The Beginning Of The Force On Berk

Astrid and Hiccup were racing their dragons, Stormfly and Toothless. "Hey! I bet I can beat you to the village!" Hiccup yells out to Astrid. They race off towards the village. As they are racing, they are unaware of the threat that has just entered their solar system.

A sith rogue named Darth Nemar is standing on the bridge of the star destroyer, with a imperial officer beside him, both looking out towards planet Earth. Darth Nemar speaks to the officer, "You have done well in joining me, commander. After the Emperor's death, the Empire is weak. If we hope to reclaim our lost Empire, we will have to have a base. You said planet Earth is the ideal place, do not disappoint me." The commander replies, "Well, my Lord, planet Earth is not nearly as advanced as us. With our fleet of ten star destroyers, stormtroopers, drop ships, and TIE fighters, they won't stand a chance." Camera zooms out to show a star fleet of ten star destroyers with Imperial March playing

As Hiccup and Toothless start pulling ahead of Astrid and Stormfly, a dragon rider stops them, telling them urgent news that the village is being attacked by strange people with strange weapons, and they quickly race back to the village. As they near the village, five TIE fighters suddenly zoom overhead of them, and quickly turn around behind them and start shooting. Stormfly starts panicking and dives downwards in a attempt to get away, while Astrid crys out Hiccup's name. Hiccup calmly talks to Toothless, "Alright bud, we can lose these guys, whoever they are!" Suddenly, the dragon rider's dragon is shot in the tail and he falls out of the sky into a pond, and he swims out. Toothless quickly dives down and hides in a forest, and the TIE fighters, losing sight of them, goes back to the village thinking they were all shot down. Stormfly and Astrid finds Hiccup and Toothless hiding in the woods, and they come up beside them. Hiccup quietly talks to Astrid, "Astrid, I need to see what those things are and what they did to the village, i'm the chief, I need to face them. Stay here, you will be safe." At that, Hiccup gets on Toothless and they resume their flight towards the village, keeping a close eye out for the TIE fighters. Hiccup enters the village with Toothless, and fire is everywhere while vikings fire crossbows and catapults at TIE fighters. Hiccup runs to the nearest viking and asks him what is going on and what those things are, and the viking replies, "I don't know either, but right now, I am just trying to take one-" Before the viking could finish speaking, a TIE fighter shoots right beside them, blowing up the ground. A catapult hits the TIE and it crashes about a mile from the village. Suddenly, dropships start landing, and the backs of them open up. Stormtroopers start coming out of the dropships and fire at the vikings. One viking is shot in the leg, and another in the shoulder and they both fall, wounded, and other vikings quickly carry them to saftey, they have never experienced anything like a shot from a blaster. Stormtroopers just keep coming, and even more TIEs with them, Hiccup yells for everyone to abandon the village.

What happens to our heroes and their village? Look at the next chapter to find out!