Battle Over the Seas

As the vikings of Berk run towards their ships in a attempt to get away from the Empire, Hiccup goes to find Astrid, who is still in the forest with Stormfly. Hiccup enters the forest and finds Astrid. "Astrid! We need to get to the ships before those flying things catch up with us!" Hiccup yells as he pulls her towards the ships.

As they enter the boats, they quickly set sail and Astrid looks alarmed, not knowing that had happened in the village. As Hiccup starts to explain, the sound of the TIE fighters can be heard overhead, and they suddenly dive down from the clouds and open fire on the viking ships. Hiccup runs towards Toothless, giving Astrid a kiss on the cheek, telling her he will be back. Hiccup and Toothless take flight, with Toothless shooting fireballs at the TIE fighters, blowing them up and grabbing some, throwing them into each other. As a TIE fighter goes straight under Toothless, Hiccup leaps onto it and pulls the pilot from the cockpit, throwing him into the water. As Hiccup is in front of the controls, he quickly grabs the handle bars and attempts to steer the TIE fighter, as many around him start going down by Toothless shooting them or if they are being hit by catapults. Once Hiccup gets a better feel for it, he starts firing on other TIEs, quickly blowing up half of the squadron, with catapults picking off the rest. As Hiccup flies back towards the ships, a lone, advanced TIE fighter comes in front of Hiccup. Hiccup fires at the advanced TIE fighter and Toothless shoots fireballs at him, but the TIE fighter avoids all the shots and quickly maneuvers behind Hiccup, shooting off his wing. Hiccup jumps out of the burning TIE fighter and into the water, soon to be pulled out by Astrid. Astrid asks, "Who is that guy?", Hiccup replies, "I don't know..."

Soon, the lone TIE fighter goes above the fleet, and the pilot jumps out, landing on the deck of the ship that Hiccup and Astrid are on. The pilot is pale and has yellow eyes, wearing a black robe. Hiccup ignites his Dragon Blade and Astrid picks up a axe, along with many other vikings who aim swords at him. The strange pilot starts speaking, "I am Darth Nemar, rescuer of the Empire. I do not wish to fight any of you, I simply wish to use your home as a base until I can reclaim our glorious Empire."

Everyone looks around at each other, having no idea what the Empire, unaware of the power Darth Nemar has. Hiccup replies, "We will never allow you to use our home for your war, we are not even sure what your Empire is."

Darth Nemar simply replies, "So be it" and ignites his red lightsaber, and calls out to them that he will take Berk by force. Darth Nemar rushes the vikings, swiftly knocking two of them out. As one viking comes up behind him, Darth Nemar throws him over his shoulder and kicks him overboard. As the group of vikings slash and stab at him, he cuts off all of their points and force pushes them, throwing the group of them into Hiccup and Astrid. TIE fighters swarm above the ship, and he jumps up and grabs one of them by the wing as Hiccup starts getting up and they fly back to their star destroyer.

"That Darth Nemar guy should not be taken lightly... He just grabbed everyone and threw them without touching them! We need to be more careful..." Hiccup says. As the fleet of ships continues onward, they come across a island with lots of animals and vegetation, and they dock there. The vikings unload crates of supplies and start building shelters. Astrid seems upset having to leave their home. Hiccup goes to get and tells her that they will soon retake Berk and embraces her. As the shelters get completed and the vikings gather a few pounds of wood, the sun goes down and they light a fire. Hiccup uses a stick and draws in some sand, talking to the warriors. "These people from the Empire have good air attacks, and they have a good infantry force. I noticed that the infantry comes in these dropships, and if we can take those down before they land, they won't have any ground troops and we can retake Berk!" Warriors cheer as Hiccup finishes his plan, when the sun rises, they shall reclaim Berk.

What will happen to Berk as both sides prepare for war? Find out next chapter!