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The Unexpected

Natsu stared in shock, mouth wide open. He had nothing to say to her. Yeck he didn't even know why she was here at this jewelry store.

Lisanna was the first one to speak, "Natsu, what are you doing here?" Her question came out more of a demand, but he didn't care.

"I'm here to buy a ring, so I can look." He demanded. She nodded her head and stepped back a little. She looked like she wanted to say something to him, but she couldn't figure it out.

"Look, Natsu, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have dumped you back in high school. C-can you give me... another chance?" She asked.

Natsu looked up at her and sighed. "Lisanna, that was 8 years ago. I've moved on with my life." He said, "Also, I've already got a girlfriend that I love deeply, so the answer is no."

She had a pained look on her face. "H-how long have you guys been dating?" She asked in a small voice.

"For four years, long enough to hurt." He said as he looked back down at the rings. He found one that caught his eyes. "Do you have the size 7 1/2 for this one?"

Lisanna nodded and bent down to open the display case and grabbed the ring. Once she got straighten up, she handed it to him. "Is that why you are looking at the engagement rings?" She asked.

"Yes, I was planning on asking her tonight at our date." He said. He turned the ring around to examine it. "I'll take this one."

He handed the ring back to Lisanna and she put it in a black box. She typed in the amount of the ring on the cash register.

Natsu handed her the amount for the ring and she took the money, put it in the cash register, and handed him the reseat.

She hesitated on giving him the ring. He gave her an irritated look and grabbed the box from her.

"T-thank you, c-come again." She stuttered. He scoffed at her and walked out of the store.

How dare she ask me that, knowing that she broke my heart? She has Laxus now, she doesn't need me. Natsu thought as he headed back home where Lucy was.

Lucy had gone with a blue sundress that had white and yellow flowers printed everywhere on it. It came with a yellow belt that went right above her belly. She paired the dress with white flats and a white flower clip for her hair.

As she was putting the flower clip in her hair, she heard the front door slam shut signaling that Natsu was home.

She placed the clip in her hair and walked out of the bathroom. She headed into the living room to find Natsu slouched down in the recliner.

"What's wrong, Natsu? You were happy earlier before you left, did something happen?" Lucy asked.

He stood up and walked over to where she was standing. He had a serious look written on his face when he came up to her. He looked her in the eyes before he spoke.

"I met Lisanna today," Natsu said. Lucy eyes gone wide in shock. "And...and she asked if we could get back together and give her another chance."

"What did you tell her?" She asked hoping he said no to her.

"I told her no. I also told her I moved on with my life and that I didn't need her because I got you." He said.

Lucy's eyes softened at his words. "Do you really mean that, Natsu?" She asked in a soft voice.

"Yes, I really do mean everything that I said." He said. "Lucy, if it weren't for you, I would be living alone right and I wouldn't have anyone to say this to."

"What is it?" She asked. He held her chin in between his fingers and he mad her look him in the eyes.

"That I love you." He said. He then kissed her passionately and moved her closer to him as they kissed.

They broke apart, but he still held her. "I love you too, Natsu." She said as he kissed her again.

His hand moved to the zipper at the back of her dress. He started to pull it down when Lucy pushed him away.

"Natsu," She hissed. "Not right now. I'm still sore."

Natsu pouted at her response and hug his head down. She signed at his childish behavior. "Alright, we can do it tonight." She said.

His head went up and he had a bright smile on his face. "But, not to rough." Lucy demanded and Natsu nodded his head to let her know that he understood.

We should start our date early, so we can have fun before we go to dinner." Natsu suggested.

"That sounds like a great plan, Natsu. I've always wanted to go see the sakura trees this time of the year." Lucy said.

"Then what are we waiting for, come on!" Natsu said. He then grabbed her hand and dragged her out of the house.

It took them about fifteen minutes to reach the park and another five to go back and look at the sakura trees. "They are so beautiful and I love the smell of the flowers." Lucy said.

Natsu led her to one of the tall sakura trees and sat down. He patted the grass beside him and said, "Come. Sit down."

Lucy sat down next to him with their back leaning up against the trunk of the tree. He held out his hands and she gladly accepted it.

Hand in hand, they stayed like that what seemed like forever. Natsu took out his phone to check the time. "It's 5:30, our dinner starts in an hour." He stated.

"Wow, we spent most of the day here." Lucy noticed.

"I'd love to sit and stay here, but we have dinner tonight and I have to ask you a very important question." He said.

"Why don't you ask me now?" She asked as they waked back through the park.

"Because I want to ask you in the right setting." He simply stated. "Plus, I wanted to save it for tonight."

"I guess I'll have to wait an hour." Lucy said with disappointment clearly etched into her words with a hint of sadness.

Natsu just laughed at her childish behavior. "What do you want to do now form an hour?" He asked.

"We could walk around and go shopping for a bit until our dinner." She suggested once again.

"Whatever you want to do. It's your day anyway." He said.

"The shopping it is." Lucy said as she dragged Natsu into the nearest store. They went into five stores in total and bought nothing, but they did spend almost an hour walking around.

