. Yukino of course." He said. He snapped his figures and two men walked through the doors. One had maroon colored hair and a scar over his left eye, The other one wore a red and black suit and yellow hair stuck out of the suit. "Please take miss Lucy to the control room."

They nodded and walked over to the bed. Lucy looked at the men then at the door then back at the men. She lunged off the bottom of the bed, but the two men knew what she was planning and caught her by the arms. She hung her head in defeat as they walked her down the long hallway.

They stopped at a set of doubled doors and they opened automatically. Two men stood on the opposite side of the doors. On the right was a man dressed in a bear slot machine outfit, while the other man was bald and carrying a scythe. They drug her to one of the walls that had chains bolted to it. They fastened the cuff only around her wrist not caring about her ankles.

Midnight later walked in dismissing the two men who had chained her. They left with a nod and walked out the doors with the other two men following behind them. Midnight didn't spare Lucy a glace as he gracefully walked to a panel that had twelve key slots. He placed them in the slots and finally looked over a Lucy.

He smiled and turned the keys. A screen appeared with the countdown when Infinity Clock would activate. 30:00 it read. "It seems like we have uninvited guess."

Natsu looked up at the large building that Oration Seis called HQ. To him it looked a fish, but he could be wrong. He was off day dreaming about fish and Lucy when someone snapped their fingers. He looked over at a glaring Seera.

"There is no time to be day dreaming when we are about to engage in battle. Keep your guard up." She demanded. Natsu shivered as he thought of Erza scolding him like this woman did.

"Okay people we made it to their base. I want everyone to slip up in their teams that I had asigned." Everyone respectfully got into their groups and tied the color ribbon on their shoulder. "You know what to do from here out out. Go!"

Everyone slip into their teams and ran into the building. Team C stayed behind and to the roof. Each team made it to a door in which they met their enemy. Team A headed towards a set of doubled doors and brust through them.

The sight they saw horrified them. Lucy hanging from the ceiling, a laughing Midnight, and a countdown that read 28:12 on the big screen in red. The numbered webt down with each passing second. Natsu looked over at the man and growled.

"What the hell is this." Natsu snarled. He looked over at Lucy and his heart skiped a beat when she smiled at him sadly.

"Oh, you mean this." Midnight said motioning to the keys. "Yes this is Infinity Clock and once the clock strikes zero everyone will be under my control."

"What you mean to tell us is that things is a mind controlling device that you are about to awaken." Seera squeaked. Midnight nodded and she pulled out her sword. The blade was blade as night with a purple and black handle.

"That is exactly what I'm telling you." Midnight said. He pulled out a gun and aimed it at Seera. She showed to fear as she rushed at him with her sword. A shot fired and the bullet had wedged itself into her left shoulder. She stumbled back and growled.

"Everyone, we must take this man out before it's too late." She said giving her team a glace. They nodded their heads and rushed at him with their own guns.

Team by turned a corner and walked into the first down on the right. There they met face to face with a man who had maroon colored hair. He gave the team a smirk before he lunged at Laxus who in returned gave the man a kick to the stomach.

The man crashed to the other side of the room and growled. "You're a lot stronger than I thought." He said. "The name's Cobra." He pulled out a dagger that simmered with a purple substance.

"What the hell." Laxus growled as Cobra lunged toward with the dagger, Laxus jumped back and glared at the man. "What the fuck is on that thing."

"It's my famous poison. One strike with this and you'll die in within ten minutes of contact." Cobra gave the blonde haired man a smirk before lunging at him again. Laxus jumped back before the dagger was able to touch him. Although Cobra managed to cut the fadric of his shirt. The poison sizzled as it ate way the bit of clothing it had made contact to.

"That is what would happen if this poison were to get on your skin, or worse when it flows in the blood stream." Cobra laughed as Laxus gave him a startled look. "Don't worry. Once it gets into your blood stream it only takes about five minutes before it eats you from the inside out."

"Then I can't let that happen then can I." Laxus said kicking the dagger out of the man's hand. He punch Cobra in the face, then kicked him in the stomach making him fly into his own team mate.

Cobra got up and smiled. He pulled out another dagger, grabbed Evergreen, and held the dagger to her neck. "Stay back or his pretty lady's neck gets dissolved by this poison."

Laxus stopped and looked at Freed. He nodded and Freed rushed behind Cobra with his sword drawn. Cobra turned around just as Freed plunged the sword right into his stomach. Cobra looked down and gave a straggled gasp. Freed removed the sword and caught the falling man.

"You are fine. I didn't hit any vital parts, so you'll be fine." Freed said. Cobra tried to push away from the green haired man, but failed as Freed held him tighter. He gave the man a glared and Freed just stared at him.

"You. I'll…I'll never… f-forget you." He said before passing out. Laxus took the man from Freed and threw him over his shoulder. He said nothing as him and his team exited the strange building.

Bisca looked through the scope of her rifle. She took a breath as she shoot down troops that Oraion Seis had hired. There weren't that many, but what made her frustrated was this one guy. Racer was his name and he was dodging her bullets with speed.

Alzack looked at her with concern and placed a hand on her shoulder. She looked at him and smile. "I think you need to take a break Bisca." He said. She shook her head and looked back into her scope.

