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Harry burst through the main door of Hogwarts in a full run. He didn't even take the time to see if Hermione and Ron were behind him. He ignored the shouts of the students that were milling about the doors. Harry snarled when he jumped from the last step and lost his footing for a moment, mostly at himself. Each second needed to count, he couldn't give Malfoy a chance to run away. The coward that he was. Even now, with claiming to be a Veela now all he did was hide away and use underhanded ways to get to Harry.

As Harry ran along the shore, he picked up a rock and threw it as hard as he could into the water. He knew the rock would offend the merfolk that lived in the waters and that's what he wanted. He nearly got hit by the same rock as one surfaced to throw back at the offender. The male stopped yelling when he realized Harry was the one getting their attention. He quickly called out the male to get him a weapon. He did not have very much training with the weapons the merfolk used, but if Malfoy wanted to hunt down creatures then Harry was going to fight like one.

It was the least he could do to honor Firth. To use what he had been taught.

Harry caught the trident that was tossed to him. He stumbled a bit, not used to the weight of it outside of the water, but soon righted himself. Looking to the end of the lake, Harry saw Malfoy standing still. Watching. Obviously watching him. Hate boiled inside him. It gave him more energy to run faster. This wizard had been the cause of so many difficulties during his life at Hogwarts. So many fights. Even trying to torture and kill one another. As if battling Voldemort hadn't been difficult enough, there was always Maloy to add salt to the wound. Now he wanted to make a mockery out of creatures and their mates, kill innocent lives thinking he was better? Harry had enough. He had enough of others dictating his life and thinking he owed them anything. When he had defeated Voldemort, his life was supposed to be easy. No more fighting for his life. Yet here he was, running after another threat.

Harry didn't hear his friends call out to him as he ran faster. He was focused only on reaching Malfoy. He wasn't going to wait for Hermione and Ron to catch up. So he didn't hear Hermione cast a patronus and give the otter instructions to find Severus and Remus. She knew she made the right choice to alert the older man. As she got close to the clearing, Harry had already made it there and the sound was deafening. She had to stop moving to cover her ears as both creatures let out loud screeching. Looking up Hermione saw Harry thrust his trident forward, catching Malfoy in the arm as he tried to dodge. He let out another screech as he rushed forward.

Hermione heard more than saw Remus run past her, Severus right behind. Remus seemed larger than usual, growling loudly as he ran towards Harry and Malfoy. Severus had transformed as well, wings spread out behind him. However, they all watched in horror when Malfoy grabbed onto Harry and apparated away.

"No!" Remus roared. He wheeled around to face Hermione and Ron. "Why didn't you stop him? He was told to stay put, you should have stopped him!" The werewolf stalked towards Harry's friends, voice getting rougher with each step, eyes shone gold so bright they seemed to glow. Anyone who was in his way was liable to get hurt if it prevented him from getting to Harry. He snarled when his arm was grabbed and pulled back, forcing him to look to Severus. "Let me go, Severus," he growled lowly.

"There's no need to threaten them, Remus. They're just children," Severus reasoned. It was difficult to do in his full Veela state, where instinct was stronger than logic. But these were students that Remus was very close to attacking. He could take whatever Remus would do, however Harry would never forgive either of them if something happened to Weasley and Granger. He backed away as his mate came closer, not out of fear, but to draw him away. Severus didn't count on Remus reaching out and grabbing him around the neck and pulling him close. He made sure not to struggle at the grab, instead turning his head as much as Remus would allow, swallowing hard as the werewolf leaned in.

"Take me there, Severus," he growled. "Take me to their manor, it's the only place he would feel he could get away from us."

"I can't get inside unless they invite me, but I can get us to the front door at least." Severus concentrated on apparating to the Malfoy Manor when Remus nodded. His mate understood he could only get them so far, but he wouldn't be stopped. He knew Remus would break down the wards at Malfoy Manor, regardless of what kind of damage they would do. Severus was never one to pray to a deity, but he did now. He prayed that Lucius or Narcissa would let them in.

Harry threw his head back as he and Malfoy landed, smirking when he connected and heard a pained grunt. He swung his arm back that was holding his trident to knock Malfoy further away. He didn't have time to catch his breath or try to look where he had been taken. Briefly he wondered if Remus and Severus would be able to find him, but he couldn't give it much more thought before Malfoy was attacking again.

He grit his teeth as Malfoy screeched. Damn bastard was loud. He ducked when a spell was cast towards him, but his feet were swiped from under him by a dingy, white wing. Pulling the trident across him, Harry blocked Malfoy when jumped on top of him. He hissed when a clawed hand swiped at his cheek, snapping at the hand when it stayed close to his face. When Malfoy pulled back, Harry used what little space he had to pull his knees up, knocking him forward, giving Harry the leverage to push Malfoy up over his head.

