As Azerial walked silently through the forest she kept her eyes peeled for any sign of movement and her bow out and ready to shoot at a moment's notice. Suddenly, a deer came galloping across her line of sight, she watched it run north as she heard a shout in the distance. Crouching close to the ground, she hid waiting for whoever was out there to pass by so she could continue after her deer. Azerial watched as a young man crossed by carrying two giant stones, one a beautiful blue and the other a bright red orange color. Her eyes were drawn to the red orange stone, feeling a strange pull towards the thing, she decided she wanted it more then the deer so she started following to him home, making sure not to be seen or heard. Luckily he walked very loudly, his feet stomping on the ground as he walked, which made it pretty easy to keep unheard as she followed him back.

When he finally arrived at his home she made sure to keep hidden as she watched him enter the barn, and come out without the stones to go and great his family. Once she was sure he was gone and there was no one around Azerial snuck into the barn and looked around for her stone. She quickly spotted it in the corner and ran over to grab it, feeling that strange pull intensify as she held the stone, turning it over in her hands to inspect it, she noticed very interesting swirls of red, orange and yellow. Azerial stuffed it in her bag when she heard the sound of people approaching, quickly sneaking out and running back into the woods, she smiled to herself, happy to have claimed her prize. When she got back into the safety of the woods she slowed down and started on the path back to her own home, to try to discover what this stone was and maybe see if it was of any value to sell, though from the attachment quickly growing for the thing, she doubted she would be willing to part with it.