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Show and Tell

Lucy woke up to the sun shining in her eyes. She shields her eyes as she sat up form the bed and looked around. The room was a mess clothes were thrown everywhere and shoes were tossed in the corner.

A flash of light caught her eyes as she looked down at her hand. All of her memories form last night resurfaced back to her. She smiled a bit and whispered, "Finally."

"Hmm, what was that, Luce?" Natsu asked as he stretched his arms.

Lucy shook her head. "Nothing, what do you want for breakfast?" She asked. Natsu opened his mouth the respond, but before he can say anything, she interrupted. "And, no, I'm not food. I am never going to do that again." She snapped.

He closed his mouth and pouted. "Fine, can we have pancakes?" He asked.

"Alright, let me get dress, and then I'll make pancakes." Lucy said. She pulled the covers off her and walked to her clothes on the floor mumbling something about a shower later then walked over towards the closet.

"You know if you ever change your mind. I'll be right here waiting to take up the offer." He said as he puts his arms behind his head.

Lucy turned her head and glared at him. "Get dressed, or no pancakes for you, mister." She sternly told him pointing her finger.

Natsu let out an unpleasant moan as he got of bed. He reached down to retrieve his boxers. While putting them on he stared at Lucy, giving her puppy dog eyes.

She turned back to the closet, not giving him a second glance. She pulled out a pale, orange shirt that stopped at the elbows, white shorts, and a pair of light brown sandals. She placed them down on a table by the bathroom door. "I'll take a shower after we eat." She mumbled to herself even though he heard her.

Lucy turned back around to face him. "Are you done?" She asked him.

"Yes." He said. Natsu was wearing a white tank and black sweat pants. "I'll change once I get done eating."

"Thank you, I'm fine with that." Lucy said. She stalked out of the bedroom and into the kitchen with Natsu following her. "Will you give Happy his food?"

With the mentioning of his name, the little blue cat pranced into the kitchen. Natsu opened a can of cat food and placed it down in front of him. "There you go buddy." He said as he patted him on the head.

"Are you done, yet?" He asked impenitently.

"Five more minutes, Natsu. Can you set the table, please?" She asked. Natsu obeyed and set the table while she flipped the last pancake on a plate. "They're done, Natsu." Lucy said. She sat the plate down in the middle of the small kitchen table.

Natsu grabbed his fork and stacked seven pancakes on his plate, while Lucy only stacked three in her plate.

Lucy watched as Natsu drenched his pancakes with syrup. "Okay, Natsu, that's enough syrup." Lucy said.

Natsu pouted, but stopped and put the syrup bottle back on the table. "You know, I'm happy that today is Saturday. Maybe we could get everyone together today and announce our engagement." He said.

"That sounds like a fanatics plan, Natsu!" Lucy exclaimed. "I'll go call up Levy and Erza." She jumped up out of her chair and ran the phone.

"Wait, what about breakfast?" Natsu asked as she looked down at her now empty plate.

"I'm done eating. Now hurry up, so you call Gray." Lucy said. "Oh, no, I forgot about Wendy. I need to call her too."

Natsu watched as Lucy ran around the house calling her friends and getting things ready. She ran into the bedroom and shut the door, and then he heard the shower turn on. He pulled out his phone and dialed Gray's number. It rang three times before he heard a "Hello" form Gray.

"Hey, Frosty, Lucy and I are getting the group together today. So, are coming?" Natsu asked.

"I'll be there, Fire breath. Oh, is it okay if I bring someone with me?" Gray asked not sure if he was aloud or something.

"Yeah, sure, just don't be late. Fairy Tail café at two-o-clock." Natsu told him.

"Okay thanks." Gray said and hung up the phone.

After he was done talking to Gray, he got up and walked into the bedroom to change into a forest green shirt, brown shorts, and his black sandals. For once Lucy had left the bathroom door opened. He walked up the shower curtains and moved them aside quietly, he then started to tickle her sides.

Lucy let out a shriek as she turned around and punched whoever it was in the face. Natsu, who was quicker, dodged the punch and let out a chuckle. Lucy looked at him sternly. "Natsu!" She yelled. "Don't you ever do that again."

He pouted as she turned the shower off and stepped out of the shower. "You're no fun, Luce." Natsu wined. "I mean, when was the last time we had fun together?"