Racer was zigzagging through the remaining troops as he inched closer to the building. She steadied the gun on his leg and fired. He tired to dodge, but the bullet in lodged itself in his thigh. He fell to the ground with a pained scream. He clutched the bullet wound and tried to stand, but to no avail.

Bisca threw her hands up in triumph and let out a whoop. She turned to Alzack and hugged him. He returned the hug smiling at her happiness. She smashed their lips together and he let out a surprised gasp.

She giggled at him and pulled away. The walkie-talkie buzzed and came a soft voice filled with terror. "Can e-everyone hear me." There was a chorus of 'yes' before she continued. "This is Seera speaking. We have a problem everyone and it's a huge problem. Midnight had activated a mind controlling device called Infinity Clock and we only have 20 minutes until it goes off."

"WHAT!" Everyone yelled into the walkie-talkie. Bisca looked over at her team with wide eyes. Everyone else seem to have the same expression that she has. Everyone was talking over each other on the talkie and it was a jumbled mess.

"Shut the hell up!" Seera yelled. "We don't have much time left and with you guys in a panic isn't going to help the situation at hand. Just… whenever you get finished with your job, come help us." She said. She didn't let anyone say anything as she cut the connection.

"Should we go?" Macao asked. The other three nodded their heads and ran off the roof.

Gajeel was in the middle of fighting this weird guy when he heard what Seera had said. He punch the guy in the bear mask, but the guy just stood there. He pulled out a guy and pointed at Gajeel.

"Ahahaha! You can't defeat me!" Jackpot said throwing his hands in the air. The guy in the costume lashed out forward holding the gun out. Gajeel didn't move as Jackpot pushed the gun into his mouth.

Levy screamed as Jackpot laughed at his work. "Say goodbye." He went to go pull the trigger, but Gajeel just smirked. Jackpot gave him a questioning look and paused in his shooting.

Gajeel took this chances to bite down on the tip of the gun crushing it with his force. Jackpot stubbled back in surprise and threw the broken gun away. He gave the blacked hair boy a glare. He was about the lung at the man when they heard the sound of a zipper.

In the next moment the guy in the costume stood there naked in his underwear. He shivered and turned to find a grinning blue haired girl with her hand on her hips. "You!" He hollered.

"Me." Levy pointed to herself. "I'm sorry."

"Grrrr. I'm gonna kill you." He said. The man in the underwear leaped forward, but Gajeel caught him by his long green hair. "Hey let me g-" He was caught off when Gajeel knocked him out cold.

"We should go help Seera and her team now." Levy said. Gajeel nodded and slung the man over his shoulder. They exited the room other with Jet and Droy following behind them.

"Why the hell are you carrying around a scythe." Loke said looking at the bald man.

"Why not. I am called the Grim Reaper for a reason." Erigor said.

"You annoy me." Gildarts said. He went to punch the man, but the boxing of the walkie sounded. He picked it up and held the red button. "Yes your majesties." He joked.

"Shut up and focus. We only have seven minutes, so you better hurry up." She said. She said nothing more and cut the connection.

"Tick tock. Your time is running out here dear friend." Erigor said.

"Friends. We aren't anything close to being friends!" Loke yelled at the man.

Cana looked at Laki and nodded. They both attacked the man at the same time, but he just swung his scythe at them. Cana kicked Laki out of the way before the blade cut her right shoulder. She held the cut and laughed.

"Is that all you do." She laughed once before she, her dad, Loke, and Laki rushed forward at him.

"Oh how wonderful. You guys are weak that's so cute." A sliver haired girl said placing her hand on her cold cheeks. "It's a pleasure to meet such weaklings who will die under by double pistol."

She pulled out two sliver pistol and held one in each hand. She fired the guns at the four members of team F. Luckily the members had each hid behind a desk in the classroom. Why would this place have a classroom? That's what they were wondering, but if this room save their lives then they aren't complaining.

Juvia stood up and glared at the woman. "Why just Angel-san be so cruel to Juvia's team." Juvia said.

Angel looked at the blue haired girl and smile evilly. "I'm sorry, but I'm just doing what I was told." She said.

"And may Juvia ask what is it that Angel-san was to do?" Juvia asked.

"To kill anyone who interferes with Midnight's plan." She said. She held the gun to Juvia's head a pulled the trigger.

Natsu punched Midnight in the jaw and made him stumble backwards. "You twerp. How could you hit me like that."

"You are a bad guy who wants to turn everyone into mind controlled zombies." Natsu said. Midnight laughed out loud as he turned to look at the screen. Natsu's eyes widen when he read 01:03.

"No. This can't be?" Natsu said.

"Natsu! Keep your eyes on the fight in front of you damnit!" Seera yelled. Gray looked at her weirdly as she stared at him. "What?" She hissed. Gray backup without saying a word.

"Seera's right, Natsu. Focus on the fight in front of you. We don't have that much time left." Erza yelled.

"She's right. You don't have time left." A new voice said. Erza turned to the door and glared at the woman who walked in. Michelle shared eye contact, but she gave them all a sad smile. "I'm sorry for putting this all you guys. I feel really bad."

"There is no time fore apologizing. Right now we have to worry about the amount we have left." Gray said.

"What time." Midnight said looking back at the screen. Everyone looked at the screen and everyone's heart dropped. Midnight was right they were all out of time because the screen read,


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