Harry scrambled to get as far away from Malfoy as he could, quickly looking for a door. He shouted when he was shoved into a wall, nose hitting first and fingers getting pinched between the wall and trident. He hissed lowly in warning when he felt Malfoy press in close behind him.

"I will have you bow to me," Malfoy garbled in his ear. The stodgy transformation was making it difficult for the blond to speak. "Fighting just makes me want you more and you will realize why you belong to me."

Harry snarled as he fought for a way out. The taste of bile filled his mouth at the wrongness of Malfoy's words and the feel of his body. This was not his mate. Even if fate had not decided his mates for him, he would never choose Malfoy. As his creature side thrashed beneath his skin, he realized how perfect his mates were for him. Remus was a wild strength and Severus a cool, steady mind. He still wasn't sure how he fit between them, but he wanted to know. He wanted someone to love him entirely and somehow he got two. And only those two, no matter what Malfoy thought. He needed a way out, to throw Malfoy off of him. Harry snarled when he felt Malfoy push harder against him. He knew if he could see himself that his scales would be showing, his teeth sharpened and bit into his lip. All the rage, pain, and humiliation made his skin itch, everything suffered from Malfoy, Voldemort, the Durlseys, Dumbledore…

Harry wasn't sure what happened, but he knew Malfoy was no longer pressed against him. It felt like an explosion ripped from inside him, leaving him shakey. When he turned around, Malfoy was limp on the floor across the room. Using the trident as a walking stick, Harry shuffled as quickly as he could towards the door, never looking away from Malfoy, just waiting for another attack. But the door wouldn't budge. Hissing in anger, Harry raised the trident and started attacking the door. If he couldn't open it because of whatever spell Malfoy used, then would force a way out. There was no way Malfoy was going to win and keep him trapped here.

A rough gurgling reached his ears and Harry froze, the sound sending chills up his back. He turned his head just enough to look out of the corner of his eye to see Malfoy struggling to sit up, and Harry realized the gurgling sound he heard was in fact Malfoy laughing.

"Only the Lord of the House can open the door against my wishes and he doesn't even know we're here," Mafloy said, blood coating his mouth. He spat a glob in the direction of Harry, making the mer cringed, but glad he was far enough away to avoid it. "I'm glad being a pathetic creature hasn't made you weak Potter. Getting the chance to beat you down to prove yourself to me is going to be such sweet torture for you."

"Stay back, Malfoy," he hissed between his teeth. "I've killed before, or did you forget?" He had never wanted to be a killer, but he had killed Voldemort, and even Quirrel, he would do it again to protect himself. He didn't even care if his mates hated him if he killed again, Malfoy seemed likely to push him towards it. And wasn't that such an odd thought? To casually be thinking that he could kill Malfoy. What kind of monster did that make him? Was it true then what his defense class had said about being vicious,dark, deadly creatures? He wished he had the time to think on it further, but Malfoy was standing and walking towards him.

"Really Potter? You think you could kill me?" More of that horrible gurgling laughter. "I'll be happy to show you how wrong you are. I can't wait to make you scream." Malfoy raised his wings, to intimidate and show dominance. It just made Harry curl his lips back in disgust.

Harry felt his creature's side rise once again, pushing out with magic making the air thick as if they were in a hot humid sauna. He raised his hands, letting his magic flow out. He gasped when he saw a wall of water appear, separating him from Malfoy. His mouth felt dry, as if the wall sucked out all of the water around him. However, just as quickly as his magic responded to him, it was draining him. Harry knew he couldn't keep this up for long, but hopefully just long enough for the suddenly dry air to affect Malfoy and his injuries further.

Suddenly Malfoy ran at the wall, screeching as he did so. Harry flinched, but kept his hands up and magic flowing in front of him. He smirked when Malfoy seemed to hit the wall of water just as hard as if he ran into a wall of bricks. He watched as the other wizard ran at it again, clawing at the water uselessly, trying to push his way through. Thank goodness it's holding, Harry thought.

The relief was short-lived. Malfoy brought his hand up and it started to glow. The forced transformation he went through carried enough to allow him other Veela abilities. Harry's widened in fear, he didn't want to find out if magic from Malfoy this close could penetrate his wall, but he certainly did not want to find out. Mustering what strength he had left, Harry pushed out with his magic one more time, throwing the wall at Malfoy. The blonde went flying back once again, crashing into the wall on the far side of the room.

