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Hey RWBY Fanfic lovers!

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So this is a new story I'm starting

No, not Grimmzilla

Oh, by the way, Grimmzilla is a prototype name, not the actual, finalized name for the uber Grimm I'm making

Anyways, this is a second RWBY betrayed story

A bit more intense

And with that knowledge, here's some more!

I thought this up a while back and didn't pay much attention to it until now

I just can't let it go to waste so this will be my second story

This is another RoseArc

I just love that pairing!

Weapons Nerd + Blonde Nerd = Cutest, most awkward relationship I know of


Since you've been waiting

Let's begin!

Ack ahem!

Long before there was Men and Faunus, there was nothing. Then there came darkness and after that, light. The light poured forth from a power unknown and birthed life, celestial bodies were formed and living beings born into the light from whence it came. However, as the light burned away darkness, the shadows left behind their mark.

Creatures of darkness, creatures of evil, creatures of Grimm. Reflecting the being birthed from light, they were hateful creatures who hunted all, feasting on flesh and bone and blood. It was so long ago, long before the great Hunters were formed and long before the Kingdoms of Remnant were created that an order of mighty defenders were formed.

Countless ages ago, there were a group of individuals, an alliance of great warriors and protectors from different clans and kingdoms and nations that formed a circle, a brotherhood. Together, they defended their home, the world of Remnant from the darkness that remained, the Creatures of Grimm. They were made up of not only fighters, but thinkers as well.

Great minds who philosophized the society based laws and the rules of science that modern day Men and Faunus follow. It was these people who defended the people, these people who forged mighty weapons and crafted great armors, people who inspired others to fight for their freedom.

However, one day they fell to a power all to great. The power that gave birth to the greatest power Humanity and Faunus would ever wield. The power which pushed back their ancient foe, the Creatures of Grimm. It was a power that could corrupt even one of their inner circle.

It was the Dust Essence.

An ancient, powerful force predating the very world of Remnant, perhaps even the universe. Not much was known of its origins, much is not known in modern day Remnant, but it was known for its power, its unlimited power. When the corrupt began to use it against their rivals, a great cataclysm occurred and from it came the Hunter Program and the four kingdoms of Remnant...


The army moved forward into battle, warriors dressed in steel armor, wielding weapons of all kinds or holding up banners or manning machines of war. They did not charge, they marched with courage, footsteps echoing throughout the area they battled on. The clanking of armor struck fear into the hearts of their enemies as the army formed from the different nations and clans moved towards the fortress in the mountain.

Their fear tactics, however, would not work on these monsters. Massive Grimm carrying large war machines on their backs lumbered into battle. Bone plating deflecting attacks, hide as black as the darkest of hearts being the last a human or Faunus would ever see, and eyes burning blood red with pure hate for all things of the light.

The battle was long and hard, mercy was not given to any opponent as blades were swung, blunt weapons smashed, spikes impaled, and blood spilled. What seemed to be a swift and one sided victory turned into days of conflict as the armies of all Remnant fought before the mountain. Red days, long hours full of blood and death that stretched on for what seemed like years.

By the time the battle neared its end, few were left of the armies, banners were torn, encampment and trenches filled with rats thirsting for blood, and even the mountain fortress was devastated, its walls broken, but its forces still standing strong. The mountains ringing the great plains turned black as the smoke continued to rise into the sky.

Then, there came the sound, the explosive sound that resembled a far off sonic boom before a humming screech resounded off the bloodied ground and stone mountain walls. A light came down from the heavens, a pillar of many vivid colors which struck the floor of the battlefield. A cloud of dust and dirt flew up into the air as the pillar of light continued shooting down into the ground before disappearing into nothingness leaving a mass force of different men and woman, all dressed in different forms of armor.

At the lead stood four people, two men and two women, all ready for battle.

"Nuva!" the woman at the front shouted, charging forward.

She was dressed in metal plate armor from head to toe, shoulder plates and a chest piece covering her chest along with crimson cloth where no metal protected her. Greaves and gauntlets, elbow and knee plates, all made of steel and gleaming in the blazing sun. In another place people would blush and whisper of what beauty she possessed in the steel armor that glowed brightly in the light, but here she was feared as the great, Angel of Death of the center kingdoms. The name referred to both the small, decorative wings on the sides of her helmet and her own semblance as well as the angelic look she possessed while wielding her dual swords which she fought with in a flux manner.