"Last night." She stated bluntly. Lucy walked out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her. Natsu followed her out of the bathroom and crossed his arms.

"Other than that," He said. "I want to go somewhere fun, like the beach."

Lucy sighed as she pulled the orange shirt, white shorts, and brown sandals she picked out earlier. She looked at herself in the full-length mirror with her outfit on. The pale, orange shirt made her eyes and hair stand out more than before. She then stared to French braid her gold locks.

"Maybe we cloud go to the beach next week with our friends. Would you like that, Natsu?" She asked.

"Yes, I would. Now let's go so I can rub it in Gray's face that I'm going to be a husband before him!" He shouted.

Lucy shook her head and grabbed her purse and her keys. "Come on, or we'll be late like last time." And with that said they walked out the door and headed towards the little café.

They made it to Fairy Tail café with minutes to despair as they walked through the front door of the café. Once inside, they were instantly greeted by their friends. "Lu-chan!" Levy yelled as she hugged her blonde friend. "What's up?" She asked.

"Oh, nothing, but Natsu and I have some great news." Lucy said with a bright smile.

"What is it, Lu-chan!" Levy practically screamed in Lucy's face.

"Clam down, Levy-chan. Let's sit down first." Lucy said as she led them to a table by the window. The same table where her and Natsu.

They sat down at the table with Gray and his date, and Erza on one side and Levy, Lucy, Wendy, and Natsu on the other side.

"Um, excuse Juvia, but she would like to introduce herself." The blue haired girl said. He navy blue eyes looked up at everyone at the table.

"Oh, sorry, Juvia." Gray said. He stood up from his seat, bringing the girl up with him. "Guys, this is my girlfriend, Juvia. Juvia, these are my friends Lucy, Natsu, Erza, Levy, and Wendy." He said while pointing to each one as he said their name.

"Juvia is glad; she hopes to become your friend." Juvia said the couple then sat back down in their spots. A waiter had come, took their order, and then left as soon as he came.

"Okay, Lucy-san, what is it that you needed to tell all of us?" Wendy asked. She looked up at Lucy with her big brown eyes.

Lucy held out her lrft hand to show the girls her ring. Levy grabbed a hold if her hand to examine the beautifully dectorated ring. Lucy blushed, as Levy's smile grew bigger with each passing second.

"Congratulations, Lu-chan!" Levy yelled. She flung her petty body over the table to hug the blonde in front of her.

"Finally, Flame head had the guts to ask." Gray added in.

"I will approve of this marriage," Erza nodded. "But if you hurt Lucy I will not forgive you."

"T-thank you, Erza." Lucy said with fear.

"So, when's the wedding?" Levy asked. "You should have it in the summer."

"Actually, that doesn't sound too bad." Lucy said. "Since it's mid Fall we have October, November, December, January, February, March, April, May, and then the wedding will be in June. So, we'll have like eight months for planning."

"I like that plan, and we don't have to start planning until next month which is…" He said while trailing off.

"November." Wendy finished for him. "You don't have to start planning until November."

"Well, since that is taken care of, we should probably eat." Lucy said. She had watched as the waiter had arrived sometimes before with their food and drinks. At that, everyone started to eat their food.

Once everyone was done eating, they left the café and started to walk home in a big group. They all stopped at the same time once the road split into three different directions.

Natsu, Lucy, and Wendy took the left path. Erza and Levy took the middle path. Gray and Juvia took the right path. They said their goodbyes and headed down their path.

Natsu and Lucy dropped Wendy off at her grandma's, Porlyusica, house. Wendy normally goes over to her grandma's once a week to train with Porlyusica in healing and herbs.

Once they were done with that, Natsu and Lucy walked hand in hand back home. They arrived twenty minutes later at their house. Lucy fished her keys out of her purse and unlocked the front door.

Lucy walked in, kicked off her sandals, and hung her purse on the coatrack. "What a tiring day today has been." she said to no one.

"Come on, Lucy, Let's go to bed early tonight." Natsu said as he placed a hand on her shoulder.

"That soundss nice, Natsu." Lucy said. Her and Natsu walked to the bedroom and laid down on the bed, minutes later they fell asleep.

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