And Harry collapsed as well against the door. He looked to Malfoy who seemed to be unconscious finally. Dragging the trident over his lap to have it ready, he settled against the door. To wait until his energy came back to fight the door again, or wait for his mates to rescue him. Whichever came first.

They landed outside the gates, the manor barely visible over the shrubs. It seemed that to hide their shame, the Malfoys let the bushes overgrow to prevent anyone trying to look in. Severus pulled out his wand to send a message to Narcissa when Remus ran past him to assault the wards in front of them. They shimmered with each blow the werewolf delivered with a fist. They would hold, hundreds of years of Malfoys layering them on would see to that, but just barely with the state of his mate. Remus's hands were bleeding from hitting them, and Severus wanted so badly to stop him, to hold and heal his mate. But he knew that wouldn't happen.

Before Severus could cast a patronus to seek out the Lady of the house, said woman came running down the path from the front of the manor. Seems she was waiting for us, Severus thought.

For Remus, it fueled his anger more to see any member of the Malfoy family. Now the werewolf was running into the wards instead of just hitting them. Severus reached out to stop, only for his hand to be slapped away. He hoped Narcissa would move out of the way once she opened the wards, he wasn't sure he would be able to stop Remus at this point.
"Quickly, up to Draco's room," she panted. "I don't know what he's doing, but you must be here to stop him." She raised her wand to open the gate and wards, turning to begin running towards the manor when Remus snatched her by the throat. She let out a strangled gasp as she tore at his hand. "Please," the Lady pleaded, her eyes on Severus.

"Remus, let her go! She let us in to save Harry." Severus fought to pull Remus off of Narcissa, he seriously thought his mate would kill the woman. His mate was out for blood, but he was too caught up in the lust for blood to rationalize that Narcissa was not the problem. He pulled in a big breath of air and let out such a loud whistle the werewolf had no choice but to drop the woman to cover his ears. When Remus turned angry, golden eyes to him, he swallowed hard. "Draco has Harry. Not Narcissa."

With a chuff, Remus took off. No doubt letting instinct and the smell of their mate to guide him. Severus moved to help Narcissa off the ground, but he couldn't afford any more time on her if he was going to try to keep Remus from committing murder.

"Call a house elf to help you, but I have to go," he said before running after Remus. He at least knew where he was going so he was hopeful he would catch up to his mate before he could do any more damage to household members. He ran as fast as he could, listening as the growling got louder. His heart beat hard against his chest as he fought his own creature side, to keep in contained until they were all back in their chambers and it was safe to let it free. Free to rage against what happened to them. He caught up to Remus clawing at the door of Draco's room, snarling to be let in. His mate was terrifyingly beautiful like this, seemingly larger than life. He was more wolf than man at this point. If Remus had been like this in their rooms, Severus would have relished in having that energy turned on him. But as it were, he had to get that focus on something other than destruction.

What Draco didn't know, Severus had been keyed into his rooms since he was a young boy. Lucius had wanted Severus to be able to care for Draco for when the Dark Lord would make his return in the event that Lucius could not himself. Nothing had been changed since the Malfoy patriarch was still in prison. He carefully reached in between Remus and the door and opened it with just a touch to the doorknob. When the werewolf pushed his way in, he froze at the sound of a quiet squeak. There on the floor being pushed by the door, lay Harry. He was a sweaty, bruised mess and still holding onto his trident. He let out a small mew at the sight of his mates. The exhaustion and stress from the fight still pushed his mer-creature to the forefront as he was not out of danger yet.

Severus pushed his way in the door ahead of Remus. He saw Draco on the other side of the room, eyes closed and looking just as bruised. He felt pride swell within him knowing that his mate fought so hard and obviously came out victorious. He turned back to Harry, wings spread out to block Remus's view of the other 'veela', making sure all of the werewolf's attention was on their little mate. Said werewolf didn't even notice what Severus was trying to do as he crouched down in front of Harry, growls emanating with each breath he took. When Harry finally lifted watering eyes to Remus, he opened his arms to allow Harry to scramble into with a cry.

The veela let out a breath he hadn't realized he was holding. Their mate was in their safe hands once more. So many awful things could have happened to Harry. Awful things did happen to him, and once again Remus and Severus were not there to protect him from them. He had to fight for his life like he had been doing since his parents died. How many more atrocities would Harry have to face before he was finally safe, before Severus and Remus could enjoy having the mer around. Severus's small grasp on his creature side was giving as he thought of how close Draco sodding Malfoy came to harming his little one again. With a snarl, he pushed Remus with Harry in his arms out the door. "Take him home," he snapped, and shut the door with him alone with Draco.