Swinging her arms around, she had pulled twin swords from her back and cleaved a Beowolf in half. The moment the blades left their sheaths, twin translucent wings glowing gold appeared on her back, allowing her flight as she fought. Swinging again, she beheaded an Ursa before flying up and stabbing both blades into the hide of a King Manticore. The massive beast roared in pain and stumbled around as she started scaling its black furred hide, using the swords to climb as to not be a fly to the monstrosity. Its bone dorsal plates curved upwards were her target as she made her way along its body. Finally arriving, she stabbed in the spot in between the two rows, hitting its spine.

The monster gave a final cry of pain before toppling, falling atop a small group of King Taijitu, killing them. When a Goliath rushed her, swinging its trunk, a man leaped over her swinging down a hammer and axe.

"Nuva!" he shouted and swung his hammer, the large head shaped into a square with a pyramid-like tip on the other side of it.

He batted away its trunk and smashed its front, right leg backwards before swinging his axe in his right hand, embedding it deep in the black hide. The bone snapped and it gave a cry of pain. As it fell, he slammed his hammer into its head, killing it with trauma before swinging his axe to cleave a Beowolf's head in half as it was lunging at him. He twirled his hammer in his hand before striking the ground, causing the earth to tear open as a crevice appeared, swallowing whole Grimm down into its dark depths. He continued swinging, striking Grimm and sending them flying or blocking with a octagonal shield planted on his left arm.

Already, his armor had been doused in blood, but only in Grimm blood. He was like rage incarnate, fighting with strength and power, courage and willpower were behind every swing of his hammer or axe. His armor was intricate, crafted finely in a bulky, strong image and colored shades of steel, titanium, copper, gold, and even gleaming jewels, shaped geometrically as to not be curved, but straight and strong. He was the Smithlord, the Battlemaster of the northern clans, great blacksmith of weapons and armor as well as mightiest warrior of the militaristic clans.


When a Nevermore swooped down to grip him with its claws, a woman appeared, dressed in a mix of robes and small armor plates all colored a dark purple and faint blue. She thrust her arm forward, fingers outstretched as lightning jumped across her clothed and armored arm. Shooting out, it singed the flying creature, killing it and sending it falling onto the Grimm horde. She swung her arms and several more mystic attacks came out, all of different elements. She sent a hail of fire down upon packs of Beowolves, a wave of water rushing at a cyclone of Deathstalkers, and a quake in the earth at a stampeding herd of Goliaths.

Her robes danced around her as she continually whipped around, thrusting out her arms and kicking her legs to shoot out attacks of dust. She was the Dust Mystic, she who discovered secrets that could never be uttered, wielder of the mighty power which ascended Humankind and Faunus kind, hailing from the western tribes.

"Nuva!" a final voice cried out as a man dressed in a robe colored brilliant white and a red that looked like the color of a rising sun.

On his happi colored red and white, he wore the traditional armor of an honorable oriental warrior. Hailing from the far west hierarchies, he wielded the oriental sword of his people. Slicing through bone and dark flesh, the eastern man slaughtered his way towards the other three. His armor was strong, colored a rusted red and dark grey, capable of deflecting the slashes of most of the Grimm. The claws of an Ursa slid across his armored shoulder and he swung around, slicing open its gut. He stabbed a Deathstalker through its head, impaling it on his blade before looking around.

Seeing one of his brothers in distress, he threw his sword, the oriental blade embedding itself into the Creature of Grimm in the head as he twirled and quickly gripped his bow. Pulling it up, he had already drawn back three arrows, firing the trio in succession. They met their mark and three Ursi fell to the ground, arrow shafts sticking from their right eyes. Walking over to his sword, the honor bound Steel Vanguard, he who lead his people into a new age of change and prosperity.

As the tide of darkness swallowed up the newcomers, they were pushed back by their power. These people, fewer in number than the army that had come to this place, were outnumbered, but not overpowered. Any of these armor donned fighters cleaved their way through the Grimm horde. As they fought, a man watched atop the mountain fortress.