"Come on Luce, the restaurant is right around the corner." Natsu said. He was literary pulling Lucy for twenty minutes just to get to the restaurant they'd be eating at.

"The 8 Island. I've never been here before, Natsu." Lucy said puzzled.

"Of course not. It just opened up last week. I'm surprised I got a reservation so quickly." He said as they walked in.

"Me too, I figured there would be more reservation, since it just opened last week." She said.

They walked up to the host whose name tag said 'Walter'. "Reservation for, Natsu Drangeel." He said.

"Right this way, sir." The man said known as Walter. They followed him to a table with two chairs. "Your waiter will be here shortly." Walter said then he walked off.

"Well, this is nice." Lucy said amused as she looked around the place. "I never had known you to come to a fancy place like this."

"I don't. I heard that their food is amazing, and that they don't cost a lot." He said.

Lucy nodded her head in responds. They waited for five minutes until their waiter came.

"Sorry for your wait, here are your menus. My name is L-" He stopped in mid- sentences when he seen who it was. "Lucy!" He said in shock.

The said woman looked up at their waiter. "Loke!?" She asked in shock as she jumped up and hugged the ginger.

Natsu just stared having no clue what was going on, or who that guy was that was hugging his girlfriend.

"Um, excuse me, not to be rude or anything, but who are you?" Natsu asked in a growl.

"I'm-" He started, but Lucy cut him off.

"Natsu, this is my cousin, Loke. Loke, this is my boyfriend, Natsu." She said as she indicated each other.

"Nice to meet you, Natsu. I've heard a lot about you." Loke said as he bowed.

"No need for formality, Loke. I'm your friend." Natsu said.

"O-oh...okay, sorry." Loke said. "Do you know what you want to order, yet?" He asked.

"Yes, I'll have your chicken salad with water." Lucy said as she handed Loke back her menu.

"I'll have you spicy curry with water." Natsu said as he too handed Loke his menu.

"I will be back with your drinks." He said. He then walked away with their orders.

"I didn't know that your cousin worked here." Natsu stated.

"Me either," Lucy started as she shrugged, "but I'm happy to see him living out his life normally."

"Wait, what do you mean normally?" Natsu asked. He looked over at Lucy, who had a look of despair written on her face.

"Before, Loke was a playboy, never cared about his self-image. He went after all of the pretty girls in school, casually sleeping with the low life's for pleasure." She paused, "He tried to go after me and I let him down many times. We eventually figured out that we were cousins, He started protecting me, like he was my older brother."

"After freshman year he started to do drugs on and off of school grounds. He became a drug dealer in collage and an even digger playboy. After collage, I stopped talking to him because of his drug addiction."

"I glad he's doing well." Natsu said. "My father, Ingeel, had a drug addiction. I don't know if he still does. We haven't talked in ten years."

"We all have that one person." Lucy said." That one person you love that does things that you don't approve of, but you can't stop their decision."

"That's very true." Natsu said. "I'm glad you're not like that it just makes me love you even mo-"

"Well, well, look at what we have here." A deep voice said behind Lucy and Natsu seen her stiffen up. "What a nice place to meet, uh." A blonde haired man as he walked up to the table

"Laxus, what are you doing here?" Lucy asked, or more like a demand. Her teeth were gritted together and her hands were balled up into fists.

"Can't I see my favorite person in the world?" Laxus said. He then slung his arm around her shoulders.

Lucy tighten her fists to the point her knuckles were white. "Get your arm off of me." She said through gritted teeth.

"Now why would I do that, Sweetheart?" Laxus said. Lucy calmly lifted his arm up off her shoulders and placed it by his side.

"Laxus, we aren't even dating anymore. We broke up eight years ago, so I'm done with you." She said.

"But I'm not." He said, and then he dipped his down and kissed her on the lips. Natsu let out a growl of disapproval. Lucy pushed him away and raised her hand up high and slapped him across the face, hard.

There was a minute of quiet in the restaurant before it went back to normal. Loke came rushing back with their drinks and sat them down on the table. He walked up to Laxus and looked him in the eyes

"I'm sorry, sir, but I'm going to ask you to leave." He said with hatred in his eyes. Laxus grunted in respond, he turned and walked away.

"Thank you, Loke." Lucy said as she looked up at her cousin.

"No problem, I hated that jerk anyways. He's all the time coming in here and causing a riot." He said with a nod.

"I'll never forgive that bastard for what he did to you, Lucy. I can't believe he done that right in front of me too." Natsu growled.

"I wouldn't either. Let's say I'll make it up to you tonight." Lucy said with a wink.

"Um... I'll b-be back with your food." Loke said as he rushed away from the two who where staring at each other lustfully.

Within minutes Loke came back with their food. He placed the chicken salad in front of Lucy and the spicy curry in front of Natsu. "Enjoy your meal." He said before he left the two couple alone.

"L-Lucy?" Natsu asked nervously as he held a little black box in his hands.

"Yes, what is it, Natsu?" She asked back. She looked at him and smiled brightly.

He got up from his chair and walked over to Lucy. He got down on one knee and pulled out the ring. "Lucy Heartfilia, I've known you for four years and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. "W-will you, Lucy Heartfilia, marry me?"

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