He wore no simple armor, only robes colored dark red like blood covered in the bone plating of Grimm, using the trophies he had taken as his defensive outfit. Wielding a morning star in his hand, he clenched his left hand, fingers clawed by bone white gloves scratching the rest of his gauntlet.

"The time is now," he rasped and turned to walk towards a large stone podium on which hovered a glowing object.

A diamond shape, small and thin, about the size of a young adult's fist, it glowed brightly with power. He reached out towards it, his fingers with bone plating sharpened to a point nearly touching the ever changing crystal. Suddenly, however, a sonic boom resounded above him and he looked up in horror as a humming screech gave way for a pillar of light to come down on the podium.

Out of the light came several of the newcomer combatants, all running towards him. He charged as well and swung his morning star. A shock wave of force knocked back two of the three attackers before he smashed the other one into the floor, the spike on the weapon's head making the man's head stick to it. Sneering, he shook the weapon and the head slid off the spike with a sick, slicking sound.

That is when he heard the sound of clanking armor, unlike that of the armies of the nations and clans. This was a single noise, one that came from a man donned in armor, streamline and colored royal blue and gold. In one hand he held a sword, a broadsword with a golden cross guard and a blade gleaming steel grey. A helm was set over his head, a T shaped opening at the front allowing the man sight and breath.

"Azduil," he breathed and the Grimm bone armored man smirked underneath a helm that was a Grimm's skull.

"Ah, the mighty King of Knights, the demon bane of Grimm, and the ever so wise Overseer," he chuckled, his voice raspy and yet it held a tone of friendliness to it, "it has been long my old friend, my brother."

"You lost the right to call me that long ago!" Overseer yelled with authority at his opponent. "You lost the right to call me brother when you betrayed us."

"I betrayed no one, I do what is right."

"For yourself."

"No! For all Remnant, our people fight amongst themselves, men against men, Faunus against men."

"That is because conflict is a natural part of all life."

"Then I will change the course of life," Azduil stated and raised his morning star. "You cannot stop me."

"That is where you are wrong," Overseer stated and pointed his blade up causing the pillar of light behind him to vanish, shooting back up into the sky, taking the Dust Essence with it.

"No!" Azduil roared and charged, swinging down on him.

He raised his broadsword, blocking the attack and locking weapons with him.

"You may have found the way to control Grimm, you may have built your army and fortress, but I will not let you rebuild a world you destroyed."

With that he pushed his sword forward causing Azduil to stumble back. Swinging, he attempted to cut him across the chest, but his opponent's arrogance had reason as the blade bounced off the bone armor.

"I wear the bones of my prey, I have fed on their blood and survived, I am superior to you my brother!"

"You are no brother of mine!" he shouted and stabbed forward, actually piercing him in between chinks in the armor.

Azduil gasped in pain and his hand grabbed Overseer's helm. Pulling, he attempted to rip his head off, but only tore off the helmet revealing hair as black as ash that turned grey at every end of each strand. His eyes were like the skies at night when no clouds were visible, except... except far more colorful. Clouds of flashing and glowing colors, stars brightly shimmering, suns burning and exploding, spots void of all other colors save black, and if one were to look close enough, they could see the lives of all things on Remnant. All of this could be seen in his eyes as if the universe had been contained in them.

In an act of vengeance, he swung down and knocked the Overseer away, sending him into a pillar of stone. He gasped and groaned in pain as he got on his hands and knees, but quickly rolled away as the head of the morning star slammed down on the ground. With blood leaking from holes in his broken armor, Overseer rose up to stare down his foe, slashing with his sword to cut him across the back.

"I will not die here!" Azduil shouted as he swung his morning star once more.

The battle continued on, stone crushed under the morning star or cut apart by the broadsword. Armor broken and severed, skin cut open and tainted red with blood. Below the mountain fortress, the battle had been won, the Grimm nearly exterminated as they ran off, their controller's mind put fully into his battle with Overseer. The four leaders of the army watched with knowing horror as their leader fought to the bitter end.

"This is the end for us, Azduil," Overseer stated and impaled his sword deep into the stone ground.

"No!" the bone armored warrior bellowed as he ran to stop his opponent.

"Forgive me, my love!"

In an instant, the light of every color came down upon the mountain, but not as a pillar. Instead it was a crushing force that shot through its rocky surface and destroyed all within. A shock wave went out, sending dust pluming like clouds with smoke and fire rising from the obliterated fortress. Everything was a loud boom, then everything was silent. As the knights rose from the dust, they moved towards the rubble. The Grimm had been driven off, the humans and Faunus who fought underneath the bone armored man put on their hands and knees with iron clasping their hands together.

The four leaders found themselves around their king, the great all seeing knight. Coughing up blood, his body burnt and broken, he lay there dying. The angelic warrior had bent down, holding her leader's hand as he stared blankly into the sky. Whispering small words, his eyes full of stars fading, he gave them his sword, turning it into his heirloom so that another may wield it.

Several days had passed and the four warriors stood atop a tall cliff that stood over a vast valley filled with green and blue. A grave was before them, the tombstone reading simply the life of their king.

Simer Fioran
Wise Overseer and mighty leader of the Remnant Knights
A faithful and loyal friend and husband and father
May his soul rest in peace

"My lords and ladies," a voice spoke and the four turned to see a messenger standing there, dressed in bloodied armor from only days before at the mighty battle. "We have the Dust Essence, shall we destroy it?"

"No," the first answered, the Angel of Death, "we fear it may cause the same amount of cataclysm destroyed as it would used."

"Then what would you have us do with it?"

"Bury it deep," the Smithlord answered, stepping forward with a stamping of his hammer's shaft into the ground, his thick beard colored coal black shifting as he spoke. "Where none may find it."

He nodded and walked away, revealing a woman standing behind him, holding a child in a blanket. She stepped forward, walking towards her deceased lover's grave. Tears streamed down her eyes, but she held a face of authority amongst the four.

"Aurora," the Angel of Death greeted and bowed her upper body before placing a hand of reassurance on the other woman's shoulder, "he fought bravely and died a hero's death."

"I know," she whispered, cradling the baby girl in her arms and smiled, "he always said he would like to pass in a bright flash."

The four smiled at the fond idea of their good friend speaking of a grand death, the one he had received.

"Mavis," Aurora spoke and turned to the angelic warrior, "I believe it is time you honor his last wishes."

"My lady, we are not fit to be hierarchs, er- rulers," the eastern warrior spoke, sliding his sword into its sheathe at his side. "We are but humble warriors."

"Which is why he chose you," she explained and they all raised eyebrows in questioning manners. "What better rulers are those who fight by their people's side instead of from atop a throne of elegance. He believed you would bring great change to this world of ours."

They remained silent in thought and she stepped back, admiring the view of all four warriors.

The Angel of Death, an angelic woman, body athletic and slim, hips pert creating a nice derriere and supple breasts covered in crimson cloth and hard steel armor. Skin fair and crimson hair cut short with a curve to create a bob around her head. Eyes like amethyst jewels, shining purple with a courageous personality and strong loyalty.

The Smithlord, tall and strong, body muscular and skin tanned from his work in the forges giving him large arms which could hold five women each. Dressed from head to toe in the finest armor made of all kinds of metals and a head with copper eyes showing great confidence and pride. Hair and beard colored coal black, flowing down with jewelry tying them into individual strands near the ends.

The Dust Mystic, a beautiful woman older than the other one, barely in the years after her prime. Skin pale countless spans of time spent in libraries with a body petite, being more adorable than beautiful. Her chest was only budding compared to the other woman of the four, but still attracting the men and a rear that still was eye catching. Her eyes a diamond blue, sparkling with recent and ancient knowledge, hair platinum blonde and tied in a braid down her back. Her robes and armor finely sown and forged, marked with magical glyphs.

The Steel Vanguard, the honorable warrior of the far east. Dressed in his people's signature armor, his skin tan from his practice in the sun and his body muscular. Taller than the others and skilled in every weapon, his brown eyes reflect his power and authority as his sharp features did. Hair cut to only have a ponytail colored dark brown like cocoa beans. He had a stubby beard coming from atop his upper lip to go down to his chin giving him an almost grandfatherly look, wise and old, weary, but still strong.

"Lady Mavis Vale," the wife of the deceased Overseer spoke and the Angel of Death fell to one knee, "you shall lead the center kingdoms, uniting them under your leadership. Your beauty shall be called divine and body heavenly, but your swords will be compared to Death's own scythe as you push back the darkness."

"Lord Throrin Atlas," she spoke and the Smithlord bowed forward, "you shall forge mighty kingdom for your people far more valuable than any craft you have created before. With your hand, your people will build the mightiest armies, weapons, and armor. The strongest force in all the world formed to defend those who would need aid."

"Lady Arthuria Vacuo," Aurora named and the smaller, but older woman of the four put her hands together as if to pray before bowing, "with your knowledge, the eastern warrior nations shall become a force to be reckoned with. Swords and knowledge will both serve equally on the battlefield as you teach to strategize and learn from defeat or victory."

"Hierarch Hiro Mistral," the last of the four put his fist in an flat palm bowing his upper body slightly as he would do to his elders in the west, "your wisdom shall pull the western hierarchies together and form a kingdom you shall rule with a gentle hand and an iron fist. Criminals will be punished, but the poor shall be ascended."

The four rose back up, standing tall with new confidence as the woman looked upon the four rulers.

"Go, go and unite the kingdoms to make four," Aurora ordered and they obliged, leaving immediately for their home countries.

In the years to come, the central kingdoms known for being on the eastern shores of the continent of Vytal and for being at the center of the known map were united under a new leadership. Going from castle to castle, stronghold to stronghold, fortress to fortress, Mavis Vale journeyed to ally her people together. Hailing as a daughter of a warrior noble family, she went to even small villages and towns to spread her idea of a united kingdom. Through her, the kingdom of Vale was born with her as its Angelic Monarch.

Far north in the region of Mantle, the warring clans met a new power. Throrin Atlas lead his clansmen into battle against rival clans and bandits as to unite his own people. What once was a civilization that warred against itself became a force of defensive power. The northern clans turned into a kingdom fueled by its desire to become the strongest, its military force becoming the the apex of all others. Great forges were constructed, mighty weapons and armor made from the best metals, machines invented for civilian use or military application. The great Smithlord became known as King of Forges, founder of the kingdom of Atlas.

To the west on the continent of Vytal, Arthuria Vacuo began uniting her people's tribes. Using her vast knowledge to its fullest, uplifting certain people or ending those far to dark and evil that could not be allowed to remain. The dust sorceress created a great kingdom from the tribes, advancing to create a society based on freedom. The kingdom of Vacuo came to be with the revered Arcane Empress as its ruler.

At the far east of Remnant, Hiro Mistral traveled back to his homeland. There, he taught the people of the Orient new ideals, new knowledge, and a new idea on society. Their hierarchies and their rulers were overthrown in favor of a single ruler, a man who would judge fairly and fight for what was truly right. Thus, the kingdom of Mistral was formed and its ruler, the People's Blade.

Four kingdoms, four rulers, one final result. As the war came to a swift end, a program was initiated as to stop the threat of the Grimm if they ever were to rise again. The Huntsman and Huntresses were created, trained fighters, defenders of Human and Faunus kind. Two Kings, two queens, all creating royal lineages. Their royal lineage continued on as they had their children, either finding one to love or adopting a small one to love.

As history knew it, the kingdoms intertwined in many ways, the royal lineages always becoming allies and friends, trading resources, etcetera etcetera. What history did not know, was where the four founding rulers came from, what side they were on in the Great War. From an order of warriors predating the Hunters, the fighters who were the forerunners and precursors to all things huntsman and huntress, they were trained.

Before there were teams of hunters, before the kingdoms were born, there were those men and women whose strength made them champions. Defenders of the people, champions of light, the great guardians of all. They were known as The Knights of Remnant.

There you go folks

Knights of Remnant

The four original founders of the kingdoms

Mavis Vale

Throrin Atlas

Arthuria Vacuo

Hiro Mistral

By the way, if you felt uncomfortable with some of the detailed explanation of them

Well that's just cause I felt like expanding some detail stuff
(By some questioning I've wondered if lemons would be appropriate in this new story. This would turn it into an M rated story however or it would remain T with M rated content at points.)

As we go on down this list

I will say once more

This is a Ruby betrayed story

I know not yet how it shall go, but it shall go gloriously and fantastically!

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